can answer that

Too late to go in the room now. I'll wait it out for tonight, or thursday night. I'm not keen about it anyway right now. There's much to do. I will email ray this morning and ask about certs exam details. It's a waste of time going there, but I learned much about myself.

I learned that I am not going to learn this through someone else. I could pick up on their example but me having to pay a school for something you can get better online no longer works. I was after something else anyway. I got that energy, I got the reflection. It's time to move on. I can go to the library and study there. That be better use of my time—although the juice there is so much slower.

I think i'll be able to find my needs better using the mirror. I can navigate that way anyway. How to find reflection and contrast? You go out there. You connect with people. At least this time, I have juice to get around. Use it that way. How to connect? The meetups can get dry at times.

Come in earlier and network some more. You will find people to talk with. I can email her that and see how it goes. Do have to tell on people that way? I may have to get everyone out the door today. I have lunch already in place. Wife comes home late today. I have this much for the day. One daughter stays home. Let's see how things go from here.

I think she got upset about it. How will that change? She chats with someone else. She has friends. Wife is up. Was she looking for me. I can get internships now. Get that php portfolio site up and running then make this your full-time job. If she really wanted, I can go in there. But some times she can get off line. Last night there were unnecessaries in the path. That's the contrast. Use it that way.

How to move forward from here? Be in the light and see how things go. I can go for an internship. I can send out three each day, make it ten is better, but only when the timing is right. If it's not, then do something else. People out there need help. I can go there and see what else needs happening.

I can go for non-profits anyway. They need help every now and then for web development. I can build up my portfolio that way. First, need to align with that frequency. I lost my momentum going to class. It's time to get going now. I am taking responsibility for my self.

What happens next? Be in the light. That's all there is at each moment. What's up with the recharge thing? I don't know. Maybe they want their juice as well. They lie in bed watching videos until they fall asleep. They have their own playlist. Is this how it is when they grow up?

I don't know. It's all connected anyway. What can I do there? I don't know yet. If she wanted to, then it's still connected. What else can we do around here? It was fun going to the city that way. I have plenty on my todo list. I have mysql in that side of the fence. How do you keep persistence that way?

I have been writing for some time. Why is this monitor turned sideways? Maybe he needs the privacy. What are they watching? I don't know. Are those apps installed on that side? It's time for me to go. How do you go? Everything is connected. You have always been in the path anyway. I can run mornings, then do yoga after lunch.

That was a good schedule for me. I want--am going back to that. Do I run today? Walk for a week, then next week start running. Does it still hurt to run? You have a week for a marathon? Not really. It's just me here. I am in that light right now. Let's get cracking anyway. It's like writing. How to see that then? Be in the light. Follow your own excitement.

An ad agency could be fun. You can connect with them that way. You know the drill anyway. Let's go there and see how it goes. How else do you get that up and running. You have the internet at your fingertips. Go in there and take a moment to get that set up.

I can spend an hour here and get that up. I will do that right now. No need to get fancy. They go through a lot. You want a follow up call. No need to get hired on the letter. Get that call and get lined up. They have needs. Address that and you get the gig. Find the light? Be the light is easier. It's here and now anyway. Why go out?

It's always a choice for you. It's always there for you. Match the frequency. It's there anyway. That's what is imporant. You don't need the conditions met. It's all in you anyway. Get that in your pocket. Smoke that and you will see the reflection. What is in the reflection?

You only can answer that.