play with energy

I finished removing windows 10 from my laptop last night. There's still a few tweaks for ubuntu, but i'm quite happy with what i've got right now. I am moving toards my own dev business. I'm not sure how this goes, but it's interesting and tere are parts unknown—basically uncharted territory. That's where i'll find more of myself. This is the path I am.

The capslock was on. How does that happen? Who's alarm clock is that? Ten minutes before seven. That could be anyon. I don't think it's first and third daughter's room. They don't usually use an alarm clock. Am I getting to shift soon? I feel like I have gone minimal. It's a fifty minute walk from my bus stop to school. That's my daily workout, mondays thru fridays. I get a break now and then, once a week. That be a good enough workout.

On weekends I get to walk as well. I'm not sure how far that is. I enjoy walking in queen street. There's so much to see. I can sit there for hours, in a coffee shop, with this laptop. I can build something, or just write as I watch the crowd walk by.

There's a better word for that. What would it be? I don't know yet. It's this and that anyway. What else is there? Is it about sacrifice? That's how it feels like. I think it's seeing them happy. Happiness though is unsustainable. You can't be happy all the time. You learn to accept and be at peace. That is a better choice. You can sustain that for all eternity? At least for this lifetime. Even when you go to hell, you can be at peace with that, and then you are not in hell anymore.

This way then, there is no heaven or hell. These priests, how come they keep to that mantra? How do you get people to stick with dogma like that without asking questions? I started to doubt early on. I was deep into that. Maybe that's how you learned how to question things. Or maybe it's a choice. You know stuff now that you were not even aware of before. That is my path. This is my path.

It is the path that I am. I write two pages. Three feels crowded at times. I don't want to not enjoy writing. I keep it to enough writing for the day and ten I move on. It's always provided for. This is what I do. I don't have to know what comes next. All I know is that if when it's the frequency, you keep at it until the energy changes. I have enough. I have more than enough. I only need enough to get in the light. I create that energy anyway.

Knowing that then, you don't need much. All you need to be is lucidity. How do you do that? You be in the moment. When you are aware, how do you turn on that switch? You check in all the time. When you feel not centered, that's your cue. You wake up from the dream.

How do you become lucid? It's the same inside and out. You gotta be aware. When you get agitated, you wake up. You take a look at your source code and see what's out of alignment, what is causing the error. This is how I got context. You can google all you want but when you don't have context, you will never see what you are looking for. Does writing help?

Everything is a permission slip. When you say that this helps or that, then it is so. This is the age we are in. I am a perspective of all that is. I am not a perspective of the one. The one does not know anything else? There's something to it. But it's there. It's all unified. There is no separation. There is no other. And yet you have all that is. How is that possible? Because there is only one.

Confusing? Don't let your head think it through. Use your heart. Your heart knows without understanding the nitty gritty of everything. Go into heart all the time. Do two pages and you are done. You don't want done when you get connected. You want to explore into that and see where my path goes. Where I go with that idea. That's how it is when you are connected. Even not connected is part of the connection. It comes like the sea. The waves of the ocean. It's all there.

What is there? Do you wantto change keyboards? I have something good here. No need to go there. The keys are too tight? Not this one. I've seen smaller. That guy has everything I could ask for and yet he doesn't have anything. He does not know center. How is that? I don't know. He is putting all his eggs in one basket. How does this serve me?

It's all a reflection. It's contrast for you. It gives you feedback as to where you are now. It looks good on the outside but it's not right inside. It's fake. How is mine not fake? I am lucid in the dream. I can tell where I am, at times. That is good enough for me. I can play with this. What then do I do about it? Watch and see. Play with the energy. Everything is connected that way. No need to eidt. Only write and see what comes out of it.

Am I writing fast enough?