by the day

Three kids are up. Wife still in bed. I am thinking of getting eldest daughter an audio technica headphone. It's a bit cheaper than what I use. It has good ratings and feedback from amazon. The thing is, it's double than my budget. If it's going to last, I think it's worth it though.

I was at pbtech last week and did not find anything good or as good quality for the same price. I think there be some brands on noelleeming but that is not as good in quality. For the same quality, I may have to pay more. Is it worth it then? It's going to be about seventy plus shipping to local.

Let's do this then. I transferred cash to the account. Maybe bitcoins will do better in this situation. I am gunning for two modules per day. I have class today. I have better textbook now. I can work this through and see how it goes. No need to listen to ray. He's a good kid but he doesn't know how to impart his knowledge. Or, imo, the way that will work best for me.

I was able to install wine on my pc. I got the old 2005 laptop working again. Friend gave up on it, discovered my ubuntu and loved it. Now it's on her laptop and running tests before handover.

What is there to test? The internet dropped after several minutes of inactivity. Wife has work tonight. I have class today. Son is not going to school today. We do grocery later on. I don't have to show her the price but it's good quality and better sounding than the blue philips. I can get the other daughter one but that's where all my money is going to go. The other two will want one as well. I am gunning to put the money into good use like my education. I can sign up for another term. We shall see.

Do I have to go to that other school? They offer java. I can learn that than csharp. It is an option and I am here and doing this. Why would small business go for You can help them there, or do something beter. Like whatL I don't get silver stripe but people are hiring that way. I can have one up and running. Do you need homestead for that? I think it's overkill whn you already have vagrant. There is also ansible. You can look into that as well.

Better to write with the eyes closed. I can get that as well. Christmas is coming up. She gets them in two months. That's how long it takes then. Go for it. Is it a hundred dollors per week back then? I think so. This is page two now. I don't write as fast with the laptop but it's getting there. I think I can get programmers dvorak on win 8. I will look that up later.

Do I have to study now? I have time but I am going to do yoga and some chores later. So be it then. I may be ble to finish all this later tonight. So be it then. I am full on learning since I quit poker early this year why is that?

Things were different. I wasn't getting that streak anymore. Do you have to go there? Is eldest daughter going to school. She hasn't come out in uniform yet. We will see. It's still early anyway. Do you need to go there? I think it may work that way. I already said so. I have this till the end of the year. I am getting a gig with this. How?

I don't know yet. Getting together that portfolio is going to work wonders for me. Do that on your free time. How? I don't know yet. Build something. A basic who I am website will do. From there, build up with a blog and the other project.s better yet, do the basic projects then build from there.

I think this is what we should be doing. The thing is, the others may not be in the same boat. How do you fix that? I don't know yet. Play with it and see what happens. I have enough resources on the library to make this work. Teep at it then. I can finish that and get to the other side. Or do something else altogether.

I am surprised that express did not work on my pc. I am going to have a look into that as well. What else is there for you? Kids are getting ready for school. It may take christmas to get here and that be fine. It's double the usual and we shall see how it goes. I can do that then.

Talk to her about it. I can give her one other thing then. Maybe a chocolate or something. Son is up. He is not going to school. Why is he upset? He was up late last night. They do that. They have the gadgets with them when they go to bed. He's not going to school anyway so no need to cry about it.

He doesn't do that anymore. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe he has seen that it don't work. So be it. He is getting bigger by the day. He's going to be taller than me eventually. How come the other one is not getting ready for school. If one don't go, the other stays home as well.