fill their bags

Web development is a lot. It's not just the backend. I can let go of aspnet now. No need to be concerned about what others think. I am going just to finish the course, not to trigger the loan payments until I get a gig going on. I go there anyway as part of my process. I learn something while I am there. Ajax just came up on my radar.

For now, it's either php or node.js, and android dev. These two are what keeps me busy these days. Is that going to get you places? I think so. I am going to take me places. I have a new habit in place. It's going to get momentum going for it and I will simply ride the wave.

It's that simple?

That's how you add space on this. We leave in half an hour. I recharge this thing soon as I finish posting these. I don't think I was able to write yesterday. The other pc is up and running. I will run that thing that configures unotelly. We're moving to a different provider soon enough. Soon as I have a new gig, I move to that provider. It will be either orcon or big pipe. I am biased towards big pipe. I found them off reddit. Others were recommending them. It's time to try that although orcon serves juice faster.

I think they are one of the tops in terms of speed. Customer support is also good. We'll see how things go from here. Do I take out of town gigs? That will be interesting. When that comes up, that's synchronicity for me. I can travel on weekends. That be interesting. The kids can go there on holidays and weekends. We'll see how things go from there. In the meantime, we do this.

What's next then? I don't know yet. For now, only do this and see what happens. The files are starting to pile up. I have windows 10 on dual boot but that's only for backup. I hardly go there anymore. I am not going to prioritize learning aspnet. There be others that will get things going. I am done with that. I am cutting my losses here and move on.

I go with that and not learn much, I won't be work ready when the course is finished. That's not the plan here. Wife is still in bed. We go at ten forty five. Two kids are at home. They don't have school until monday. They just finished their exams. I think it's better to learn ajax, but I am putting in jquery and angular later on. There's plenty to learn aronud here. That keeps me busy here.

What about wordpress users? It's there. We can do something about it. For now, be in the light. It's not easy at times, but that serves as contrast for you. It's feedback you use to get to where you are going. It gets easier though. Sit yourself down. That's a hottie right there. Those are great eyes. Here do you find them?

It's out on the internet. I hardly go to facebook anymore other than to check for messages. I also do google hangouts. Maybe I can go check that out. It's not that fun in thatt part of the land. Tehre are things you can do. Two pc's are syncing right now. Is that the right word there? That is new. That is pretty eyes. I am transfixed.

I am listening to ajax now. Do I shift to something else? Maybe. Let's see how things go from here. I can turn on firefox so that side also syncs as well. In the meantime, finish writing. I better get ready for school when I finish these. Wife needs to shower as well. I go there and get things done. I can remove nginx later on. In the meantime, these are the stuff I do.

I got stuck with the android tutorials last night. I got a curve ball and couldn't find my way from there. I give it time and learn something else. This is how I move forward. Only be better one percent at each moment I am lucid. It's a beautiful day outside. I should be riding or in the beach. How to do that?

Get everything lined up. You then use the contrast and see the reflection. Those are clean hands. Where do you find women like that? I don't know. They are out there. You have it good though. You don't need that in your bag. You have sufficent abundance already. They have emptiness at times and may not know how to fill their bag.

I can choose to go there. You've seen psychos in a relationship. You have something good and that is a reflection for you. You keep in the light and you don't have to do something else. This is keeping to the thing. What thing? I am listening to that tutorial. I am connected this way? It's noise. I can keep wiritng and there be plenty to learn out there.

Just put in the basics and you will get very far. You already know that. It's time to move forward from here. I got a laptop out of it. I am more confident about my education. I don't have to go there and see less.