side with this

The movie steve jobs with ashton kutcher was boring. I think the focs are still better. It got slow somewhere in the middle. Maybe I was thinking or looking for a more exciting story. Docs are boring but I love watching them instead. So it's not about the hyped up story.

I have another one in the movie folder. I might go see that tonight. Wife gets home late tonight. Today is her last day of work for the year. I still don't know, or not sure about what it is I want to do. Try this--does it work? It did. Replace dashes and make sure you untick both boxes.

The triple dots, I a not sure. When you do not separate them it works. I might give son twenty bucks. The courier messed up delivery this time. Is it because of the season? That is putting it on the outside. What are you getting out of it? Everything happens for a reason. This all happens for you. What is in the source code this time?

Not patience, but lining up wit the frequency no matter wwhat you think you see is on the outside. You have this already. I got tired of walking to that school. I should have done something else. Should I do another gig in there? I can call them up but I am done there. It's not getting me where I am.

What's next here? Do android, learn java--get to the other side/ no. match frequency. It's all here anyway. You learn one thing, learn everything. It's all connected anyway. You already know that. It's how it's connected that you are seeing. Then you connect. You put everything together. Once you realize how it's connected, you get the big picture.

I get that sometimes. Is there a delivery coming in today? I just want to get this over and done with. In the meantime, let's do something else here. There must be insurance for this. How do you get that? Claim that and move forward from here. I think they will need to study all that then.

I don't have much but the little I have, I give hundred percent. It's gotta be relevant though. That bim request was contrast for me. Bro was a bit close, but I guess I was saving for this little boy here. Should we get something local now? I can use that one if that ever comes in instead.

I think that makes sense. I can go check out the shops later. They might have that in stock. I am going that side anyway. I will bring this along so I have something to do while waiting? At least I have a choice in there. Like what then? Why not use it to time out yourself. What are the kids going to have?

They have aplenty. Wife is going to be home tomorrow and then they go out during the day. She leaves later in the afternoon though. Was her plans gone awry? I don't know. At least things are moving in the right direction for her.

Finish the udacity nanodegree then go fiverr. That is the path. Soon as you get enough in your portfolio, you go upwork, then go local clients. This is the path. It's exciting this way? I think so. It is a path. Everyone here has an idea for something anyway. I can even do game dev.

That sounds logical. Kids will ask their partent for a dollar game. I can do that. It's cheap anyway. You can find something in there that you can always improve on. I already have that with me anyway. Improve on that and see where it goes.

The next step is to get that inc for your business. That comes easy when you have cash flow coming in. you are building something this way. This is where the frequency is. You match that and you see the reflection. I see that. What happens next? Finish that gig then get going.

The thing is, you need internet to compile gradle. Is there a way to do that local? I think so. See ant. It worked that way before. But google is no longer using it. The java community is still into that. When not online, you do java instead and improve on that.

I see htat. It's time to get cracking? I think so. You don't need what is on the outside. Be that channel and you will see everything else. It's that simple. You don't have to be like someone else. Write you r own story. Be the character in your story.

You don't even need a blog for that. This here is your blog. There's a lot of fluff in here but you can get to the other side with this. You know how things work anyway. It worked for you in the past. Let's get this cracking here.

What are the kids having for dinner? I don't know yet. Finish this and see where it goes. That's how I live my life now. Should I move them files in here? I have enough space.