i think so

I got upset yesterday, shouted at the kids. I was upset that I did not follow the diet. What's up with that? Maybe it's the dinner schedule. I am putting it outside rather than being responsible from the inside. You see I label myself here. What now? Be from the inside. Everything on the outside is an illusion. You already know this.

I did not like what happened in class yesterday. From here on in, it's no longer a priority. It's a horse carriage. They are so big that going open source seems a bit late. Is it good anyway? I am an open source dev. I don't like the way they bully everyone else. I am moving on. I got what I wanted. I am moving forward now.

What do we do here? How many absents am I going to keep to? I can talk to that person or the other one. We shall see. Maybe I can come in for assessments and all that. It's not the other persons, but ray's job to make sure the students learn. I don't like it that jeff references me when trying to get back with his girl. He's using me.

We'll see how he gets sent home with his brother. I am done with that guy. He's a psycho now. What's going to happen next? We'll see. The girlfriend is going to immigration to get his papers sorted, then get plane tickets. I do yoga this morning. I don't know who is going to school this morning. Wife works until midnight today.

Why can't she just take that bus? I am going to get going with my gig. I am no longer ray's student. I never was. I sit in there and do my thing. I am not going to apply for aspnet work anyway. It's time to move on. I just want to get going and pay off the student loan without triggering getting dropped from the course. We'll see how that goes.

Do I need to talk to anywone? I can go sit in the student lounge for that. I can turn on the pc then go hang out in the student lounge. I sit there for what needs to get done, then come back to go home. Or I can sit there and do my own thing. Let's go do that. I am not going to use it or apply for work that way anyway.

What happens next? Maybe hang out in the other building's student lounge. Or go to a different uni instead. I can do aut here in north shore. They have a gym in there that I used to go to. I don't learn that way. You know how to grow from here. Do it that way. I do that thing and still get stuff done. What happens next. You know the drill in here. I have six weeks to go with this. What now? I only come in for assessments and all that.

This way, I save on bus money and use that for something else instead. Like what? I don't know. We'll see what happens here. I can go through them tutorials and learn something. I can put up my own site using that. It's all the other junk that gets me. You know how to do that. I see. What happens next then? You learn as you go.

ok. time to get those meetups running then. What is happening next? There's a meetup happening tonight. It's the aws meetup. That looks interesting. I can go with that one and learn how they use the different servers. I can attend that one. The kids have enough food in here. It's the coming home late that affects me. I get home around ten.

Am I going to meet other people that way? I think so. I still have to get my resume and portfolio done. Let' get cracking with that then. I have my laptop. This what I was after anyway. I see differently now. This is page two and I am about halfway through this page. You be paitent and be in this moment. Nothing else matters. Be in that light. The details will fill themselves in, fall into place. All you need be is be in the light.

What does that mean. How will it feel like to be that person? He is confident. He is at peace with himself. That is the light for you. When you do not feel that way, you check in your source code and see what is not in alignment. You get two and you get the other one to fall into place. That is how it's connected.

You go from here then. I should have started writing last night? I think so. I got sleepy last night. There is that homestead eightapps thing to work on. I can create a website using that. I can also do that thing. I spend too much time in that class. I know where I am going now. I am no longer doing that. It's not my thing anymore. At least for the moment. I don'thave to force myself to do that.

That is not relevant at the moment. There are so much I can do. I will learn that when I need to. At this time, it's not relevant for me. There be a lot of other things that need my attention. Maybe I can do things that way. I can take the assessments when I need to.

I think that will work.