somewhere some how

What would be cool is an app or service that, when your alarm sounds in the morning, all your gadgets starts charging. Or something that, soon as you get in the door, that gadget starts charging. Maybe a set level where when detected will trigger the charging sequence.

You will need hardware for that. It will send the charge to your gadget via radio or something-else frequency. I am sure it's already working in some lab. So you have that lab? It's hidden in some recess of my mind. It's made manifest when I shift into that frequency.

One kid goes to school. The rest are already on vacation. He went to bed late last night. Wife was still watching tv, I had to do the dishes so I don't fall asleep waiting. The other daughter was still up finishing a game.

Play games all day is fun. It can be time consuming if you are not aware of it. I used to play simcity all day and not go with the wife. Back then, there were cracks. I gave it a shot and saw a different part. Recent circumstance showed my perception were wrong? Only different.

The cat prefers human food lately--meat. There's cat food, but to him, it's junk food. It's processed food and it's probably making him sick. He's hanging out around here asking for meat. Let's see what happens here. This table is too high for typing. I can move over there, or a different table altogether.

This here is ok enough for browsing and coding. It faces the door which I can leave open in case we get a delivery. I wonder when my stuff gets here. I think this week somewhat. We'll see how that goes. Wife ordered lots of stuff. She got surprised by the bill.

Was she not thinking of that? She orders lots of stuff online. Why did she not check these things. Why is the cat not eating? I don't know. At least he has a choice. This is a male cat. That's ok. He's a cool guy. He shows me how to live life. I learn much from this guy.

It's monday. I go to school today as wednesday is probably the last day, or friday. We shall see. I don't have to go to finishing day. I may not get that cert. I am curious as to how to sit those cert exams. Am I taking it? I paid for it. I might as well take it.

I can do a month to learn all that, then sit the exams. When do you do it?

I can do this over the holidays. Come january, I sit the exams. That way, it's behind me and done with. Let's see how it goes. I have enough resources with me to go learn much. I even can upload stuff through linux. It's just that these things will rely on memory.

As a workaround, I can start doing them over and over and learn stuff that way. It is a possibility. I will start off with the basics and work my way up. I have enough in here to make it work. I think we can do that then. It's part of the process as it is here with me. Let's get cracking then.

Soon as I get over and done with that, I can proceed with my stuff. I have always been curious about it. I can do that and see what happens. Son is up and about. Wife also got up. They two are leaving for their thing this morning.

She is going to swing by. I show her seek on my browser to show her, make her think I am looking for work. It's not work really I am after. I am growing my business here. You don't have to be that out...why am I responding that way.

Something on this laptop sounds like scraping. It must be the hard drive. Is this going to die out soon? It is three years that is my target date. We'll see if this goes that way. Otherwise, I am over and done with this brand.

I walk up and down queen st. today. Wife has a cool laptop. It's thin and is very light. I thought it wasn't in her bag the other day. It's a thinkpad. Those are good workstations. We'll get there someday. Get the frequency and you will see that, maybe better. It's this is that.

That won't make sense in a different perspective. Is this what it's about? You are always learning anyway. This is where we are. I don't have to respond to that. How you respond is your creation. When you don't respond to something, then it didn't really happen. If that tree falling in the forest were real, then there be a lot of things real.

Like what? Anything you can imagine is real in some way some where.