to get things

After moving set location, I gotta wait a few minutes to make sure all of the files have finished moving. Before, I ended up with incomplete files thinking all the folders are there and that transfers are async. I was wrong.

Son leaves for camp today. I am listening to angst album. Ray yesterday insisted that I go follow his examples. It didn't make any sense and I wasn't learning anything. It's not his job to get me to learn anything—that's my job. Then what the hell is he there for?

Anyway, I signed up to get the allowance so I can sign up for pluralsight. It's happening now. I am learning much everyday. Not, but something else that I did not enroll for. Enrolling with that it school, I confirmed to myself what it is that's important for me. Also, I get to experience and assimilate the frequency in the city. I have that in me now.

It's worth the tuition if you look at it that way. I am learning stuff, but it's not what the school is teaching, but what I am learning for myself. I think I need to poop here. I do that later when I get back. Son is good and ready for school now. That's exciting. I don't think I had camp at that age, but during high school, I was leaving for camp every year. That was fun. It was pushing me outside of my circle of comfort.

Am I doing that now? Not quite. Then I need to get out there. Not that I need to, but I find that interesting. I don't have to get this track on my spotify playlist. It's there. I just need to see what's good in this album. Angst. I love songs with that quality.

Can someone ban you in the work you enjoy doing? Not really, unless you allow that to be your reflection. Everything is up to you. How do you record these songs? In the old days, I will tune in on the radio until my song comes up, then hit the play-record button. I'll miss a few seconds at the start of the song.

Wife is up. I don't want her to see me writing morning pages so I put up the jobs website so she'll think i'm busy applying for work in the mornings. I need to poop. She's in the bathroom probably taking a shower now. I'll do that when I get back. Is there anything else?

There's always something else at each moment. Each moment, only be one percent better. When you are in that moment and realize the opportunity, you can be better. That's all I do every day, at every moment. I don't have plans or goals other than to make that one lucid moment to be one percent better. This gives me momentum.

I don't know, nor care what is going to happen next. All I know is that this is my situation. It can go this way or another, it don't matter. It's all connected anyway. I can listen to a tutorial now, but I will do so later. These songs sound nice. Spotify is still the goto site for streaming music but there's a way to hack the system in favor of the artist.

We're paying anyway and these artists need the money? Not really. Or so maybe it is that way. Anyway, you can move forward with these. Even madonna has a grown up daughter who is now hitting social media.

This is page two. I can go home early this afternoon. I spend an hour there losing interest. I would rather get home and prepare dinner. This way, I am alive all the way. This I write...i can do javascript front end dev. There's plenty of that needed. I don't have to learn but that is going to come in handy that way.

Go with the flow. You don't have to direct stuff around. Only do this and get to the other side. This is my passion. It's what I want to do all the time—to get things to work and create stuff. Let's go deep into that. People have different paths. I think ray is on his path doing teaching. That way, I get contrast telling me where I need to go.

It is in that way that I see how it's connected. Why am I looking at what I am writing? Only write and get to the other side. Angst. That is a place that's interesting. It's intense and there's pain and there is a bit of pleasure when the pain is not there. I have beenthere several times in my life. The thing to remember is that when you are there, you are alive. You are intense.

You don't have to fear failure. You get angst in that situation. You can use that energy and transform and create your reality. This kid really loves me. I remember when he was a toddler. When he sees me coming in the street on my bike, he'd come running towards me.

Those were the days. Now he has his own bike. He rides a lot. I don't get to ride with him. I am doing something interesting myself. When I get the time, I do ride out with him. It's almost time for them to go.