use up energy

This here is a cool song I am listening to. It's from someone else's discover playlist. This is what's great about the online community. You get to see things from a different perspective. These are songs that are algorithmically similar to the ones they listen to—or something like that.

Jeff is here. I guess this is going to be every week. I passed by their house. I was going to write home, but it's no longer that. I came home late from a meetup. It's the hackathon for charity. I enjoy going there. This time, I work on crm's and database. It's connected to the playlist I was listening to this morning—big data. Let me change that double dash.

I think this will do--replace dashes. It did. Maybe there is a config file somewhere that I can copy paste. Anyway. I don't think i'll be reinstalling for a while. What happens next? I had carbs heavy when I got home. I was going to stay the course, but this is connected. Move on from here. At least I was on path all day. I can change my response from definition tomorrow.

I can bring my usual, then have lunch by the marina. That sounds good. I think there's carbs tomorrow. They did not mention who their sponsor was this time. We'll find out tomorrow. They'll give a short speech on that next time. Could I have opted for the helping hands instead? I am not sure. Based on my feeling-read, it did not feel right.

This group I joined felt alright. The room was felt good. The people in the group was ok initially, then this russian guys came in on the last minute. I learn from everyone. Keep it low and easy. You get there when you get there.

I was listening to some cool music earlier today. Is this music I want to listen to? I have my own thank you. It's good to be back in that hackathon. What's going to happen now? I don't know yet. They should create stickers for that. People with laptops will want to have that at work with them.

There be people in there who are not really devs. I wonder how they'd be able to help. I don't know. It's wordpress. It's tightly integrated to sql's. I can suggest rethinkdb, but they will have to rewire their plumbing to get that to work. I don't think they go with their site host.

Daughter has allergies. It must be the season. I seem to have them scratchies in my head. I don't dig this music. Do something else. Like what? There, I changed it. This guy is falling asleep on the couch. Where is his partner. They no longer are partners. She's someone taking care of him. I am not going there anymore. I have written about this already. Do something else.

I always have a choice. Even when it's dark I have a choice. Internet is choppy and I can choose how to respond to that. There are several choices that I can choose from. Do I add this to my playlist? I can do that. I am getting sleepy. Should I wait for that? I can go to bed now. The kids are still up. It's a friday.

I can volunteer for something. Who was that guy I was talking to? I don't think that was the guy selling something. I think he was from the previous meetup. That's good. There be continuity. There seemed to be less people today. I think some will come in tomorrow while a few others drop out.

There was this annoying guy, asian who kept asking questions and giving out his opinions. I made sure I wasn't in his group. There was this guy I wanted to see in my group and I did. I think it's a good choice this time. I learn from everyone. Those others I can teach.

How come wordpress is the go-to framework for noobs? Can I have them switch to something else? I can do that. It's like a basic car that you keep adding stuff to. So now it's this big thing that serves up pages and some don't know how it got there, but it's there.

I liked that song and added that to my playlist. I wonder what time these folks are going to be in here. I need to get to bed. I need to do laundry tomorrow. What time? I can do that when I get back. Are we having sex tonight? I love them legs. We'll see how things go. If she wants it then we'll go for it.

Sam has lost weight. Does she ever eat or is she gone anorexic? I am aware that grammar in some parts here suck. It's not about readability but that I write connected to flow. This is the process when I write. No need to impress anyone. Only that I write what comes to mind. Is this getting hot again?

It feels like it. You can feel it through the wrists. Is it firefox? Maybe so. These music suck and had to turn it off. I am absorbing the energy from the marina. It's connected. Use up the energy.