don't know yet

It's cold this morning. The sky is blue, the sun is out. It's going to be a beautiful day today. I am going to class today. I think wife is concerned that I am going to drop out of my dev course again. I'm beyond that already. I was going to do that last week, or at least monday this week. Since I got me a laptop, things have changed a lot.

There's plenty of birds out. I like going south. Is that west? It's nice there. How do you go there? I don't know yet. If it's relevant and connected, it's going to be easy getting there. Let it rock your world and it's going to be in your reality experience.

You don't even have to know how. These are the details. You add one every day. One percent every moment. That's the process. That's my path at the moment. It's fun. I am building up momentum this way. I have breakfast in a moment, after I get back or after wife has left for work.

I am going to shower. We had great sex last night. It's always great for me. I enjoy that. I like it when it's skin to skin under the covers. It's warm contrast to the cold outside. Hugs. Plenty of hugging going on in there. Moving the skin past another. There is also the connection there. You can pay for that, but it's the connection that you want.

How do you expand this? I don't know. See if you can duplicate this with someone else. I think that be possible. Maybe get another pinay or something. I am interested in either a korean or a japanese lady. Let's do that then. Where to meet one? Go where they are. Find out what interests them. I think I know how to do that. There's meetups everywhere.

Should I move a tutorial over there? I think I can do that. How long will it take? With btsync, it takes a few seconds to sync the files. It's an amazing technology. How come it's not everywhere? I don't know yet. The technology is open, I think. You can look into that and see how things go.

I signed up for the api. How do you do more of that? Can you even put that in as a web app? I think so. It has to run in your own server. You can put that in your droplet. How do you access that in your client? You put it in there as well. I have keys. You then set up the folder and it syncs that way.

It's easy as pie. I don't know how to bake but baking pies look fun. That's part of the process? Right now, no. it can be when I say it is. Right now, no. wife is taking the kids to see the martian tonight. It's going to be a tight schedule. I suggested tomorrow, but it will be interesting to have the kids travel to the city. We can meet them in the bus stop that way. It's exciting for them that way.

How can we do that then? She has to talk them through it. I think she wants to come home and get the car. We'll see how things go. She was asking if I am going to school today. I am. I could have taken the day off today instead. It's like that. Do something else. Like what? I don't know yet.

What else is there? Get a part time job. Be a consultant. Freelance as a dev. I can do all of these right now. Get paid a hundred a week. That's a lot already for a morning of work. Let's do that then. What else is there. I can get deep into that. There's plenty of people there. I can also run ads on google. That will help hasten things out.

Do I need a domain for that? I can get one fast. I am inc my business soon. I forgot about that. I could have done that first, then get the equipment. Lesson learned there. It's time to move on. This is page two already. I fly through these pages easy. What to do then? I can hang out in the library in the meantime. No need to learn sql. I already get that. I know these things. How to do it with php—mongodb?

I don't know yet. Once it's obvious and relevant, it's going to come in easy. Trust that. That's how synchronicity works. It's all connected. That uefi install was easy as well. Everything is in there and it did not cause too much headache. Let's play with this and see how it goes.

How to do that with daughter's equipment? I can reinstall stuff. She don't use windows stuff much. I can put ubuntu on her laptop. It's fun that way. They can install virtualbox for the windows stuff. Is it going to work that way? How to do that with vagrant? I don't know yet. For now, this is where it's at.

This is going to end soon. I have everything in place. It's time to get something up and running. I already have that. It's the state of being that is here. What is she saying there? It is cold this morning. I go shower this time. What else is there? I can post these now.