one from last

This is what my day is like, fire up the laptop, drain, then charge. Maybe it's ok that I not pass this course. I got what I came here for anyway. I can make something from this course, a full stack web dev site on csharp. I am not going to pass those exams though. I am not psychic and will not memorize stuff. I can look them up and make it work, but if you want me to memorize them, I won't.

That is not effective learning. Learning here means you can use it in your day knowing how to create something out of it. Memorizing them for exams is just knowing the right answers. For me, there is an ocean of difference between the two. One is the path of least resistance, the other is carrying other people's baggage.

The way I see it, I don't have to pressure myself doing homework. What I can do moving forward is to do things my way. I can create a website with authentication and persistence. These two are gaps in my skill. I can do that then move on from here. I can go into more web dev with these and start helping people.

What else can I do here? Start applying for internships. I can go down that road and help that way. I can then expand in whatever path that interests me. I can go back and learn game dev. That is a valid option for me. For now, go back to two pages. I can expand on that. It's going to be a habit and it's easier that way. It is time to get going there.

What can I do here? The web cam is on. I can learn that. There's so much to learn online. I go this way and that. I can finish one module each week. That's a lot at the end of a year. Look more into that. You can get gigs and help people with that already. You can build up from meetups that way. I have a meetup next friday. I wonder what happened to the other hackathon?

Maybe it was too much effort for them. Maybe the group broke up. I think it was their second hackathon or something. They did have experience with that. I could have gotten something in my inbox if they were still doing that. Anyway, it is time to move on. What's next for me here?

I can reset atom. It works without much plugins. It's the point though and if atom won't work with plugins, then there's no point in using it. I'd rather stick with vim where things are easier for me. Go down that path then. I got windows 8 reset from yesterday. I'll look for that windows ten although I am not going to do something about that licensing. I would rather go open source. I can develop on this anyway.

I don't mind not working with csharp. There's a lot of stuff to do with javascript and nodejs. That's where I choose to go. There's not much happening in jobs with that and that's fine with me. I can create a stack on mobile using node and android. That too is a valid path for me. How to get into that now?

Meetups be nice. I think there is one happening right now. Laptop to backpack is so much better. I met this old man last night. He had negative energy with his partner who has ocd. That's sad. Maybe that's a reflection for him. You use the energy. You don't change someone else. Where else do I get stickers. The answer for the grocery noodles came to me last night.

Path of least resistance is to do it in the morning, after wife goes to bus stop. I have several stuff lined up for that anyway. Let's go there then. The kids will have their favorite meal when they get back from school. That's when they eat a lot. I wonder if they ever get hungry from school. They must have. It's a long walk from there. The walk helps keep things off that plate.

I can go home early. I can choose to do that, or do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that I can go down this path and see where things are going. No need to explore that one path there. I think my bus comes every hour. I can stick to that schedule and have my coffee later.

I get home later but wife isn't there. I have time. I can even do my laptop work while there. Is that good for you? The alarm on someone's phone keeps going off. Whose is that. It seems to come from one of the rooms. Jeff and partner are splitting up. He's still holding on to the past and don't want to do synchronicity. It's sad seeing him like that. I wonder what's going to happen next?

He's going to be one sad puppy for a year. I wonder if he ever is going to get himself a job. Maybe not for a while. He has to get out of that energy—or not. It's his creation. We'll see what happens. If he is part of the frequency then he is still going to be there. If not, then it's going to be good for everyone concerned.

What's going to happen next? Where is that sound coming from? Could be rats?