it's a choice

It's almost seven. It's a monday. Reflection is back on the grind. I program for my business, not to get a job. I am. No need for job. I do android and nodejs. It's a bit slow or there's not much on these two in the job market as businesses here tend to go with old momentum. It's changing though. There are those who will embrace what works and makes sense for who they are.

I guess you'd say that they are the previous generation. You don't want to go there. You know who you are. It's monday and I am not going to school today. I have can do more stuff at home than to go to school. Let's define it as a field trip instead. Am I going for another one?

I will apply for it and see what happens next. This gives me more time. I can schedule for an interview and see how things go from there. I did not really get much from there and I am moving forward from here. Do I take a different class? I will look into that soon as I finish with this. It's on the fourth floor. I was going there but this lady did not know much of anything when she finished. I guess it is the same pretty much.

It's all up to me anyway. What's going to work this time? It's still that business you got. This will buy me enough time. I am also looking into aws as it's connected with the ai system I am building. It's connected. What is the connection? How do you connect? Soon as you define that, everything falls into place. Son is up. Why so early? Does he have homework?

Son is going to have breakfast with the market food he had last night. I offer help. I saw from watching supergirl how you can help with the most leverage. You do not need super powers to help. You can do more with leverage. That is more power. You have nothing and yet you help when you can, how ever you can help. That is more power.

What happens then? You keep at it. You know where this is headed. You see what is happening there. You get to it. What was the dream about? Wife went to bed later. I go tuesdays and fridays. This coincides with days when I bring the car to wife. It's all connected so you go when you go. I don't want to and it's old way of doing things. It's based on fear. This is what I fear. Is it failing? It is disappointing that way, but what can we do?

I see. Be in the light and everything else reflects off that. You already know these. Keep to the light. This is what I do then. Kids two of them go to school today. Wife is still in bed. No laundry today as weekend was lots. I'll bring them up though. Fun weekend although it felt a bit like a new orientation.

That's alrigth. I always have choice. There is always opportunity for me. Keep to this and you always see the reflection. I go out for a run today. I go in the morning? I can go at lunch. I do yoga, then have brunch, then go run after a session of programming.

This is what my ideal schedule is. It don't matter what is on the outside. I can do game dev and it could be connected. I like those games so that's where the path is. It's the reflection. Son is having breakfast. Do I sit down with him? That would be interesting. He enjoys doing these things. I tend to choose that as well. You teach by the clarity of your example. I tend to see something and it's contrast. I can see that. I allow that.

Do I have to change it? I can look into source code and see the definitions in place. If when they are not aligned, then I can change things. If not, it's opportunity to choose who I am. Everything is connected that way. Son is having breakfast. I have blessed abundance this way. I see that. I see this. It's what I always wanted. It's that state of being. It's not about having a house and all that money.

You see how it's connected now. It all comes down to here and now. You have it already. You now choose who you are. This is what I do every moment. I don't have to be productive or effective. Those are details. They come with the program and it's automatic. You don't need to make them happen. It's automatic. How do you see that?

It's a choice. Line up the trinity and everything is there. Seek ye first the kingdom of god. Once you get what it means, the doors open and it's all around you all this time. How can you prove that? It's all illusion anyway. How do you prove that it is? You see it from a different point of view. From their perspective, how do they see it.

Once you see it that way, you open up to all the possibility. It's different this way. What is differet? The connection is different. The point of view is different. Is it always changing? All the time. This is why you choose to be who you are. Am I lost in this? How is not having a job not connected?

Because I run my own business.

finished that book

It's weird how religion gets people to behave differently, illogically. In boracay, they put up this thing for christians in that small...never mind. To each his own. If that works for them, then so be it. Whatever makes you happy.

Looking at things from the other side of the fence, they would cringe at the things I am doing now, and what it would cost my soul for all eternity. Imagine that.

Why am I feeling this way? It's negative. I am responding in a positive way and allowing myself to feel negative. Now, is that positive or negative?

Son is up early. I went to bed late last nigth. I fixed the internet connection on the tablet, then decided to wait for the wife to get home. We made it rain last night. It was great. Women get that muffin top second layer. Then they want to lose just that and everything is going to be alright.

You know that's not possible, right?

The plastic surgeons will tell you how it's possible, then charge you to hell and back to get rid of it. Yesterday was a good day for me. I found myself in such gratitude I felt like I was crying at some point--tears of joy?

It's trash day today. I am able to help those who can't help back. I am able to do so from this circumstance. I am expanding from this. Everything is possible. Son is doing his homework. Maybe I can help him do it, but it's not going to make him better as a person. It's like that young butterfly coming out of its cocoon. It needs that struggle to make its wing muscle strong so it can fly. Without the struggle, it won't fly.

How true is that? It makes sense, but can you test that? I don't know. Maybe when I see a cocoon, I will give that a try. This is page one. It's going slow right now. I enjoy hanging out with my kids. It's boring at school. I am winding down that part of myself. Am I enrolling for something else?

I'm not sure. Wife got her bonus but a third of it went to taxes. That's sad. You don't really own anything that way. If it were a business and you spent that much time on it, you can give yourself a bonus everytime and it's tax deductible, in a way. This is why I am focused on growing my own company.

Next step for me is to register as a business. I can grow things from there. What's it going to take? I don't know yet. Maybe get capital? You don't need that right now. By the time you need it, it's going to be there and it's going to be effortless.

How can you be sure of this?

From experience. Trust the synchronicity. Everything then will fall into place. What to do this weekend? I can go out for a ride. I can install linux in the morning, then uninstall on shutdown. Install and not restart. You don't have to do anything there. It will hold. It will last. When is recycling day? I did not see anything there. Maybe it starts this year when they change everything.

I am going to go to that stall then and put everything in there. Why did they choose to do it that way. Trash is now going ot accumulate in houses. You need to do something about it. No wonder I see those trucks around. That is going to be good business for you? I think so. It's sad because it's already part of the taxes that you pay. That the big chunk of wife's bonus went there, it is sad.

What to do about it? Get on your way. How do you get this up and running? I don't know yet. Shift into that reality and you will see the reflection. It sounds so out there, but that's really how things work. It may sound fake but...i don't have to convince you. I am on my way now. I go to school later today. This is the school grind.

I am thinking of installing my poker essentials on the windows side. It takes a lot of time but it can get somewhere? I don't know. I am over that already. I can do something else in the meantime. Like what? Finish the programming business. Do android and get deep into that. In a month's time, you will have finished that book already.

Let's do that then. This thing is charging and will be good to go when I leave. The eyes are learning and adjusting. I can get order another set for next year. Or do something else. In the meantime, do the github thing.

Will it work this time? I don't know yet. Studying will give me resources to get the business up and running. Let's look into that then.

i'm falling apart

That it guy is right, I can go for them gigs. I have everything in place. I'm on that path-slash-frequency seeing reflections here and there. What astounds me is that I was right about it, but needed outside proof. Those guys in classrooms are in over their heads--at least I was.

I paid for that one lesson and it's time to move on. I don't have to sit around there waiting for things to happen. It's all mine anyway. Why is that guy leaving this early? I heard voices downstairs shortly after I got up. There was snoring, I am not sure if it were my kids or coming from downstairs.

What now? I run. That is fun for me. There was pain on my foot earlier. I run then have brunch. I can go with kids get them treats. Did I mention that today is my brithday? I turned 48 today, this morning. That had to be past tense. Everything I here and now.

I saw this thread where guy in a similar situation shifted to that reality. I can do that too. And he didn't exercise as much. I am on that frequency now. I saw that I can instead get them spare ribs and have that as sinigang--or some other soup. I can put that in the oven and have roast ribs. I can make marinades for them. I can fry them slow cook.

There's plenty I can do with that and that meal will leave me satisfied for the rest of the day. Junkfoods feel good for a minute or two. Soon as it starts hitting your bloodstream, the effect goes negative. I am not that person anymore. Again, it's the metaphor of the mustard seed. You only need that much to move mountains. I have all the mustard seed.

Why is that bird watching me. Is it waiting for me to throw out bread? I am writing. Cats, where do they hang out during the day? I don't see them outside anyway. Maybe he goes someplace else to chill. Most definitely he is sitting out in the sun, taking long naps in between meals. I like that. It's where my path is. That path is relevant for me.

How do you know for sure? For sure is not the right phrase there. You are never for sure about anything. Wife goes to work today. My job is to get this android thing up and running. How to register business? I don't know yet. I have the resources here. What's next? Keep going this way. I have the custom domain in place it's time to get going there. She's not going to stop anyway. You go do your own thing.

I have everything that's relevant in place. Whatever else that I will need will find its way to me. This is the understanding here. No need for contracts. It is who I am. What is the energy there? You only match that energy and you see everything else. You get that right? Then that's what we do all day.

How to get clients? You already know that. What happens next? I see that it academy. They need help. How do you go there? They are not ready to restructure everything. You only need someone who will give context. Everything else falls into that afterwards. Why the certs? It is so someone else can make money off your back. I know that now. What happens next is up to me. What do you do then? I don't know yet. This is where I am. See where the energy leads to.

I go make breakfast for the kids after I finish. Things are moving very fast. If it's no longer relevant, it's going to move out from there. Let it be. It's making room for something else. And then what? Only be in the moment and see hat happens. This is what I do all day. Yesterday was good. I had a lot of seeds planted back then.

Today, it's still planting season. We go out to city tonight. I can bring kids there. I think it be fun. For wife, it has to be on the outside going in. that's the difference here. Is it cheaper to go there? I think so. I don't think we are going to be there for an hour. Let it be this way then. I don't have to go heavy on the carbs.

I am going to enjoy that then. It's cheaper than that sushi factory although it was nice over there. What else needs to be here? I can go there and have a good meal for myself. Or, I can do something else. I can do android dev in the library. The connection there is rather slow. Still, it's moving forward that way. I can run tests after I finish that anyway.

Keep to this path until the energy shifts. That way, you know you are in the right path at every moment. Some times it may seem unrleated. That's ok. Ride the wave. You get there when you get there. In the meantime, this is where I am. I can go help non profits with this. Let's see where that one is headed.

I can go find jen garner again. She's married sure, but you don't know until you try. That was a quick two-pager.

parents be like

If all these is my reflection, what's in it for me? Maybe it's only contrast to give me feedback. I am already different. The frequency might not be there, but there is the shift that cannot be denied. It's different. I am not the same person anymore.

What's going to happen here? She has a lot of baggage. It's contrast for her, giving her the opportunity to show herself that she is. I can't commit to it fully when it's not there. You see that? You have a choice here. Do you think she's going to get back? Given the history, she is going to give him a chance. I think that's what's missing here.

Ishe trying to be like me? I don't think so. That's a big pile of money coming up for them, but the way she treats it...or things are different. I am projecting my source code here. Maybe things are different there. Maybe this is how it's contrast for me. Maybe it will be there for her.

So be it then. I don't have to go there. I can point something out, but I am moving forward now. This is not my baggage. I have more than enough on my own. Do I need guidance counselling? How to move forward from here? I don't know yet. For now, all I know is that I don't like working in thatt platform. That I took this course so I can get with this laptop then get going from there. I did better than the lat assessment this time. The practical was no good. The team project is coming up.

What now? You know what is going to happen next. I have much in my library. It's contrast for me. I don't need them anyway. You know where all this is going. Is it the kids? I don't know. I am a different person now. What's going to happen next? I can bring the kids over to burger king. Or not. Maybe get them something else. Like noodles and junk food from paknsave. Is it going to rain all day?

Maybe it will. Will I ride the bike or go run? I can run in the park field this afternoon. Wife is coming home sooner. People might be here but things could be different this time. What's different this time? Maybe you have something in here that can be different. How different?

I don't know yet. I am projecting my source code here. At least you are aware. This is drama. Maybe she wants the drama so she can have the attention. Now that you see that, you can let that fall into place. What needs to happen here? I don't know. You can extract yourself from that situation. In the meantime, the priority is to build up portfolio. I can move forward from there.

The pc was left on last night. It's ok. It's a linux. You can keep that up and running forever. Build up android stack. You can do php as a job but I would rather do andorid. Keep to that path then. I can continue on with that book. Do this. No need to do that project or I can find a workaround for that. In the meantime, I can work with all them tools.

Maybe he gets the kids or weekends? Maybe so. It's a wild bunch this way. Everything is connected. Homes are cheaper over there. Everything is your creation this way. You know what to do. He is going to be back. She is going to be there for him. But it's her choice. If she chooses that, then that is her baggage. It's time for me to make this my year. Everything changes in 2016.

that's how it's connected that way. What happens now? Maybe someone is following this drama. Or not. It don't matter. I can keep writing and nobody has to see these. Maybe the kids might want to look these up when I am gone. I would do that to see how my parents were like. These do not have to be legacy. It's just morning pages.

So I write. What happens with that baggage? It don't matter. I keep to android. I like working on that side. I am creating my portfolio. This is more focus now. How come this daughter gets up early? It's how she is. It's habit for her. She goes to bed early anyway. Do we need to get things going? I don't know yet.

I can get alcohol for tonight. We can do that then. She don't have to go there. I can pick something out from the local store. Or go someplace else. We will see. They can get pulutan. I'll go text them later. Or do something else. In the meantime, enjoy the moment. Be here and now. What is that like? You already know that.

Should we be involved? What if there was something missing in here? Everything is here and now. If something was hidden, then it's not relevant for now. It'll come up when it becomes relevant. So I see. I can get vodka. Or do something else. Make zombie for tonight. Put that in the freezer then we can have that for tonight.

What happens next? I don't know yet. For now, I am on the other side of the fence. I am not on his team. Good. That gives me freedom.

can answer that

Too late to go in the room now. I'll wait it out for tonight, or thursday night. I'm not keen about it anyway right now. There's much to do. I will email ray this morning and ask about certs exam details. It's a waste of time going there, but I learned much about myself.

I learned that I am not going to learn this through someone else. I could pick up on their example but me having to pay a school for something you can get better online no longer works. I was after something else anyway. I got that energy, I got the reflection. It's time to move on. I can go to the library and study there. That be better use of my time—although the juice there is so much slower.

I think i'll be able to find my needs better using the mirror. I can navigate that way anyway. How to find reflection and contrast? You go out there. You connect with people. At least this time, I have juice to get around. Use it that way. How to connect? The meetups can get dry at times.

Come in earlier and network some more. You will find people to talk with. I can email her that and see how it goes. Do have to tell on people that way? I may have to get everyone out the door today. I have lunch already in place. Wife comes home late today. I have this much for the day. One daughter stays home. Let's see how things go from here.

I think she got upset about it. How will that change? She chats with someone else. She has friends. Wife is up. Was she looking for me. I can get internships now. Get that php portfolio site up and running then make this your full-time job. If she really wanted, I can go in there. But some times she can get off line. Last night there were unnecessaries in the path. That's the contrast. Use it that way.

How to move forward from here? Be in the light and see how things go. I can go for an internship. I can send out three each day, make it ten is better, but only when the timing is right. If it's not, then do something else. People out there need help. I can go there and see what else needs happening.

I can go for non-profits anyway. They need help every now and then for web development. I can build up my portfolio that way. First, need to align with that frequency. I lost my momentum going to class. It's time to get going now. I am taking responsibility for my self.

What happens next? Be in the light. That's all there is at each moment. What's up with the recharge thing? I don't know. Maybe they want their juice as well. They lie in bed watching videos until they fall asleep. They have their own playlist. Is this how it is when they grow up?

I don't know. It's all connected anyway. What can I do there? I don't know yet. If she wanted to, then it's still connected. What else can we do around here? It was fun going to the city that way. I have plenty on my todo list. I have mysql in that side of the fence. How do you keep persistence that way?

I have been writing for some time. Why is this monitor turned sideways? Maybe he needs the privacy. What are they watching? I don't know. Are those apps installed on that side? It's time for me to go. How do you go? Everything is connected. You have always been in the path anyway. I can run mornings, then do yoga after lunch.

That was a good schedule for me. I want--am going back to that. Do I run today? Walk for a week, then next week start running. Does it still hurt to run? You have a week for a marathon? Not really. It's just me here. I am in that light right now. Let's get cracking anyway. It's like writing. How to see that then? Be in the light. Follow your own excitement.

An ad agency could be fun. You can connect with them that way. You know the drill anyway. Let's go there and see how it goes. How else do you get that up and running. You have the internet at your fingertips. Go in there and take a moment to get that set up.

I can spend an hour here and get that up. I will do that right now. No need to get fancy. They go through a lot. You want a follow up call. No need to get hired on the letter. Get that call and get lined up. They have needs. Address that and you get the gig. Find the light? Be the light is easier. It's here and now anyway. Why go out?

It's always a choice for you. It's always there for you. Match the frequency. It's there anyway. That's what is imporant. You don't need the conditions met. It's all in you anyway. Get that in your pocket. Smoke that and you will see the reflection. What is in the reflection?

You only can answer that.

fill their bags

Web development is a lot. It's not just the backend. I can let go of aspnet now. No need to be concerned about what others think. I am going just to finish the course, not to trigger the loan payments until I get a gig going on. I go there anyway as part of my process. I learn something while I am there. Ajax just came up on my radar.

For now, it's either php or node.js, and android dev. These two are what keeps me busy these days. Is that going to get you places? I think so. I am going to take me places. I have a new habit in place. It's going to get momentum going for it and I will simply ride the wave.

It's that simple?

That's how you add space on this. We leave in half an hour. I recharge this thing soon as I finish posting these. I don't think I was able to write yesterday. The other pc is up and running. I will run that thing that configures unotelly. We're moving to a different provider soon enough. Soon as I have a new gig, I move to that provider. It will be either orcon or big pipe. I am biased towards big pipe. I found them off reddit. Others were recommending them. It's time to try that although orcon serves juice faster.

I think they are one of the tops in terms of speed. Customer support is also good. We'll see how things go from here. Do I take out of town gigs? That will be interesting. When that comes up, that's synchronicity for me. I can travel on weekends. That be interesting. The kids can go there on holidays and weekends. We'll see how things go from there. In the meantime, we do this.

What's next then? I don't know yet. For now, only do this and see what happens. The files are starting to pile up. I have windows 10 on dual boot but that's only for backup. I hardly go there anymore. I am not going to prioritize learning aspnet. There be others that will get things going. I am done with that. I am cutting my losses here and move on.

I go with that and not learn much, I won't be work ready when the course is finished. That's not the plan here. Wife is still in bed. We go at ten forty five. Two kids are at home. They don't have school until monday. They just finished their exams. I think it's better to learn ajax, but I am putting in jquery and angular later on. There's plenty to learn aronud here. That keeps me busy here.

What about wordpress users? It's there. We can do something about it. For now, be in the light. It's not easy at times, but that serves as contrast for you. It's feedback you use to get to where you are going. It gets easier though. Sit yourself down. That's a hottie right there. Those are great eyes. Here do you find them?

It's out on the internet. I hardly go to facebook anymore other than to check for messages. I also do google hangouts. Maybe I can go check that out. It's not that fun in thatt part of the land. Tehre are things you can do. Two pc's are syncing right now. Is that the right word there? That is new. That is pretty eyes. I am transfixed.

I am listening to ajax now. Do I shift to something else? Maybe. Let's see how things go from here. I can turn on firefox so that side also syncs as well. In the meantime, finish writing. I better get ready for school when I finish these. Wife needs to shower as well. I go there and get things done. I can remove nginx later on. In the meantime, these are the stuff I do.

I got stuck with the android tutorials last night. I got a curve ball and couldn't find my way from there. I give it time and learn something else. This is how I move forward. Only be better one percent at each moment I am lucid. It's a beautiful day outside. I should be riding or in the beach. How to do that?

Get everything lined up. You then use the contrast and see the reflection. Those are clean hands. Where do you find women like that? I don't know. They are out there. You have it good though. You don't need that in your bag. You have sufficent abundance already. They have emptiness at times and may not know how to fill their bag.

I can choose to go there. You've seen psychos in a relationship. You have something good and that is a reflection for you. You keep in the light and you don't have to do something else. This is keeping to the thing. What thing? I am listening to that tutorial. I am connected this way? It's noise. I can keep wiritng and there be plenty to learn out there.

Just put in the basics and you will get very far. You already know that. It's time to move forward from here. I got a laptop out of it. I am more confident about my education. I don't have to go there and see less.

i think so

I got upset yesterday, shouted at the kids. I was upset that I did not follow the diet. What's up with that? Maybe it's the dinner schedule. I am putting it outside rather than being responsible from the inside. You see I label myself here. What now? Be from the inside. Everything on the outside is an illusion. You already know this.

I did not like what happened in class yesterday. From here on in, it's no longer a priority. It's a horse carriage. They are so big that going open source seems a bit late. Is it good anyway? I am an open source dev. I don't like the way they bully everyone else. I am moving on. I got what I wanted. I am moving forward now.

What do we do here? How many absents am I going to keep to? I can talk to that person or the other one. We shall see. Maybe I can come in for assessments and all that. It's not the other persons, but ray's job to make sure the students learn. I don't like it that jeff references me when trying to get back with his girl. He's using me.

We'll see how he gets sent home with his brother. I am done with that guy. He's a psycho now. What's going to happen next? We'll see. The girlfriend is going to immigration to get his papers sorted, then get plane tickets. I do yoga this morning. I don't know who is going to school this morning. Wife works until midnight today.

Why can't she just take that bus? I am going to get going with my gig. I am no longer ray's student. I never was. I sit in there and do my thing. I am not going to apply for aspnet work anyway. It's time to move on. I just want to get going and pay off the student loan without triggering getting dropped from the course. We'll see how that goes.

Do I need to talk to anywone? I can go sit in the student lounge for that. I can turn on the pc then go hang out in the student lounge. I sit there for what needs to get done, then come back to go home. Or I can sit there and do my own thing. Let's go do that. I am not going to use it or apply for work that way anyway.

What happens next? Maybe hang out in the other building's student lounge. Or go to a different uni instead. I can do aut here in north shore. They have a gym in there that I used to go to. I don't learn that way. You know how to grow from here. Do it that way. I do that thing and still get stuff done. What happens next. You know the drill in here. I have six weeks to go with this. What now? I only come in for assessments and all that.

This way, I save on bus money and use that for something else instead. Like what? I don't know. We'll see what happens here. I can go through them tutorials and learn something. I can put up my own site using that. It's all the other junk that gets me. You know how to do that. I see. What happens next then? You learn as you go.

ok. time to get those meetups running then. What is happening next? There's a meetup happening tonight. It's the aws meetup. That looks interesting. I can go with that one and learn how they use the different servers. I can attend that one. The kids have enough food in here. It's the coming home late that affects me. I get home around ten.

Am I going to meet other people that way? I think so. I still have to get my resume and portfolio done. Let' get cracking with that then. I have my laptop. This what I was after anyway. I see differently now. This is page two and I am about halfway through this page. You be paitent and be in this moment. Nothing else matters. Be in that light. The details will fill themselves in, fall into place. All you need be is be in the light.

What does that mean. How will it feel like to be that person? He is confident. He is at peace with himself. That is the light for you. When you do not feel that way, you check in your source code and see what is not in alignment. You get two and you get the other one to fall into place. That is how it's connected.

You go from here then. I should have started writing last night? I think so. I got sleepy last night. There is that homestead eightapps thing to work on. I can create a website using that. I can also do that thing. I spend too much time in that class. I know where I am going now. I am no longer doing that. It's not my thing anymore. At least for the moment. I don'thave to force myself to do that.

That is not relevant at the moment. There are so much I can do. I will learn that when I need to. At this time, it's not relevant for me. There be a lot of other things that need my attention. Maybe I can do things that way. I can take the assessments when I need to.

I think that will work.

use up energy

This here is a cool song I am listening to. It's from someone else's discover playlist. This is what's great about the online community. You get to see things from a different perspective. These are songs that are algorithmically similar to the ones they listen to—or something like that.

Jeff is here. I guess this is going to be every week. I passed by their house. I was going to write home, but it's no longer that. I came home late from a meetup. It's the hackathon for charity. I enjoy going there. This time, I work on crm's and database. It's connected to the playlist I was listening to this morning—big data. Let me change that double dash.

I think this will do--replace dashes. It did. Maybe there is a config file somewhere that I can copy paste. Anyway. I don't think i'll be reinstalling for a while. What happens next? I had carbs heavy when I got home. I was going to stay the course, but this is connected. Move on from here. At least I was on path all day. I can change my response from definition tomorrow.

I can bring my usual, then have lunch by the marina. That sounds good. I think there's carbs tomorrow. They did not mention who their sponsor was this time. We'll find out tomorrow. They'll give a short speech on that next time. Could I have opted for the helping hands instead? I am not sure. Based on my feeling-read, it did not feel right.

This group I joined felt alright. The room was felt good. The people in the group was ok initially, then this russian guys came in on the last minute. I learn from everyone. Keep it low and easy. You get there when you get there.

I was listening to some cool music earlier today. Is this music I want to listen to? I have my own thank you. It's good to be back in that hackathon. What's going to happen now? I don't know yet. They should create stickers for that. People with laptops will want to have that at work with them.

There be people in there who are not really devs. I wonder how they'd be able to help. I don't know. It's wordpress. It's tightly integrated to sql's. I can suggest rethinkdb, but they will have to rewire their plumbing to get that to work. I don't think they go with their site host.

Daughter has allergies. It must be the season. I seem to have them scratchies in my head. I don't dig this music. Do something else. Like what? There, I changed it. This guy is falling asleep on the couch. Where is his partner. They no longer are partners. She's someone taking care of him. I am not going there anymore. I have written about this already. Do something else.

I always have a choice. Even when it's dark I have a choice. Internet is choppy and I can choose how to respond to that. There are several choices that I can choose from. Do I add this to my playlist? I can do that. I am getting sleepy. Should I wait for that? I can go to bed now. The kids are still up. It's a friday.

I can volunteer for something. Who was that guy I was talking to? I don't think that was the guy selling something. I think he was from the previous meetup. That's good. There be continuity. There seemed to be less people today. I think some will come in tomorrow while a few others drop out.

There was this annoying guy, asian who kept asking questions and giving out his opinions. I made sure I wasn't in his group. There was this guy I wanted to see in my group and I did. I think it's a good choice this time. I learn from everyone. Those others I can teach.

How come wordpress is the go-to framework for noobs? Can I have them switch to something else? I can do that. It's like a basic car that you keep adding stuff to. So now it's this big thing that serves up pages and some don't know how it got there, but it's there.

I liked that song and added that to my playlist. I wonder what time these folks are going to be in here. I need to get to bed. I need to do laundry tomorrow. What time? I can do that when I get back. Are we having sex tonight? I love them legs. We'll see how things go. If she wants it then we'll go for it.

Sam has lost weight. Does she ever eat or is she gone anorexic? I am aware that grammar in some parts here suck. It's not about readability but that I write connected to flow. This is the process when I write. No need to impress anyone. Only that I write what comes to mind. Is this getting hot again?

It feels like it. You can feel it through the wrists. Is it firefox? Maybe so. These music suck and had to turn it off. I am absorbing the energy from the marina. It's connected. Use up the energy.

play with energy

I finished removing windows 10 from my laptop last night. There's still a few tweaks for ubuntu, but i'm quite happy with what i've got right now. I am moving toards my own dev business. I'm not sure how this goes, but it's interesting and tere are parts unknown—basically uncharted territory. That's where i'll find more of myself. This is the path I am.

The capslock was on. How does that happen? Who's alarm clock is that? Ten minutes before seven. That could be anyon. I don't think it's first and third daughter's room. They don't usually use an alarm clock. Am I getting to shift soon? I feel like I have gone minimal. It's a fifty minute walk from my bus stop to school. That's my daily workout, mondays thru fridays. I get a break now and then, once a week. That be a good enough workout.

On weekends I get to walk as well. I'm not sure how far that is. I enjoy walking in queen street. There's so much to see. I can sit there for hours, in a coffee shop, with this laptop. I can build something, or just write as I watch the crowd walk by.

There's a better word for that. What would it be? I don't know yet. It's this and that anyway. What else is there? Is it about sacrifice? That's how it feels like. I think it's seeing them happy. Happiness though is unsustainable. You can't be happy all the time. You learn to accept and be at peace. That is a better choice. You can sustain that for all eternity? At least for this lifetime. Even when you go to hell, you can be at peace with that, and then you are not in hell anymore.

This way then, there is no heaven or hell. These priests, how come they keep to that mantra? How do you get people to stick with dogma like that without asking questions? I started to doubt early on. I was deep into that. Maybe that's how you learned how to question things. Or maybe it's a choice. You know stuff now that you were not even aware of before. That is my path. This is my path.

It is the path that I am. I write two pages. Three feels crowded at times. I don't want to not enjoy writing. I keep it to enough writing for the day and ten I move on. It's always provided for. This is what I do. I don't have to know what comes next. All I know is that if when it's the frequency, you keep at it until the energy changes. I have enough. I have more than enough. I only need enough to get in the light. I create that energy anyway.

Knowing that then, you don't need much. All you need to be is lucidity. How do you do that? You be in the moment. When you are aware, how do you turn on that switch? You check in all the time. When you feel not centered, that's your cue. You wake up from the dream.

How do you become lucid? It's the same inside and out. You gotta be aware. When you get agitated, you wake up. You take a look at your source code and see what's out of alignment, what is causing the error. This is how I got context. You can google all you want but when you don't have context, you will never see what you are looking for. Does writing help?

Everything is a permission slip. When you say that this helps or that, then it is so. This is the age we are in. I am a perspective of all that is. I am not a perspective of the one. The one does not know anything else? There's something to it. But it's there. It's all unified. There is no separation. There is no other. And yet you have all that is. How is that possible? Because there is only one.

Confusing? Don't let your head think it through. Use your heart. Your heart knows without understanding the nitty gritty of everything. Go into heart all the time. Do two pages and you are done. You don't want done when you get connected. You want to explore into that and see where my path goes. Where I go with that idea. That's how it is when you are connected. Even not connected is part of the connection. It comes like the sea. The waves of the ocean. It's all there.

What is there? Do you wantto change keyboards? I have something good here. No need to go there. The keys are too tight? Not this one. I've seen smaller. That guy has everything I could ask for and yet he doesn't have anything. He does not know center. How is that? I don't know. He is putting all his eggs in one basket. How does this serve me?

It's all a reflection. It's contrast for you. It gives you feedback as to where you are now. It looks good on the outside but it's not right inside. It's fake. How is mine not fake? I am lucid in the dream. I can tell where I am, at times. That is good enough for me. I can play with this. What then do I do about it? Watch and see. Play with the energy. Everything is connected that way. No need to eidt. Only write and see what comes out of it.

Am I writing fast enough?