parents be like

If all these is my reflection, what's in it for me? Maybe it's only contrast to give me feedback. I am already different. The frequency might not be there, but there is the shift that cannot be denied. It's different. I am not the same person anymore.

What's going to happen here? She has a lot of baggage. It's contrast for her, giving her the opportunity to show herself that she is. I can't commit to it fully when it's not there. You see that? You have a choice here. Do you think she's going to get back? Given the history, she is going to give him a chance. I think that's what's missing here.

Ishe trying to be like me? I don't think so. That's a big pile of money coming up for them, but the way she treats it...or things are different. I am projecting my source code here. Maybe things are different there. Maybe this is how it's contrast for me. Maybe it will be there for her.

So be it then. I don't have to go there. I can point something out, but I am moving forward now. This is not my baggage. I have more than enough on my own. Do I need guidance counselling? How to move forward from here? I don't know yet. For now, all I know is that I don't like working in thatt platform. That I took this course so I can get with this laptop then get going from there. I did better than the lat assessment this time. The practical was no good. The team project is coming up.

What now? You know what is going to happen next. I have much in my library. It's contrast for me. I don't need them anyway. You know where all this is going. Is it the kids? I don't know. I am a different person now. What's going to happen next? I can bring the kids over to burger king. Or not. Maybe get them something else. Like noodles and junk food from paknsave. Is it going to rain all day?

Maybe it will. Will I ride the bike or go run? I can run in the park field this afternoon. Wife is coming home sooner. People might be here but things could be different this time. What's different this time? Maybe you have something in here that can be different. How different?

I don't know yet. I am projecting my source code here. At least you are aware. This is drama. Maybe she wants the drama so she can have the attention. Now that you see that, you can let that fall into place. What needs to happen here? I don't know. You can extract yourself from that situation. In the meantime, the priority is to build up portfolio. I can move forward from there.

The pc was left on last night. It's ok. It's a linux. You can keep that up and running forever. Build up android stack. You can do php as a job but I would rather do andorid. Keep to that path then. I can continue on with that book. Do this. No need to do that project or I can find a workaround for that. In the meantime, I can work with all them tools.

Maybe he gets the kids or weekends? Maybe so. It's a wild bunch this way. Everything is connected. Homes are cheaper over there. Everything is your creation this way. You know what to do. He is going to be back. She is going to be there for him. But it's her choice. If she chooses that, then that is her baggage. It's time for me to make this my year. Everything changes in 2016.

that's how it's connected that way. What happens now? Maybe someone is following this drama. Or not. It don't matter. I can keep writing and nobody has to see these. Maybe the kids might want to look these up when I am gone. I would do that to see how my parents were like. These do not have to be legacy. It's just morning pages.

So I write. What happens with that baggage? It don't matter. I keep to android. I like working on that side. I am creating my portfolio. This is more focus now. How come this daughter gets up early? It's how she is. It's habit for her. She goes to bed early anyway. Do we need to get things going? I don't know yet.

I can get alcohol for tonight. We can do that then. She don't have to go there. I can pick something out from the local store. Or go someplace else. We will see. They can get pulutan. I'll go text them later. Or do something else. In the meantime, enjoy the moment. Be here and now. What is that like? You already know that.

Should we be involved? What if there was something missing in here? Everything is here and now. If something was hidden, then it's not relevant for now. It'll come up when it becomes relevant. So I see. I can get vodka. Or do something else. Make zombie for tonight. Put that in the freezer then we can have that for tonight.

What happens next? I don't know yet. For now, I am on the other side of the fence. I am not on his team. Good. That gives me freedom.