serves a purpose

I have issues. It's about twenty minutes before wife gets driven to bus stop. I can go to class today, or not. It's my choice. It could be rain today. I can skip today, then go tomorrow. There's not much doing in there anyway. I think class ends on wednesday, or friday. Let's see how things go.

I did two days already. I can skip today. If weather don't improve, I can choose to go some other day. I got up late today. I had a dream I was going through stuff with someone and was followed along. It could be my higher self. It was there all along and was more efficient and effective than what I was doing. My yeysight is not improving. Right eye, then left is going that way.

What happened there? I made changes to pulseaudio yesterday. Do you want to keep that? Should I do something else? Like do arch linux? There is that other ubuntu pentest distro. It's older and not up to date like this ubuntu. I can go there, or do something else.

There is a java tutorial class. I can go there myself. But what are they going to achieve that way? Maybe get learners on board then expand from there. Do you want to go there? That is two hours of what you are doing. Maybe do something else. It's not an all out yes. I can do something else.

There's fifteen on the waitlist. Do something else. You don't have to go there. There are resources out there that you can go into anyway. Let's go there and see what happens. Or not. I can use that four hours better. I learn more in an hour by myself than going to class.

That's why it is no longer relevant for me. Why is the path different? It's feedback for you. This way, you see the contrast and can choose to make adjustments to the source code. It's still reflection for you. Everything is opportunity that way. What are you going to do about it?

See that contrast and choose how to go about it. There was fire in takapuna yesterday. I don't know where it was. It would be interesting to be a fireman that way. Chase from house landed that role in chicago fire. Maybe make stories out of that.

That be an interesting story. There's not much action but there be drama. Most of the time, it's dry and you are not doing anything. So the community creates that and supports that. Where does funding come from? It's from the community tax. This is why it's there. That is the important fundings.

When you need more funds, there be benefactors. You are one of them. Do you need those kinds of apps. Are they opportunistic? I don't think so. They do provide a service for that. It's the company that pays for it. They are tax deductible. You own your company and you can go there all the time.

Next class is going to be about that. I can go today or not. It's up to me anyway. I can go. The kids are going to be home anyway. Or I can sit here and do my tutorials. I have that project ready for submit. Just get that and see how it goes. At least you got something in there. Put that in that usb stick then transfer.

Or I can zip it up, put that in drive then get on with your life. Is there going to be a graduation? I think so. I can go monday. Or tuesday. There is that schedule. It changes from time to time. I spend time better in here. I don't have to go today. I am done and this is the last week anyway.

I can pay the wife if I still owe her anything. The next stop is january midweek. Let's see what happens there. Should I go there and take them certs? I can do something better here on. Like what? You don't need certs for java. Csharp is riding on momentum. There's not much being created on that side of the fence. It's all jobs.

But there be apps on that side of the os that are used a lot. There is pokerstars apps and that cottage industry. You can look into that but I am so done with that already. Go for the exams, then do something else. Finish that? I think you can do that. Start over and see what happens.

I can do that during the holidays. It's why it's there but I am not going to use it. I am not going to get jobs on that side of the fence. Or maybe I can. Like, I would rather do php than go into that.

Or get on with my business. I can do android and pentest as a business. Create stuff that way. I spend time better that way. I enjoy time better that way. What then is the decision about? I don't know which way to go. I have been going around in circles.

They all serve a purpose. It's all part of the process. Your process.