it's a choice

It's almost seven. It's a monday. Reflection is back on the grind. I program for my business, not to get a job. I am. No need for job. I do android and nodejs. It's a bit slow or there's not much on these two in the job market as businesses here tend to go with old momentum. It's changing though. There are those who will embrace what works and makes sense for who they are.

I guess you'd say that they are the previous generation. You don't want to go there. You know who you are. It's monday and I am not going to school today. I have can do more stuff at home than to go to school. Let's define it as a field trip instead. Am I going for another one?

I will apply for it and see what happens next. This gives me more time. I can schedule for an interview and see how things go from there. I did not really get much from there and I am moving forward from here. Do I take a different class? I will look into that soon as I finish with this. It's on the fourth floor. I was going there but this lady did not know much of anything when she finished. I guess it is the same pretty much.

It's all up to me anyway. What's going to work this time? It's still that business you got. This will buy me enough time. I am also looking into aws as it's connected with the ai system I am building. It's connected. What is the connection? How do you connect? Soon as you define that, everything falls into place. Son is up. Why so early? Does he have homework?

Son is going to have breakfast with the market food he had last night. I offer help. I saw from watching supergirl how you can help with the most leverage. You do not need super powers to help. You can do more with leverage. That is more power. You have nothing and yet you help when you can, how ever you can help. That is more power.

What happens then? You keep at it. You know where this is headed. You see what is happening there. You get to it. What was the dream about? Wife went to bed later. I go tuesdays and fridays. This coincides with days when I bring the car to wife. It's all connected so you go when you go. I don't want to and it's old way of doing things. It's based on fear. This is what I fear. Is it failing? It is disappointing that way, but what can we do?

I see. Be in the light and everything else reflects off that. You already know these. Keep to the light. This is what I do then. Kids two of them go to school today. Wife is still in bed. No laundry today as weekend was lots. I'll bring them up though. Fun weekend although it felt a bit like a new orientation.

That's alrigth. I always have choice. There is always opportunity for me. Keep to this and you always see the reflection. I go out for a run today. I go in the morning? I can go at lunch. I do yoga, then have brunch, then go run after a session of programming.

This is what my ideal schedule is. It don't matter what is on the outside. I can do game dev and it could be connected. I like those games so that's where the path is. It's the reflection. Son is having breakfast. Do I sit down with him? That would be interesting. He enjoys doing these things. I tend to choose that as well. You teach by the clarity of your example. I tend to see something and it's contrast. I can see that. I allow that.

Do I have to change it? I can look into source code and see the definitions in place. If when they are not aligned, then I can change things. If not, it's opportunity to choose who I am. Everything is connected that way. Son is having breakfast. I have blessed abundance this way. I see that. I see this. It's what I always wanted. It's that state of being. It's not about having a house and all that money.

You see how it's connected now. It all comes down to here and now. You have it already. You now choose who you are. This is what I do every moment. I don't have to be productive or effective. Those are details. They come with the program and it's automatic. You don't need to make them happen. It's automatic. How do you see that?

It's a choice. Line up the trinity and everything is there. Seek ye first the kingdom of god. Once you get what it means, the doors open and it's all around you all this time. How can you prove that? It's all illusion anyway. How do you prove that it is? You see it from a different point of view. From their perspective, how do they see it.

Once you see it that way, you open up to all the possibility. It's different this way. What is differet? The connection is different. The point of view is different. Is it always changing? All the time. This is why you choose to be who you are. Am I lost in this? How is not having a job not connected?

Because I run my own business.