perfect it is

Laptops. I think I have it narrowed down. It's either a lenovo thinkpad or a dell. Thinkpads are recommended in reddit. I don't know about that spyware issue. It's in the bios so it could be everywhere. I'm not sure about these things. It's for work and I am not really working. I am going to lug that around. It's a luxury for me. I don't know what to do with the money what are my other options?

Considering that the people who replied are redditors, there's a good chance that some of them know what they are talking about. I will take that as a positive. I would rather do my search in there than on google and find someone else's website. It's not reliable that way as others are not able to comment on them. It's filtered and edited to make the site owner loook good.

In reddit, you can't do that as people will shoot you down. That's where I do my research. Why am I getting a laptop? It's the first thing that came to mind. What else can we do here? Getting that might help down the road. I have plenty of time to help with son's enrollment. I can leave at around nine. I don't think I have time to yoga this morning.

I'll do yoga tomorrow then. What else can I do here? Schedule for that, get a password to register online. I think these are the things I need to do today. Also get that laptop behind you. Lenovos look cheaper than the leading brands. Let's go for that now and get to the other side. It's part hp or ibm I think. If so, let's move forward with this.

What else can we do here? I don't know. It's the quality plus the ram. I don't know if ssd will help. I run on linux most of the time and this looks good for now. This is what I am doing now. Let's see where this is headed. What else is there? I don't know yet. Only get to the other side and see what happens. For now, only do this.

I think I can get far with this. How come we are not yet in csharp? I think the basics are on web development. We'll get to that shortly. For now, enjoy the moment. This is where we are. This is what's going to happen here. Is there something else to do? Finish these things then get going already. There is pain in my leg. I get that recently. It's going to behot today?

What are my options? I don't know yet. Only that it's like this. What to do with apply? Finish these and get connected. How to connect in the city? You already know how. Should that be a kali? Not really. I enjoy working with xfce. That plus ubuntu is perfect for me. I only do a little tweaking here and ther. It's perfect as it is.

I need to work that hulu thing. I'll get to that soon as I finish with this. And then what? You know the drill. I think it will run and hardware is getting better with each release. It's not going to be an issue over time. It's that I would rather do java so that's where it's going right now. Once you get one lang, you have an idea on how to work with the others.

The thing to learn now is problem solving. For that you need to write it out. This is where the notebooks come in handy. Where to get one? The kids might have one they are not using. There is also that notepad I bought months ago. I can put that in a folder and start using that as well.

Do you need a notebook for that? For notes to keep, put then on the cloud. That way, it's always available for you wherever you get connected. How come it's not here yet? People should be able to connect on demand. What else can we do here? It's easy to walk down that road.

This is page two. I don't think i'll go to that pizza friday. There's better things to do here for me. Like what? I don't know yet. I can go as high as that but for now, enjoy the moment. There is that install fest coming up for linux. That's next week. I can and am going there this time. It's on a saturday. Let's work with this and see how things go.

I am into android dev. That's the hobby turned pro. How do you get deep into that when I have classes to attend to? I don't know. Work with it for now. This is where I am. What else is there? The kids will enjoy that. Big screen, good keyboard plus ram. That's all good for me. I can work with that. But do you really need it? It came up in my radar. It's interesting to have. That tellse me it's part of the process. That's a good enough reason.

I don't know how this is going to turn out. At least when I am out there I can work in the library. That's where it's at. I am going there then. At least I can write stuff in there and see where it's going. That's my home in the city. It's where people go to all the time.

It's decided then.