sleep last night

It seems like php and wordpress is the way to go if I want to get into some small agency gig. I am not keen on getting corporate. They might pay more, but they have too much baggage. I'd rather do something else. Microsoft is not really my thing. I would rather do java and all that than to go microsoft.

How do I go from here? Finish that course, then build up your portfolio. You don't have to take the test. When you have a good portfolio, you can show that around and get things going. What else needs to happen here? Finish them modules. You have it in place already. Go build something from here.

I cut my kid's hair yesterday and I did right this time. He said good things happen when you listen. He is right. I was being lazy(?) and did not want to do the whole shebang and just cut his hair the way he wanted. I thinned out the sides and barely touched the top. It looks good now. I can build on that later or next time I give him a haircut.

He had a haircut from a shop last term. He realized it wasn't much. I can do the same job. I think that got to him. I can enrol him today but it's a monday and everyone is busy. It's also the first day of school. I will schedule that thursday. In the meantime, I will do the winz deposit.

I still have twenty in my card. I am going to check in on that online. Doing so over atm is going to cost ten cents. That's a ripoff. That should be free as you have your account with them. Anyway, I don't have to change the world from the outside. Son woke up hungry. Did they have not dinner?

Maybe they had all junkfood from last night. He might want to use the laptop. It's still early anyway. I go to school leave at eleven. The kids leave earlier at eight. I am having negatives in my head. I wasn't really sleepy from last night. That thing did not load. I'll go check on that.

Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep last night. That thing wasn't running. During the day it don't matter much. At night, it means a good night's sleep. I have breakfast later before, rather after I do yoga. I can alternate that with bodyweight exercises. There is also the aussie pullups. That is part of the thing.

I can do much on with what I got. That is more than enough for now. I don't even have to sign up for gym. The gym though has plenty of people to see.