don't get that

Boxing day today. Wife went to work. She thinks that she has to, but that's her source code. There is motivation for her to do so. It's not my baggage. I am not going to change her. It's up to her if she sees the example or not.

What's in it for me? I see contrast. I have feedback. This is not how I prefer. I prefer otherwise. Programming is almost there. Writing is in that league. At times I don't feel like doing anything. That's when I take a break. There is jiro sushi. When it is relevant, it slides down easy. I guess it's not relevant for me at this time.

I see the contrast, use that energy. I don't have to be there. I have access to that energy anyway. This is my path. I don't have to be like anyone else. I don't have to push away nor pull int. this is where the energy is.

Christmas yesterday was good. I got tired at nigth. I was in negative energy. It's not that she makes me wait. I have that choice. I can put that cookie in my mouth. It's my choice if I want to go there or not. It's my opportunity. Which path do I choose?

This is how it's all connected. I see the contrast and I have choice. It's an opportunity to be who I prefer to be. It starts from the inside. Once you let the outside lead, you are lost in the illusion. It's all you anyway.

I can't grasp how it's inside out. How can you tell? It's the experience that's inside. How come it's physical? You experience it that way. Experience is connected to who I am? Without experience, are you who you say you are? Then you experience everything then.

I sense the connection. It's my brain that can't define it. That's ok. I can experience it my way anyway. Today is boxing day. I don't have to go out. I can choose to be in this light and everything falls into place. I see the relfection anyway. I can choose to go through all that traffic and parking problem. Or not.

These are both legal choices for me. Go this way or that. There is a sparrow in the house. These are the cleaners somewhat. It's like rats. They are not dirty. They just go to places we think are dirty. There is no dirt? Why is that bird still in here? I think it wants to stay here.

Them my pets? Not pets. More like extensions. Not mine though. They are their own awareness. It's the experience of each other that we share. How is that? The bird sees me and is aware of me. Bird experience this situation. I have a different perspective of the experience. This is how it's connected.

How to experience what he it experiences? Go there. The trash is collected today. That's their experience. You can choose to fight it. Is that bottles for the blue bin? I think so. The other one was here earlier. There's also the boxes collector. These three come along each week in different regions.

That too is experience. These people downstairs know a lot of people. That is good networking. You are in that situation. When you venture out, you get your own connection as well. How come they know a lot of people? That they come here to see him says a lot about the person. Who is he?

I don't know. Keep a note of who he is. It's somewhat connected that way. It's surprising that they come see him. What's different here? I don't know. Do you want to go there? Maybe so. I have plenty trash here still. You get rid of them move them out one percent.

For now, I am done putting them out. Next step is to get another trash bag. In the meantime, I do something else. Like what? Write. Finish writing. The daughter will finish watching starwars today. When we get back from road trip we go see the other one.

I don't know why she behaves that way. It's her choice anyway. So be it. I don't have to change that. It's her experience. I am in this awareness as well. It's that who you are? Maybe so. Without the awareness, is there the experience? It can go inwards. You let go of the local and go in to a different dimension. That's what my parents went to?

Maybe so. I think so. I am made aware of this idea. Then it is so. This is communication. Want another coffee? I can go out for a ride today. I don't have to push anything. I can go to flea market tomorrow. Kids want to go there anyway. What do we do in there? I don't know yet. It's here so I stick with this for now.

Where do I park? I don't know yet. In the meantime, this is where I am. I am going to teach daughter how to drive. I teach her the way I would have wanted to learn. Wife don't get that.