where this is

Find something nobody wants to do, and you enjoy doing. That's your business. What's your business? Software dev. People want that. Businesses need a site. You set your price, get a package up then serve that to them. It should be easy. You can set one up for a hundred, then maintenance goes up from there. It has to be easy peasy.

You can then branch out into mobile dev. Also, everybody needs a job, but I don't want to get into all that networking. You want something that is automated and will scale easily. That means it's gotta be hands off and will run by itself. How to get there? Be in that frequency. You have that in you. That was the message from last night.

It was a female energy and I know that energy from a long time ago. It was familiar energy. I had a name for it and I know how it felt. It's like the past was put there, I put it there as a kind of reference. These classes on web development is helping me down my path. I know which way I am headed. What's next then? I have that up I think. The problem there is that i'm not sure how it's connected though. Do I need to get everything reversed?

When are the loans coming out? If not, then I would rather stay at home and focus on my learning. I go out sure, but there's more to this. What else is there? I don't know yet. Those folks are making money and I am in negative energy. How to shift that. I feel like of course she is tired and I am choosing to get involved. Do something else. Like what?

We can bring the laptop there so I can get some work done. It's like four hours of my time given to them and it's I am putting conditions on that. What now? They have to split up. Why bother build that up. Let them split up then build from there. The foundation is no longer there. It wasn't there in the first place.

What now? Move on. It's not me. That is negative energy for me. Do something else. Like what? That computer is papi. Computer repair is something that's related that I can do. Also do linux for business. Get that os into them. Get them the software they need then expand from there. Do I have to teach them that? I don't know. How much are they paying for software like that?

How much will they be saving with these systems? Am I teaching them something else? Like what? Can their sites be up and running that way? How do you get them into that? I don't know yet. This is something I enjoy doing. I can do tech support. Make sure that everything is running in the background. Devops. That is something that nobody wants to do. People need that for their business. I can get them into that as well.

How to get into that. You have all these up and running. You then expand on that and see how it grows. How else do you get there. It's all connected. Is that wehere we are going? Put their business on the cloud then help them do it. That's where this is all headed. You don't need a lab. All you need are several computers and you already have them here. Get connected is the next step for you. You already know all these stuff. Be the solution for them.

How else do you do that? I don't know yet. There's already a solution for that. You don't have to create anything from scratch. What happens next? How do you scale up with these? Hire tech support. You know how to do this. You don't even have to. Everything is in the website. How come they are doing it that way? I don't know. That is weird that way.

Maybe it's a different truck. That one has two folks working for them. I think this one is different. They took all the trash now. I can move forward from here. How do you scale from here. It's local. Everyone needs them. I can do linux for them and have them wired up. That's where all this is going?

This feels positive. Who else needs them? I don't know. You know where this is? I see that. Keep at it and it expands where you are. There be neighbors moving downstairs. Last night they started moving into the house. That's an all weekend thing when you move. Then the week after that is like putting things away. It's tough moving. Maybe people need help with that.

I see where this is headed. What's next here/ I don't know. How did serge get that site up. I don't know. It's the url. I don't think cathay is going to do that. Or is it his site. I don't know. He's a doctor. He probably has a business in there. It's my job to make sure people are safe. He should have told me what it's all about. He could have shared it in his profile.

Anyway. That's my job to make sure people are safe in that group. Not my job really, but I feel responsible to them to be in my light. That means you make choices for yourself and not for everyone else. I don't want to go there but it's where everything is going. Get her laptop to work.