get the connection

Using atom, i write morning pages for the next twenty minutes. I think this has softwrap activated or something. Somehow, the lines wrap to the next line. That's good enough for now. I was able to figure out the bug with emmet and atom. It had something to do with keybindings. I removed emmet, then installed emmet-simplified instead.

I have a gripe with the wife since yesterday. Why am I holding on to this? Why not do what it is you do and get on with your life? You don't do things that way. There's always the reflection that you can play with. It don't matter what it is she does or behaves like. It has nothing to do with you unless you choose it to be that way.

I took a minute off writing to change my seat. The other one is not good for posture while writing. This one now is a stool and no lumbar support. That be fine. I get tired in that area and I will can take a break. No need to edit these. Emmet works and I am getting back to atom.

Is it a better text editor? I think it's worth the time I invest in it learning. It's extensible. There is also community support. Atom is relatively new. There be bugs here and there. Over time, it's going to get better. The interface seems similar to that of msft's vscode. I think they came from the same source code. The only difference is that atom is truly open source. That means you have the open source community behind it and working with you to improve its code.

Vscode on the other hand is not truly open source. You still have to wait for them big boys to decide which one should be included or not. I am not a fan of that. I am more ito open source. This is the way to go. Open source is about all that is. That is relevant for me. This is the path I am.

What does that mean? i can go over there and write in there. It's bright and sunny outside. This seat in the house is perfect. The chair is comfortable, the keyboard-table height is just write. There is less strain when you work in this place. My son uses it a lot since I got this laptop. That's ok. The tradeoff is that I have gone mobile with my business.

I still sync everything with my desktop. I turn on sync at least once a day. This is how I back up my work files, and everything else that's relevant and for future access. There really is no future so I don't really need them files anyway. I think it's out of habit that I do that.

It's all about developing good habits. Some people still live in the past and are recycling everything. I am like that as well. It is when I am lucid that I can change things. I help out whenever I can, if I choose to be relevant. If not, then it's time for me to move on.

Am I going to post these as well? I think so. It's why I write. No need to rush through these. I can even change theme color later on. I can create packages for these. It's related to web development anyway. It is made with nodejs. I'm already there. You just need to explore this more on your way.

I wonder what the plan is for today. I have laundry downstairs. Wife is looking to do chores. She went to bed late last night. She loves staying up late watching junk movies. I am not that. I would rather go inter-dimension in my sleep. That's what is different now. I see what's more important for me. No need to label or judge what is not mine. It's not relevant and I send that on its way.

How can you tell it's relevant? It's here and now. Even when I don't get why it's there, it's still I mean. I get to play with it. I can say work with it but it's not really work. I play with it means I am able to get creative with it. There are no deadlines. This is what I do each day?

I can work on the droplet, but you know where it's going. I'll give it a shot and see where it leads to. For now, only do this and see what happens. That control comma shortcut in atom is important for me. Wife realizes how fake the other couple's relationship is. I hope she sees what's good with hers at this time.

How come it was fake? There was a lot of effort put into outward appearances. I knew it was fake because it did not look real. That is how the other lady is. That put a lot of strain in their relationship. I wouldn't last in that situation. I will eventually want out of it.

Do you really need a reflection on that? Not really. It's putting it in their face. I asked for help and did not even get a reply. This time, I help her daughter without question. In your face there woman. I am moving forward now. It's out and like taking a poop, I can flush this down the toilet.

I am redefining source code. In a sense, it's like refactoring my life. You line up everything to see how it works. This is what I do. I don't have school today. I will do something else. Like what? Just go to the city and do something else. I can bring the family, but I think wife is broke by now.

How can I have a grand day without spending a lot? Ride yer bike. That is the fun way to spend the day. I can ride to the city then hitch a ride back. It's still taking the family out. That is going to cost money. They need the outside manifestation to define them. I am different and they can't see that frequency. I think I use the word and it's in the buffer. I can autocomplete that. frequency is already there. autocomplete is also in tehre.

That may make your writing faster. The point of this exercise is to get the connection from your imagination to your fingertips to wirte them down. Using autocomplete may help, but it's different that way. Time's up.