close my eyes

I got myself a new custom domain. It's what I do most of the time anyway, why not create a site out of it then promote that site anyway. This shows off the work i've done and that I can develop in that platform. I have hosting and all that. Next step is to get the site developed. How much can you put in each day? I can put in one error cookbook entry each day.

What else to do with that? I can come up with an ebook and sell that there as well. I will have to create content first, then sell that after I have ten apps in the site. That wouldn't take too long. I am back in the game.

I got this insight when I got up in the morning. I don't know how it gets there. Maybe it's a cron job my higher self and guides set up that gets activated soon as I start waking up. Everything gets processed in the background and then pops the insight. I love it when that happens.

I get these insights every now and then. I'd say they come often enough. I don't have to work ond that project. I have something else to do now. Do I have to go there? I don't know. Maybe not. This is what I do anyway. I am also waiting for an interview. There's so much I don't know and it's ok for me. They may not be relevant for now. When I need to know them, I will find it.

One of my classmates has a valedictorian. Does that mean they are good drawing within the lines? Maybe so. Or it's different. When you are in the light, it don't matter how you got there. It's how you trusted your synchronitcity. That is all there is to it. When you do not trust your synchronicity, things get difficult for you.

Who's alarm clock is that. What things apps am I creating here. Now I am busy. I have that site to put up, as well as create apps in another platform. I am working with two platforms, then I grow from there. How will you be able to help with that. I don't know yet. All I know is that it's here and I am working on this to get to the other side.

I can use that old company that went out of business. I can grow stuff from there and see how it goes. People do that anyway. What else is there? Are they going to check if it were registered? Maybe so. Or do something else that's in the light anywya. I can do that. It's all connected. When you are in negative energy, then you could get a negative effect out of it.

But they are all meaningless anyway. What you put into it is what you get out of it. It's how you define them. That is how you get the results back. You get where this is going right? Now get to work. You have new path in front of you. Let's get cracking. I don't need that other one?

For now, there is no need. I walk between federal, then walk back up. That is a cool walk for me anyway. I like walking that way. Do I have to say goodbye to that? I am going in on friday. For now, I work on the site and dev.

This is what keeps me busy these days. No need to go deep into that? I have seen the light. It's not relevant for me now. They are falling behind conisdering the fact that you pay to use their platform. I am not in tat part anymore. Besides, this path is relevant for me. I learn more when I google for solutions. I get to see other people's experience.

How is that relevant. With an ide, you get notifications that something is wrong, then the ide will do the work for you. On vim, you get the error after build. You then look for the error message, then google it up to find out how to make it work. In the process, you read more about it.

This takes longer initially, but once you get context, you go much faster. Your path has more vista to it and you understand more about the platform. This is why I do it. Two kids are going to school today. Two more weeks into that. I don't have anything to show for the project. Is that good or bad? I am working on it. Why not show something anyway.

I can create a site in dnx, then upload that to the droplet. Everything gets served to that side anyway. It is going to take much longer but will it serve me well? I don't have to go there. I am using nodejs. That is better for me as I too, am going deeper into that.

I got updates from jeff. He looks ok now. I hope he is. He is coming here in a month. That is going to be fast. He is coming here for nothing. That's for them to sort out. We don't have to reply to that. I don't have to drag myself into that. If she wants to help, then so be it. Otherwise, it's not for me anymore.

Of course if it's there then it's going to be me helping again. But I can choose to respond to that differently. It's faster when I close my eyes. Let's go there anyway. How to keep that site up and running? I don't know yet. Once you get it, you will know what you need.