everything lines up

I just got back from sunday's flea market. I was looking for cast iron skillets. Rather than go there every sunday hoping to find one, I am better off saving that money and get one from amazon. This way, I get what I want and am assured of the quality. Everything has its own drawbacks, you get your reflection.

Kids are still sleeping. I am doing the laundry. I poped soon as I got home. Today I make spaghetti. Why is this different? I choose differently. I can get me some stuff. I am prioritizing things. Let's see how it goes. I can get a long ethernet cable, but that's in the past. I can always do wifi when needed.

For now, I am aligning with the frequency that I prefer. I am not needing. That is not what I prefer. I prefer to allow what needs to be there to just be there and use the energy. What does that mean? There is something here for me. Use the energy even if it were only contrast. It's an echo.

What you do with echo is use it for feedback. How far have I gone? How different are things now than it was before. This is why it's here. This is how you use it. Wife looks the same, but it's contrast. I know it's contrast and I respond that way. I don't have to fight that. I learned much in that process. That is priceless.

How do you know that? Some people learn stuff. I got to experience it and learned from that experience. This is where I am. Do I have to attend those meetups? I don't think so. The energy is fine. I like it. I enjoy that. Let's see how the next one goes. I don't have to be there though.

I always have a choice. It's always an opportunity at every moment. That is what I have. Everything is related that way. This is the abundance I see. It is who I am. It's all here for me. Maybe I can go and run early today. I can do yoga when they go to church. Let's see how that road trip goes.

They are aware that we don't have a ride. Surely wife invited them, but I don't think it goes that way. She lines up with her frequency. I guess it's time to move on. What happens next? Be open to what is. This leads to what's next but won't be there unless until you use up the energy. I wonder if wife read that email. Maybe I can send her one again.

I can ask her that. In the meantime, looking for holes, poking into them is like fun for now. You see where it goes, you take it as far as it will go. That's interesting. You also learn stuff from that. Like what? It's about the system. I can do one test every hour until I finish them. That is enough for me to go through all that.

I go take the test tomorrow. It's part of my process. I can only do my best. That's what I do each time. The result, that is expectation. Simply be in the moment. Spending time with her was a waste of time? I think so. It's time to move forward. That is a negative hole.

You know where this is all going. It's not where you want to be. I have one more from the library, then I sort through them and see which ones I keep. I don't have to keep everything in here. Just get the ones you need and see how things go.

If it were window$ then I don't need it. It's no longer relevant for me. What is relevant? Moving forward. I would rather do java and poking holes into something. That is more relevant. This phone charges faster than the older one. It runs on cyanogen. Maybe I can do better doing poking holes.

Can you use that as url? I think so. Nobody uses that for now. I will check later. If not, it is not relevant for you. Path of least resistance is how I discover stuff. It comes easy if not, then I don't go there. Unless it comes up all the time and I am interested.

It's like that. There was regret there. Emotions were involved. When you are not aware, you get sucked into it. It's her karma. It's her reflection. I don't have to get involved with that. I see where this is going. It's time to move on. I don't have to get something out of it.

It's time to get back to who I am. No need to go there. It's a pity it was like that. He's lucky that he is out of that relationship. It's a sucker. You get better results from something else. Like what?

I don't know yet. For now, I know this. I think it's I don't have to control everything. You get blinded by love. Soon as you get married and have kids, everything lines up and is brought into the light. That's not how I use it though. It's a meatphor. See it that way.

I am done.