same river twice?

I am drawn towards that image. Why is that. And how is a coulpe friend's drama here? How is it connected? To show that everything is reflection. I was there before? Probably. I am not sure, but looking back now, I think I have been there. Wife was there at least. I chose my response. I got angry, but it was also reflection. I used up the energy and now it's different.

I don't know how their drama is going to turn out. I have startup weekend coming up. What I don't get is how come people who can help have to go. I decided this weekend to focus on the mobile stack. Csharp and aspnet has no relevance to that stack at this time, not the way I see it. They make you go through hoops. People don't want to go there. Given a choice, they won't get the machine running on windows if they have something else on the same price range.

Why not give them that option? Sellthem a linux pc but cheaper since there's no license fee for crapware. I am going to uninstall that anyway and write over it. This table is a bit high for writing. Should I move? I have already started writing. Use up the energy and see what comes out of it. Like what? What does thatmean? Everything is connected. You find that thread and things start to make sense.

Like that couple drama I was looking at earlier. It's related as contrast and reflection. That's baseline. You compare? Not in a negative way, but to show you how far you've gone on this journey. It shows you what you've got. It's synchronicity in a way that you have what you want already.

That graduation situation paid off? I think so. That memory is there as contrast and reflection. I don't think anyone knew about it. I wasn't there. I did make the intention that I will be a success. That was the path, but the words was so eighties. It's different now as a definition.

It was and is a path. That's all there is to it. You can say it was a process. It's still connected that way. I am different than most. Do you have to show it outside? Not really. Only move in this direction. How was that file deleted last night? I don't know. Maybe I tappedon something. There was something weird there. Maybe it was a bug? I don't know. I am not sure. I am getting something else now. I will update later.

What happens to them now? I think you need to allow it to be there. Things fall into place easier that way. She is still moving out. I was dreaming that I was taking advantage? I was testing the energy. I think there's something to it there. Only see the energy and see where it goes.

How come he is giving this energy? I don't know. Of course you know. He is offering you contrast. He is smart, but not in the emotional intelligence aspect. The way things are, it's not that he's better or worse, only that his path is different. This is only reflection. I am creating this energy? How? It's in my reality experience. Only the experience is real.

That is something to put my mind around. Only the experience is real. How do you test that? Intuitively, you know what it's like. How do you use this? I don't know yet. It's there. It's connected. For now, this is how I use the energy. How many pages? I can do one more, but we shall see how it feels when we get to that level. I have two hackathons coming up.

This is excitement. This is interesting. This is the energy. This is where I am going. It don't matter if I get paid or not. It's the path i'm going. It's the path that I am. Do you have to teach people this? You don't have to win the best app. You only want to get going in that direction. That is my process. That is who I am.

Do I get a return on investment in that? I think it has something to do with the venue. I can volunteer for that. I don't think he's coming. It's too scary for him? Not really. Is he that smart? I'm not sure anymore. Am I comparing? Yes. Definitely. But not like before. Things are lucid now. I don't like the way she has to talk that way. But that's her. Those be kids ways.

What to do now? I don't know yet. There be spaghetti for dinner. I made day one last night. I can have chicken. I can have bacon for breaakfast. Will the bacon last? I can always get some more. I will transfer the funds and get that over and done with. I don't have to sign back for pluralsight. The library has so much books that I can go through. Let's do that then.

Finish an app and see where that's headed. I don't think I want to finish the course. I am here just to get this going though. I think he is...lost my train of thought there. Kids have… wife wants to go on another road trip. I have laptop to go with me. That's around christmas. Things are still cold around that time.

This time we are ready.

one from last

This is what my day is like, fire up the laptop, drain, then charge. Maybe it's ok that I not pass this course. I got what I came here for anyway. I can make something from this course, a full stack web dev site on csharp. I am not going to pass those exams though. I am not psychic and will not memorize stuff. I can look them up and make it work, but if you want me to memorize them, I won't.

That is not effective learning. Learning here means you can use it in your day knowing how to create something out of it. Memorizing them for exams is just knowing the right answers. For me, there is an ocean of difference between the two. One is the path of least resistance, the other is carrying other people's baggage.

The way I see it, I don't have to pressure myself doing homework. What I can do moving forward is to do things my way. I can create a website with authentication and persistence. These two are gaps in my skill. I can do that then move on from here. I can go into more web dev with these and start helping people.

What else can I do here? Start applying for internships. I can go down that road and help that way. I can then expand in whatever path that interests me. I can go back and learn game dev. That is a valid option for me. For now, go back to two pages. I can expand on that. It's going to be a habit and it's easier that way. It is time to get going there.

What can I do here? The web cam is on. I can learn that. There's so much to learn online. I go this way and that. I can finish one module each week. That's a lot at the end of a year. Look more into that. You can get gigs and help people with that already. You can build up from meetups that way. I have a meetup next friday. I wonder what happened to the other hackathon?

Maybe it was too much effort for them. Maybe the group broke up. I think it was their second hackathon or something. They did have experience with that. I could have gotten something in my inbox if they were still doing that. Anyway, it is time to move on. What's next for me here?

I can reset atom. It works without much plugins. It's the point though and if atom won't work with plugins, then there's no point in using it. I'd rather stick with vim where things are easier for me. Go down that path then. I got windows 8 reset from yesterday. I'll look for that windows ten although I am not going to do something about that licensing. I would rather go open source. I can develop on this anyway.

I don't mind not working with csharp. There's a lot of stuff to do with javascript and nodejs. That's where I choose to go. There's not much happening in jobs with that and that's fine with me. I can create a stack on mobile using node and android. That too is a valid path for me. How to get into that now?

Meetups be nice. I think there is one happening right now. Laptop to backpack is so much better. I met this old man last night. He had negative energy with his partner who has ocd. That's sad. Maybe that's a reflection for him. You use the energy. You don't change someone else. Where else do I get stickers. The answer for the grocery noodles came to me last night.

Path of least resistance is to do it in the morning, after wife goes to bus stop. I have several stuff lined up for that anyway. Let's go there then. The kids will have their favorite meal when they get back from school. That's when they eat a lot. I wonder if they ever get hungry from school. They must have. It's a long walk from there. The walk helps keep things off that plate.

I can go home early. I can choose to do that, or do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that I can go down this path and see where things are going. No need to explore that one path there. I think my bus comes every hour. I can stick to that schedule and have my coffee later.

I get home later but wife isn't there. I have time. I can even do my laptop work while there. Is that good for you? The alarm on someone's phone keeps going off. Whose is that. It seems to come from one of the rooms. Jeff and partner are splitting up. He's still holding on to the past and don't want to do synchronicity. It's sad seeing him like that. I wonder what's going to happen next?

He's going to be one sad puppy for a year. I wonder if he ever is going to get himself a job. Maybe not for a while. He has to get out of that energy—or not. It's his creation. We'll see what happens. If he is part of the frequency then he is still going to be there. If not, then it's going to be good for everyone concerned.

What's going to happen next? Where is that sound coming from? Could be rats?

get the connection

Using atom, i write morning pages for the next twenty minutes. I think this has softwrap activated or something. Somehow, the lines wrap to the next line. That's good enough for now. I was able to figure out the bug with emmet and atom. It had something to do with keybindings. I removed emmet, then installed emmet-simplified instead.

I have a gripe with the wife since yesterday. Why am I holding on to this? Why not do what it is you do and get on with your life? You don't do things that way. There's always the reflection that you can play with. It don't matter what it is she does or behaves like. It has nothing to do with you unless you choose it to be that way.

I took a minute off writing to change my seat. The other one is not good for posture while writing. This one now is a stool and no lumbar support. That be fine. I get tired in that area and I will can take a break. No need to edit these. Emmet works and I am getting back to atom.

Is it a better text editor? I think it's worth the time I invest in it learning. It's extensible. There is also community support. Atom is relatively new. There be bugs here and there. Over time, it's going to get better. The interface seems similar to that of msft's vscode. I think they came from the same source code. The only difference is that atom is truly open source. That means you have the open source community behind it and working with you to improve its code.

Vscode on the other hand is not truly open source. You still have to wait for them big boys to decide which one should be included or not. I am not a fan of that. I am more ito open source. This is the way to go. Open source is about all that is. That is relevant for me. This is the path I am.

What does that mean? i can go over there and write in there. It's bright and sunny outside. This seat in the house is perfect. The chair is comfortable, the keyboard-table height is just write. There is less strain when you work in this place. My son uses it a lot since I got this laptop. That's ok. The tradeoff is that I have gone mobile with my business.

I still sync everything with my desktop. I turn on sync at least once a day. This is how I back up my work files, and everything else that's relevant and for future access. There really is no future so I don't really need them files anyway. I think it's out of habit that I do that.

It's all about developing good habits. Some people still live in the past and are recycling everything. I am like that as well. It is when I am lucid that I can change things. I help out whenever I can, if I choose to be relevant. If not, then it's time for me to move on.

Am I going to post these as well? I think so. It's why I write. No need to rush through these. I can even change theme color later on. I can create packages for these. It's related to web development anyway. It is made with nodejs. I'm already there. You just need to explore this more on your way.

I wonder what the plan is for today. I have laundry downstairs. Wife is looking to do chores. She went to bed late last night. She loves staying up late watching junk movies. I am not that. I would rather go inter-dimension in my sleep. That's what is different now. I see what's more important for me. No need to label or judge what is not mine. It's not relevant and I send that on its way.

How can you tell it's relevant? It's here and now. Even when I don't get why it's there, it's still I mean. I get to play with it. I can say work with it but it's not really work. I play with it means I am able to get creative with it. There are no deadlines. This is what I do each day?

I can work on the droplet, but you know where it's going. I'll give it a shot and see where it leads to. For now, only do this and see what happens. That control comma shortcut in atom is important for me. Wife realizes how fake the other couple's relationship is. I hope she sees what's good with hers at this time.

How come it was fake? There was a lot of effort put into outward appearances. I knew it was fake because it did not look real. That is how the other lady is. That put a lot of strain in their relationship. I wouldn't last in that situation. I will eventually want out of it.

Do you really need a reflection on that? Not really. It's putting it in their face. I asked for help and did not even get a reply. This time, I help her daughter without question. In your face there woman. I am moving forward now. It's out and like taking a poop, I can flush this down the toilet.

I am redefining source code. In a sense, it's like refactoring my life. You line up everything to see how it works. This is what I do. I don't have school today. I will do something else. Like what? Just go to the city and do something else. I can bring the family, but I think wife is broke by now.

How can I have a grand day without spending a lot? Ride yer bike. That is the fun way to spend the day. I can ride to the city then hitch a ride back. It's still taking the family out. That is going to cost money. They need the outside manifestation to define them. I am different and they can't see that frequency. I think I use the word and it's in the buffer. I can autocomplete that. frequency is already there. autocomplete is also in tehre.

That may make your writing faster. The point of this exercise is to get the connection from your imagination to your fingertips to wirte them down. Using autocomplete may help, but it's different that way. Time's up.

my home work

Navigating this laptop-' keyboard is challenging, but it's doable. I am getting the hang of it. I just need to use it everyday, doing almost everything in this one machine. I have sync set up where project files are backed up everyday. The folder is a bit crowded but it's ok as I get to do everything in there. No need for cloud drives?

Not at this time. I hit some keys in there that's not related, but may be relevant. I did three pages yesterday. It was a full plate yesterday having to assist people going through resistance. I can teach them? I don't think it's happening. I am showing by example though. I don't think I am getting through. I am going to allow that and get on with my day. It's all up to them really what they want to do with their life.

If you were in their shoe, how will you respond? I don't know. It's easy to be objective when you see it on the outside. When it's happening to you, you might not be more objective and might respond differently. It's all different and yet the same. What else can I do heer? Right now, I wirte. Later on, we have assessments.

I can go into business, or I can get a job. I have on linux up and running. Next step is to get my site up then deploy todroplet. I can awd will then use that as a part of my portfolio. Is there a dot com for that? It's available. I don't know if I want to go with that. There's so much else to do after this. I have android and node. I would rather work with them than to continue with aspnet. I can finish this course. I have picked up a lot of things already.

For one, these blokes who go to school do not have that much of an advantage over me. What they do have is able to finish something but it's because they have a student loan hanging over their head. I learn so much more doing things my way. I will contiune down that road then.

What's next is to get my gig up and get to help people. How to do more of that? I don't know yet. I get headaches when I have carbs. I am shifting into something else now. Get that feeling and you shift frequencies just like that. No need to push things around. You see that already.

What is next? Finishwriting now. I can go to school same time. I don't think I can do yoga today. There are laundry to do. I can do that. It's friday. Kids are all home today. Getting that business running is good for when wife is ready to retire. I can support her at home or wherever we travel to. I have a laptop. I am mobile now. I am a phone to web stack dev. Mobile stack in the more apt term for that. Let's go into that.

The domain is available. I can do that. Or do something else instead. Like what? I don't know if you want to go there. You can opt for something else. Like what? That sounds limited. Do the dotme thing. That can go a long way. It's up and running anyway. Let's go there and see what happens. Or do somtehing else altogether.

I can do my old buss stop. The other one in britomart is too much of an effort. It's easier to do the city center bus stop as the bus is empty and the fare is all the same anyway. I thought I can save a dollar taking the one in britomart. I am a dev. I can figure it out. I don't have to put myself down anymore. They do not really have an advantage in there. What else?

Move forward with this. I have this. I can work everywhere. I can go to reddit and help out in there. I have a lot in here. Wife can enroll son today. She has the day off anyway. Or I can do it myself later on. We'll see what happens. I can mention that to her. Or do it later.

She might do it. It's an hour of her time but she'll be cleaning all day. What else is there for us? You don't have to learn all these stuff. You can help out with the website. People and businesses need one. If the shops on queens don't show profit, they can do so online. How come they are not doing it that way?

I don't know if I have meetup today. I can go there myself. I keep scheduling one but do not show up anyway. I can change that. It's all connected anyway. Let's see where this is going. That best guy is doing a lot to get things happening. I have wordpress and aspnet. I can go places. I even have android.

What I don't have is ios. Do you need that anyway? I don't think so. I am not developing on that side of the fence. The machine is way overpriced. It's just a prettified linux. I should be able to develop from in here. You just make a few tweaks to make that work. But I am not investing time into that. Do something else.

Why is she up already. Going to toilet. I can stop here and post this now.

to get things

After moving set location, I gotta wait a few minutes to make sure all of the files have finished moving. Before, I ended up with incomplete files thinking all the folders are there and that transfers are async. I was wrong.

Son leaves for camp today. I am listening to angst album. Ray yesterday insisted that I go follow his examples. It didn't make any sense and I wasn't learning anything. It's not his job to get me to learn anything—that's my job. Then what the hell is he there for?

Anyway, I signed up to get the allowance so I can sign up for pluralsight. It's happening now. I am learning much everyday. Not, but something else that I did not enroll for. Enrolling with that it school, I confirmed to myself what it is that's important for me. Also, I get to experience and assimilate the frequency in the city. I have that in me now.

It's worth the tuition if you look at it that way. I am learning stuff, but it's not what the school is teaching, but what I am learning for myself. I think I need to poop here. I do that later when I get back. Son is good and ready for school now. That's exciting. I don't think I had camp at that age, but during high school, I was leaving for camp every year. That was fun. It was pushing me outside of my circle of comfort.

Am I doing that now? Not quite. Then I need to get out there. Not that I need to, but I find that interesting. I don't have to get this track on my spotify playlist. It's there. I just need to see what's good in this album. Angst. I love songs with that quality.

Can someone ban you in the work you enjoy doing? Not really, unless you allow that to be your reflection. Everything is up to you. How do you record these songs? In the old days, I will tune in on the radio until my song comes up, then hit the play-record button. I'll miss a few seconds at the start of the song.

Wife is up. I don't want her to see me writing morning pages so I put up the jobs website so she'll think i'm busy applying for work in the mornings. I need to poop. She's in the bathroom probably taking a shower now. I'll do that when I get back. Is there anything else?

There's always something else at each moment. Each moment, only be one percent better. When you are in that moment and realize the opportunity, you can be better. That's all I do every day, at every moment. I don't have plans or goals other than to make that one lucid moment to be one percent better. This gives me momentum.

I don't know, nor care what is going to happen next. All I know is that this is my situation. It can go this way or another, it don't matter. It's all connected anyway. I can listen to a tutorial now, but I will do so later. These songs sound nice. Spotify is still the goto site for streaming music but there's a way to hack the system in favor of the artist.

We're paying anyway and these artists need the money? Not really. Or so maybe it is that way. Anyway, you can move forward with these. Even madonna has a grown up daughter who is now hitting social media.

This is page two. I can go home early this afternoon. I spend an hour there losing interest. I would rather get home and prepare dinner. This way, I am alive all the way. This I write...i can do javascript front end dev. There's plenty of that needed. I don't have to learn but that is going to come in handy that way.

Go with the flow. You don't have to direct stuff around. Only do this and get to the other side. This is my passion. It's what I want to do all the time—to get things to work and create stuff. Let's go deep into that. People have different paths. I think ray is on his path doing teaching. That way, I get contrast telling me where I need to go.

It is in that way that I see how it's connected. Why am I looking at what I am writing? Only write and get to the other side. Angst. That is a place that's interesting. It's intense and there's pain and there is a bit of pleasure when the pain is not there. I have beenthere several times in my life. The thing to remember is that when you are there, you are alive. You are intense.

You don't have to fear failure. You get angst in that situation. You can use that energy and transform and create your reality. This kid really loves me. I remember when he was a toddler. When he sees me coming in the street on my bike, he'd come running towards me.

Those were the days. Now he has his own bike. He rides a lot. I don't get to ride with him. I am doing something interesting myself. When I get the time, I do ride out with him. It's almost time for them to go.

advice for internet

I am going to use these more often so it is best for me to use these as much as possible. It's a tool and I use these on my craft everyday. I got the best laptop for my buck. I like my wife's laptop and it's thinner and smaller. She brought it home and did not open it last night. That's her.

What's the plan today? I was going to have an installfest but backed out of it. It's a weekend and I can do something else in the meantime. I can google it out. I guess the only active meetup I have is that hackathon. There was this other group but they are not as active as this one I go to.

How do you know that? It's the schedule they have. I changed the wallpaper on this. It reflects who I am. I appreciate beauty and art. It's not porn, although porn is art in itself. The more popular ones are artful and creative. Others may judge you on that. It's their life. I can't teach them otherwise. They will have to figure that one out for themselves.

There were plenty of christian-fest in queen street friday night. Why they do that? Don't they have other things to attend to? That's their life. I used to be there. It's their process. I wouldn't be here myself if I did not go through that. The keyboard is much smaller than what I am used to. It is wider than most though. I can work with that.

I can edit these later anyway. If I don't see what I like, I can make changes. I don't do that while I write, not that I do that all the time. Wife is getting ready for work. I can sync these with the machine later. I can do that now while this is doing its thing.

There you go. It's syncd in the background. I will have everything setup by the time I finish these. Do I have to go there? It's just doing a lot of that. Me doing my thing I will get there. No need to specialize. I do that when I get there. I am able and will get that when I get that. No need to compare myself with other people. I think I am open to this and will get something out of this.

Do I have to stay there for long? I don't know. I will finish these and get to the other side. I am the other side. What does that mean? It's all here and now. You see that and get that and you are half way through. You don't have to see that. There be mice in there. I hear noise. Where is that hiding. I don't know. Cat was here but did not see it?

Where is smokey anyway? He must have left already. I opened the door so mice can go out. They don't have to stay here. They want to be with their family and friends. Opening the door gives them choices. You always have that. It's there for you. You open up the doors for yourself. Is this where it's at?

I had a great time last night. How come I did not like walking around? Is that here their nest is? What's that noise? Is that the cat? I think so. I hope so. That was weight dropping down. What to do today? I will go out for a walk later. I listen to a lot of stuff here. I think it's going to be cloudy all day. I can bring my jacket. I brought it home yesterday.

Be in the light. Everything is here and now anyway. There's so much to do. Pick the one that's most interesting. This is hat I do all day. It is still interesting to finish that course. I go there and am putting in time. I am also doing balance on everything. No need to judge myself, or compare myself with anyone. This here is my path. I am where I need to be.

Son uses my desktop almost all the time now. This laptop is where my work is. I spend more time here and sync everything to the desktop. Do I go with wife when she goes to work? That be interesting. I can choose that but I choose to stay home and do other things. I find this more interesting. I need time away from the city anyway.

What else is there? Do wordpress or something else. There is always something else for me. This is where I am. The other laptop might get picked up later. They can stop by when they have the car. At least it's over and done with. No need to be romantic anymore. It's a done deal for them.

I could have gotten a dell. I'll do that next time. For now, only do this and see where this is headed. How much time to finish writing? I don't know. Only write. The connection in the library is slow. I can use that for email and stuff. No need to browse images in there as it takes time.

What to do then? Get images and text. That's good for that anyway. I can get better connection sopmelace else. Like where? I don't know. When I dock in at work. That is an option there. What else is there? Do eight apps then send applications. This is where I am anyay. I have plenty on my plate. I can finish the class. No problem with that.

by the day

Three kids are up. Wife still in bed. I am thinking of getting eldest daughter an audio technica headphone. It's a bit cheaper than what I use. It has good ratings and feedback from amazon. The thing is, it's double than my budget. If it's going to last, I think it's worth it though.

I was at pbtech last week and did not find anything good or as good quality for the same price. I think there be some brands on noelleeming but that is not as good in quality. For the same quality, I may have to pay more. Is it worth it then? It's going to be about seventy plus shipping to local.

Let's do this then. I transferred cash to the account. Maybe bitcoins will do better in this situation. I am gunning for two modules per day. I have class today. I have better textbook now. I can work this through and see how it goes. No need to listen to ray. He's a good kid but he doesn't know how to impart his knowledge. Or, imo, the way that will work best for me.

I was able to install wine on my pc. I got the old 2005 laptop working again. Friend gave up on it, discovered my ubuntu and loved it. Now it's on her laptop and running tests before handover.

What is there to test? The internet dropped after several minutes of inactivity. Wife has work tonight. I have class today. Son is not going to school today. We do grocery later on. I don't have to show her the price but it's good quality and better sounding than the blue philips. I can get the other daughter one but that's where all my money is going to go. The other two will want one as well. I am gunning to put the money into good use like my education. I can sign up for another term. We shall see.

Do I have to go to that other school? They offer java. I can learn that than csharp. It is an option and I am here and doing this. Why would small business go for You can help them there, or do something beter. Like whatL I don't get silver stripe but people are hiring that way. I can have one up and running. Do you need homestead for that? I think it's overkill whn you already have vagrant. There is also ansible. You can look into that as well.

Better to write with the eyes closed. I can get that as well. Christmas is coming up. She gets them in two months. That's how long it takes then. Go for it. Is it a hundred dollors per week back then? I think so. This is page two now. I don't write as fast with the laptop but it's getting there. I think I can get programmers dvorak on win 8. I will look that up later.

Do I have to study now? I have time but I am going to do yoga and some chores later. So be it then. I may be ble to finish all this later tonight. So be it then. I am full on learning since I quit poker early this year why is that?

Things were different. I wasn't getting that streak anymore. Do you have to go there? Is eldest daughter going to school. She hasn't come out in uniform yet. We will see. It's still early anyway. Do you need to go there? I think it may work that way. I already said so. I have this till the end of the year. I am getting a gig with this. How?

I don't know yet. Getting together that portfolio is going to work wonders for me. Do that on your free time. How? I don't know yet. Build something. A basic who I am website will do. From there, build up with a blog and the other project.s better yet, do the basic projects then build from there.

I think this is what we should be doing. The thing is, the others may not be in the same boat. How do you fix that? I don't know yet. Play with it and see what happens. I have enough resources on the library to make this work. Teep at it then. I can finish that and get to the other side. Or do something else altogether.

I am surprised that express did not work on my pc. I am going to have a look into that as well. What else is there for you? Kids are getting ready for school. It may take christmas to get here and that be fine. It's double the usual and we shall see how it goes. I can do that then.

Talk to her about it. I can give her one other thing then. Maybe a chocolate or something. Son is up. He is not going to school. Why is he upset? He was up late last night. They do that. They have the gadgets with them when they go to bed. He's not going to school anyway so no need to cry about it.

He doesn't do that anymore. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe he has seen that it don't work. So be it. He is getting bigger by the day. He's going to be taller than me eventually. How come the other one is not getting ready for school. If one don't go, the other stays home as well.

sleep last night

It seems like php and wordpress is the way to go if I want to get into some small agency gig. I am not keen on getting corporate. They might pay more, but they have too much baggage. I'd rather do something else. Microsoft is not really my thing. I would rather do java and all that than to go microsoft.

How do I go from here? Finish that course, then build up your portfolio. You don't have to take the test. When you have a good portfolio, you can show that around and get things going. What else needs to happen here? Finish them modules. You have it in place already. Go build something from here.

I cut my kid's hair yesterday and I did right this time. He said good things happen when you listen. He is right. I was being lazy(?) and did not want to do the whole shebang and just cut his hair the way he wanted. I thinned out the sides and barely touched the top. It looks good now. I can build on that later or next time I give him a haircut.

He had a haircut from a shop last term. He realized it wasn't much. I can do the same job. I think that got to him. I can enrol him today but it's a monday and everyone is busy. It's also the first day of school. I will schedule that thursday. In the meantime, I will do the winz deposit.

I still have twenty in my card. I am going to check in on that online. Doing so over atm is going to cost ten cents. That's a ripoff. That should be free as you have your account with them. Anyway, I don't have to change the world from the outside. Son woke up hungry. Did they have not dinner?

Maybe they had all junkfood from last night. He might want to use the laptop. It's still early anyway. I go to school leave at eleven. The kids leave earlier at eight. I am having negatives in my head. I wasn't really sleepy from last night. That thing did not load. I'll go check on that.

Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep last night. That thing wasn't running. During the day it don't matter much. At night, it means a good night's sleep. I have breakfast later before, rather after I do yoga. I can alternate that with bodyweight exercises. There is also the aussie pullups. That is part of the thing.

I can do much on with what I got. That is more than enough for now. I don't even have to sign up for gym. The gym though has plenty of people to see.

don't know yet

It's cold this morning. The sky is blue, the sun is out. It's going to be a beautiful day today. I am going to class today. I think wife is concerned that I am going to drop out of my dev course again. I'm beyond that already. I was going to do that last week, or at least monday this week. Since I got me a laptop, things have changed a lot.

There's plenty of birds out. I like going south. Is that west? It's nice there. How do you go there? I don't know yet. If it's relevant and connected, it's going to be easy getting there. Let it rock your world and it's going to be in your reality experience.

You don't even have to know how. These are the details. You add one every day. One percent every moment. That's the process. That's my path at the moment. It's fun. I am building up momentum this way. I have breakfast in a moment, after I get back or after wife has left for work.

I am going to shower. We had great sex last night. It's always great for me. I enjoy that. I like it when it's skin to skin under the covers. It's warm contrast to the cold outside. Hugs. Plenty of hugging going on in there. Moving the skin past another. There is also the connection there. You can pay for that, but it's the connection that you want.

How do you expand this? I don't know. See if you can duplicate this with someone else. I think that be possible. Maybe get another pinay or something. I am interested in either a korean or a japanese lady. Let's do that then. Where to meet one? Go where they are. Find out what interests them. I think I know how to do that. There's meetups everywhere.

Should I move a tutorial over there? I think I can do that. How long will it take? With btsync, it takes a few seconds to sync the files. It's an amazing technology. How come it's not everywhere? I don't know yet. The technology is open, I think. You can look into that and see how things go.

I signed up for the api. How do you do more of that? Can you even put that in as a web app? I think so. It has to run in your own server. You can put that in your droplet. How do you access that in your client? You put it in there as well. I have keys. You then set up the folder and it syncs that way.

It's easy as pie. I don't know how to bake but baking pies look fun. That's part of the process? Right now, no. it can be when I say it is. Right now, no. wife is taking the kids to see the martian tonight. It's going to be a tight schedule. I suggested tomorrow, but it will be interesting to have the kids travel to the city. We can meet them in the bus stop that way. It's exciting for them that way.

How can we do that then? She has to talk them through it. I think she wants to come home and get the car. We'll see how things go. She was asking if I am going to school today. I am. I could have taken the day off today instead. It's like that. Do something else. Like what? I don't know yet.

What else is there? Get a part time job. Be a consultant. Freelance as a dev. I can do all of these right now. Get paid a hundred a week. That's a lot already for a morning of work. Let's do that then. What else is there. I can get deep into that. There's plenty of people there. I can also run ads on google. That will help hasten things out.

Do I need a domain for that? I can get one fast. I am inc my business soon. I forgot about that. I could have done that first, then get the equipment. Lesson learned there. It's time to move on. This is page two already. I fly through these pages easy. What to do then? I can hang out in the library in the meantime. No need to learn sql. I already get that. I know these things. How to do it with php—mongodb?

I don't know yet. Once it's obvious and relevant, it's going to come in easy. Trust that. That's how synchronicity works. It's all connected. That uefi install was easy as well. Everything is in there and it did not cause too much headache. Let's play with this and see how it goes.

How to do that with daughter's equipment? I can reinstall stuff. She don't use windows stuff much. I can put ubuntu on her laptop. It's fun that way. They can install virtualbox for the windows stuff. Is it going to work that way? How to do that with vagrant? I don't know yet. For now, this is where it's at.

This is going to end soon. I have everything in place. It's time to get something up and running. I already have that. It's the state of being that is here. What is she saying there? It is cold this morning. I go shower this time. What else is there? I can post these now.

perfect it is

Laptops. I think I have it narrowed down. It's either a lenovo thinkpad or a dell. Thinkpads are recommended in reddit. I don't know about that spyware issue. It's in the bios so it could be everywhere. I'm not sure about these things. It's for work and I am not really working. I am going to lug that around. It's a luxury for me. I don't know what to do with the money what are my other options?

Considering that the people who replied are redditors, there's a good chance that some of them know what they are talking about. I will take that as a positive. I would rather do my search in there than on google and find someone else's website. It's not reliable that way as others are not able to comment on them. It's filtered and edited to make the site owner loook good.

In reddit, you can't do that as people will shoot you down. That's where I do my research. Why am I getting a laptop? It's the first thing that came to mind. What else can we do here? Getting that might help down the road. I have plenty of time to help with son's enrollment. I can leave at around nine. I don't think I have time to yoga this morning.

I'll do yoga tomorrow then. What else can I do here? Schedule for that, get a password to register online. I think these are the things I need to do today. Also get that laptop behind you. Lenovos look cheaper than the leading brands. Let's go for that now and get to the other side. It's part hp or ibm I think. If so, let's move forward with this.

What else can we do here? I don't know. It's the quality plus the ram. I don't know if ssd will help. I run on linux most of the time and this looks good for now. This is what I am doing now. Let's see where this is headed. What else is there? I don't know yet. Only get to the other side and see what happens. For now, only do this.

I think I can get far with this. How come we are not yet in csharp? I think the basics are on web development. We'll get to that shortly. For now, enjoy the moment. This is where we are. This is what's going to happen here. Is there something else to do? Finish these things then get going already. There is pain in my leg. I get that recently. It's going to behot today?

What are my options? I don't know yet. Only that it's like this. What to do with apply? Finish these and get connected. How to connect in the city? You already know how. Should that be a kali? Not really. I enjoy working with xfce. That plus ubuntu is perfect for me. I only do a little tweaking here and ther. It's perfect as it is.

I need to work that hulu thing. I'll get to that soon as I finish with this. And then what? You know the drill. I think it will run and hardware is getting better with each release. It's not going to be an issue over time. It's that I would rather do java so that's where it's going right now. Once you get one lang, you have an idea on how to work with the others.

The thing to learn now is problem solving. For that you need to write it out. This is where the notebooks come in handy. Where to get one? The kids might have one they are not using. There is also that notepad I bought months ago. I can put that in a folder and start using that as well.

Do you need a notebook for that? For notes to keep, put then on the cloud. That way, it's always available for you wherever you get connected. How come it's not here yet? People should be able to connect on demand. What else can we do here? It's easy to walk down that road.

This is page two. I don't think i'll go to that pizza friday. There's better things to do here for me. Like what? I don't know yet. I can go as high as that but for now, enjoy the moment. There is that install fest coming up for linux. That's next week. I can and am going there this time. It's on a saturday. Let's work with this and see how things go.

I am into android dev. That's the hobby turned pro. How do you get deep into that when I have classes to attend to? I don't know. Work with it for now. This is where I am. What else is there? The kids will enjoy that. Big screen, good keyboard plus ram. That's all good for me. I can work with that. But do you really need it? It came up in my radar. It's interesting to have. That tellse me it's part of the process. That's a good enough reason.

I don't know how this is going to turn out. At least when I am out there I can work in the library. That's where it's at. I am going there then. At least I can write stuff in there and see where it's going. That's my home in the city. It's where people go to all the time.

It's decided then.

where this is

Find something nobody wants to do, and you enjoy doing. That's your business. What's your business? Software dev. People want that. Businesses need a site. You set your price, get a package up then serve that to them. It should be easy. You can set one up for a hundred, then maintenance goes up from there. It has to be easy peasy.

You can then branch out into mobile dev. Also, everybody needs a job, but I don't want to get into all that networking. You want something that is automated and will scale easily. That means it's gotta be hands off and will run by itself. How to get there? Be in that frequency. You have that in you. That was the message from last night.

It was a female energy and I know that energy from a long time ago. It was familiar energy. I had a name for it and I know how it felt. It's like the past was put there, I put it there as a kind of reference. These classes on web development is helping me down my path. I know which way I am headed. What's next then? I have that up I think. The problem there is that i'm not sure how it's connected though. Do I need to get everything reversed?

When are the loans coming out? If not, then I would rather stay at home and focus on my learning. I go out sure, but there's more to this. What else is there? I don't know yet. Those folks are making money and I am in negative energy. How to shift that. I feel like of course she is tired and I am choosing to get involved. Do something else. Like what?

We can bring the laptop there so I can get some work done. It's like four hours of my time given to them and it's I am putting conditions on that. What now? They have to split up. Why bother build that up. Let them split up then build from there. The foundation is no longer there. It wasn't there in the first place.

What now? Move on. It's not me. That is negative energy for me. Do something else. Like what? That computer is papi. Computer repair is something that's related that I can do. Also do linux for business. Get that os into them. Get them the software they need then expand from there. Do I have to teach them that? I don't know. How much are they paying for software like that?

How much will they be saving with these systems? Am I teaching them something else? Like what? Can their sites be up and running that way? How do you get them into that? I don't know yet. This is something I enjoy doing. I can do tech support. Make sure that everything is running in the background. Devops. That is something that nobody wants to do. People need that for their business. I can get them into that as well.

How to get into that. You have all these up and running. You then expand on that and see how it grows. How else do you get there. It's all connected. Is that wehere we are going? Put their business on the cloud then help them do it. That's where this is all headed. You don't need a lab. All you need are several computers and you already have them here. Get connected is the next step for you. You already know all these stuff. Be the solution for them.

How else do you do that? I don't know yet. There's already a solution for that. You don't have to create anything from scratch. What happens next? How do you scale up with these? Hire tech support. You know how to do this. You don't even have to. Everything is in the website. How come they are doing it that way? I don't know. That is weird that way.

Maybe it's a different truck. That one has two folks working for them. I think this one is different. They took all the trash now. I can move forward from here. How do you scale from here. It's local. Everyone needs them. I can do linux for them and have them wired up. That's where all this is going?

This feels positive. Who else needs them? I don't know. You know where this is? I see that. Keep at it and it expands where you are. There be neighbors moving downstairs. Last night they started moving into the house. That's an all weekend thing when you move. Then the week after that is like putting things away. It's tough moving. Maybe people need help with that.

I see where this is headed. What's next here/ I don't know. How did serge get that site up. I don't know. It's the url. I don't think cathay is going to do that. Or is it his site. I don't know. He's a doctor. He probably has a business in there. It's my job to make sure people are safe. He should have told me what it's all about. He could have shared it in his profile.

Anyway. That's my job to make sure people are safe in that group. Not my job really, but I feel responsible to them to be in my light. That means you make choices for yourself and not for everyone else. I don't want to go there but it's where everything is going. Get her laptop to work.