same river twice?

I am drawn towards that image. Why is that. And how is a coulpe friend's drama here? How is it connected? To show that everything is reflection. I was there before? Probably. I am not sure, but looking back now, I think I have been there. Wife was there at least. I chose my response. I got angry, but it was also reflection. I used up the energy and now it's different.

I don't know how their drama is going to turn out. I have startup weekend coming up. What I don't get is how come people who can help have to go. I decided this weekend to focus on the mobile stack. Csharp and aspnet has no relevance to that stack at this time, not the way I see it. They make you go through hoops. People don't want to go there. Given a choice, they won't get the machine running on windows if they have something else on the same price range.

Why not give them that option? Sellthem a linux pc but cheaper since there's no license fee for crapware. I am going to uninstall that anyway and write over it. This table is a bit high for writing. Should I move? I have already started writing. Use up the energy and see what comes out of it. Like what? What does thatmean? Everything is connected. You find that thread and things start to make sense.

Like that couple drama I was looking at earlier. It's related as contrast and reflection. That's baseline. You compare? Not in a negative way, but to show you how far you've gone on this journey. It shows you what you've got. It's synchronicity in a way that you have what you want already.

That graduation situation paid off? I think so. That memory is there as contrast and reflection. I don't think anyone knew about it. I wasn't there. I did make the intention that I will be a success. That was the path, but the words was so eighties. It's different now as a definition.

It was and is a path. That's all there is to it. You can say it was a process. It's still connected that way. I am different than most. Do you have to show it outside? Not really. Only move in this direction. How was that file deleted last night? I don't know. Maybe I tappedon something. There was something weird there. Maybe it was a bug? I don't know. I am not sure. I am getting something else now. I will update later.

What happens to them now? I think you need to allow it to be there. Things fall into place easier that way. She is still moving out. I was dreaming that I was taking advantage? I was testing the energy. I think there's something to it there. Only see the energy and see where it goes.

How come he is giving this energy? I don't know. Of course you know. He is offering you contrast. He is smart, but not in the emotional intelligence aspect. The way things are, it's not that he's better or worse, only that his path is different. This is only reflection. I am creating this energy? How? It's in my reality experience. Only the experience is real.

That is something to put my mind around. Only the experience is real. How do you test that? Intuitively, you know what it's like. How do you use this? I don't know yet. It's there. It's connected. For now, this is how I use the energy. How many pages? I can do one more, but we shall see how it feels when we get to that level. I have two hackathons coming up.

This is excitement. This is interesting. This is the energy. This is where I am going. It don't matter if I get paid or not. It's the path i'm going. It's the path that I am. Do you have to teach people this? You don't have to win the best app. You only want to get going in that direction. That is my process. That is who I am.

Do I get a return on investment in that? I think it has something to do with the venue. I can volunteer for that. I don't think he's coming. It's too scary for him? Not really. Is he that smart? I'm not sure anymore. Am I comparing? Yes. Definitely. But not like before. Things are lucid now. I don't like the way she has to talk that way. But that's her. Those be kids ways.

What to do now? I don't know yet. There be spaghetti for dinner. I made day one last night. I can have chicken. I can have bacon for breaakfast. Will the bacon last? I can always get some more. I will transfer the funds and get that over and done with. I don't have to sign back for pluralsight. The library has so much books that I can go through. Let's do that then.

Finish an app and see where that's headed. I don't think I want to finish the course. I am here just to get this going though. I think he is...lost my train of thought there. Kids have… wife wants to go on another road trip. I have laptop to go with me. That's around christmas. Things are still cold around that time.

This time we are ready.