finished that book

It's weird how religion gets people to behave differently, illogically. In boracay, they put up this thing for christians in that small...never mind. To each his own. If that works for them, then so be it. Whatever makes you happy.

Looking at things from the other side of the fence, they would cringe at the things I am doing now, and what it would cost my soul for all eternity. Imagine that.

Why am I feeling this way? It's negative. I am responding in a positive way and allowing myself to feel negative. Now, is that positive or negative?

Son is up early. I went to bed late last nigth. I fixed the internet connection on the tablet, then decided to wait for the wife to get home. We made it rain last night. It was great. Women get that muffin top second layer. Then they want to lose just that and everything is going to be alright.

You know that's not possible, right?

The plastic surgeons will tell you how it's possible, then charge you to hell and back to get rid of it. Yesterday was a good day for me. I found myself in such gratitude I felt like I was crying at some point--tears of joy?

It's trash day today. I am able to help those who can't help back. I am able to do so from this circumstance. I am expanding from this. Everything is possible. Son is doing his homework. Maybe I can help him do it, but it's not going to make him better as a person. It's like that young butterfly coming out of its cocoon. It needs that struggle to make its wing muscle strong so it can fly. Without the struggle, it won't fly.

How true is that? It makes sense, but can you test that? I don't know. Maybe when I see a cocoon, I will give that a try. This is page one. It's going slow right now. I enjoy hanging out with my kids. It's boring at school. I am winding down that part of myself. Am I enrolling for something else?

I'm not sure. Wife got her bonus but a third of it went to taxes. That's sad. You don't really own anything that way. If it were a business and you spent that much time on it, you can give yourself a bonus everytime and it's tax deductible, in a way. This is why I am focused on growing my own company.

Next step for me is to register as a business. I can grow things from there. What's it going to take? I don't know yet. Maybe get capital? You don't need that right now. By the time you need it, it's going to be there and it's going to be effortless.

How can you be sure of this?

From experience. Trust the synchronicity. Everything then will fall into place. What to do this weekend? I can go out for a ride. I can install linux in the morning, then uninstall on shutdown. Install and not restart. You don't have to do anything there. It will hold. It will last. When is recycling day? I did not see anything there. Maybe it starts this year when they change everything.

I am going to go to that stall then and put everything in there. Why did they choose to do it that way. Trash is now going ot accumulate in houses. You need to do something about it. No wonder I see those trucks around. That is going to be good business for you? I think so. It's sad because it's already part of the taxes that you pay. That the big chunk of wife's bonus went there, it is sad.

What to do about it? Get on your way. How do you get this up and running? I don't know yet. Shift into that reality and you will see the reflection. It sounds so out there, but that's really how things work. It may sound fake but...i don't have to convince you. I am on my way now. I go to school later today. This is the school grind.

I am thinking of installing my poker essentials on the windows side. It takes a lot of time but it can get somewhere? I don't know. I am over that already. I can do something else in the meantime. Like what? Finish the programming business. Do android and get deep into that. In a month's time, you will have finished that book already.

Let's do that then. This thing is charging and will be good to go when I leave. The eyes are learning and adjusting. I can get order another set for next year. Or do something else. In the meantime, do the github thing.

Will it work this time? I don't know yet. Studying will give me resources to get the business up and running. Let's look into that then.