i'm falling apart

That it guy is right, I can go for them gigs. I have everything in place. I'm on that path-slash-frequency seeing reflections here and there. What astounds me is that I was right about it, but needed outside proof. Those guys in classrooms are in over their heads--at least I was.

I paid for that one lesson and it's time to move on. I don't have to sit around there waiting for things to happen. It's all mine anyway. Why is that guy leaving this early? I heard voices downstairs shortly after I got up. There was snoring, I am not sure if it were my kids or coming from downstairs.

What now? I run. That is fun for me. There was pain on my foot earlier. I run then have brunch. I can go with kids get them treats. Did I mention that today is my brithday? I turned 48 today, this morning. That had to be past tense. Everything I here and now.

I saw this thread where guy in a similar situation shifted to that reality. I can do that too. And he didn't exercise as much. I am on that frequency now. I saw that I can instead get them spare ribs and have that as sinigang--or some other soup. I can put that in the oven and have roast ribs. I can make marinades for them. I can fry them slow cook.

There's plenty I can do with that and that meal will leave me satisfied for the rest of the day. Junkfoods feel good for a minute or two. Soon as it starts hitting your bloodstream, the effect goes negative. I am not that person anymore. Again, it's the metaphor of the mustard seed. You only need that much to move mountains. I have all the mustard seed.

Why is that bird watching me. Is it waiting for me to throw out bread? I am writing. Cats, where do they hang out during the day? I don't see them outside anyway. Maybe he goes someplace else to chill. Most definitely he is sitting out in the sun, taking long naps in between meals. I like that. It's where my path is. That path is relevant for me.

How do you know for sure? For sure is not the right phrase there. You are never for sure about anything. Wife goes to work today. My job is to get this android thing up and running. How to register business? I don't know yet. I have the resources here. What's next? Keep going this way. I have the custom domain in place it's time to get going there. She's not going to stop anyway. You go do your own thing.

I have everything that's relevant in place. Whatever else that I will need will find its way to me. This is the understanding here. No need for contracts. It is who I am. What is the energy there? You only match that energy and you see everything else. You get that right? Then that's what we do all day.

How to get clients? You already know that. What happens next? I see that it academy. They need help. How do you go there? They are not ready to restructure everything. You only need someone who will give context. Everything else falls into that afterwards. Why the certs? It is so someone else can make money off your back. I know that now. What happens next is up to me. What do you do then? I don't know yet. This is where I am. See where the energy leads to.

I go make breakfast for the kids after I finish. Things are moving very fast. If it's no longer relevant, it's going to move out from there. Let it be. It's making room for something else. And then what? Only be in the moment and see hat happens. This is what I do all day. Yesterday was good. I had a lot of seeds planted back then.

Today, it's still planting season. We go out to city tonight. I can bring kids there. I think it be fun. For wife, it has to be on the outside going in. that's the difference here. Is it cheaper to go there? I think so. I don't think we are going to be there for an hour. Let it be this way then. I don't have to go heavy on the carbs.

I am going to enjoy that then. It's cheaper than that sushi factory although it was nice over there. What else needs to be here? I can go there and have a good meal for myself. Or, I can do something else. I can do android dev in the library. The connection there is rather slow. Still, it's moving forward that way. I can run tests after I finish that anyway.

Keep to this path until the energy shifts. That way, you know you are in the right path at every moment. Some times it may seem unrleated. That's ok. Ride the wave. You get there when you get there. In the meantime, this is where I am. I can go help non profits with this. Let's see where that one is headed.

I can go find jen garner again. She's married sure, but you don't know until you try. That was a quick two-pager.