advice for internet

I am going to use these more often so it is best for me to use these as much as possible. It's a tool and I use these on my craft everyday. I got the best laptop for my buck. I like my wife's laptop and it's thinner and smaller. She brought it home and did not open it last night. That's her.

What's the plan today? I was going to have an installfest but backed out of it. It's a weekend and I can do something else in the meantime. I can google it out. I guess the only active meetup I have is that hackathon. There was this other group but they are not as active as this one I go to.

How do you know that? It's the schedule they have. I changed the wallpaper on this. It reflects who I am. I appreciate beauty and art. It's not porn, although porn is art in itself. The more popular ones are artful and creative. Others may judge you on that. It's their life. I can't teach them otherwise. They will have to figure that one out for themselves.

There were plenty of christian-fest in queen street friday night. Why they do that? Don't they have other things to attend to? That's their life. I used to be there. It's their process. I wouldn't be here myself if I did not go through that. The keyboard is much smaller than what I am used to. It is wider than most though. I can work with that.

I can edit these later anyway. If I don't see what I like, I can make changes. I don't do that while I write, not that I do that all the time. Wife is getting ready for work. I can sync these with the machine later. I can do that now while this is doing its thing.

There you go. It's syncd in the background. I will have everything setup by the time I finish these. Do I have to go there? It's just doing a lot of that. Me doing my thing I will get there. No need to specialize. I do that when I get there. I am able and will get that when I get that. No need to compare myself with other people. I think I am open to this and will get something out of this.

Do I have to stay there for long? I don't know. I will finish these and get to the other side. I am the other side. What does that mean? It's all here and now. You see that and get that and you are half way through. You don't have to see that. There be mice in there. I hear noise. Where is that hiding. I don't know. Cat was here but did not see it?

Where is smokey anyway? He must have left already. I opened the door so mice can go out. They don't have to stay here. They want to be with their family and friends. Opening the door gives them choices. You always have that. It's there for you. You open up the doors for yourself. Is this where it's at?

I had a great time last night. How come I did not like walking around? Is that here their nest is? What's that noise? Is that the cat? I think so. I hope so. That was weight dropping down. What to do today? I will go out for a walk later. I listen to a lot of stuff here. I think it's going to be cloudy all day. I can bring my jacket. I brought it home yesterday.

Be in the light. Everything is here and now anyway. There's so much to do. Pick the one that's most interesting. This is hat I do all day. It is still interesting to finish that course. I go there and am putting in time. I am also doing balance on everything. No need to judge myself, or compare myself with anyone. This here is my path. I am where I need to be.

Son uses my desktop almost all the time now. This laptop is where my work is. I spend more time here and sync everything to the desktop. Do I go with wife when she goes to work? That be interesting. I can choose that but I choose to stay home and do other things. I find this more interesting. I need time away from the city anyway.

What else is there? Do wordpress or something else. There is always something else for me. This is where I am. The other laptop might get picked up later. They can stop by when they have the car. At least it's over and done with. No need to be romantic anymore. It's a done deal for them.

I could have gotten a dell. I'll do that next time. For now, only do this and see where this is headed. How much time to finish writing? I don't know. Only write. The connection in the library is slow. I can use that for email and stuff. No need to browse images in there as it takes time.

What to do then? Get images and text. That's good for that anyway. I can get better connection sopmelace else. Like where? I don't know. When I dock in at work. That is an option there. What else is there? Do eight apps then send applications. This is where I am anyay. I have plenty on my plate. I can finish the class. No problem with that.