there should be

Wife is about to go. Is this a better font than monaco? It's only different. That l looks like 1, but it's not. It is more evident when you have syntax highlighting. For now, see how it goes. I use this for visual studio. I get wcf and web api, it's just that there's's not relevant for me now so it's not downstream for me.

I'll have that talk with ray on monday. I am getting this over and done with. If synchronicity tells me I am not enrolling for another course, then I go down that path and see where it's going. I can finish android dev and go deep into that. I can even go different places when I get gigs for that. In the meantime, this is where I am. I am exploring this path.

Cat is here. He gets in. I fix stuff? Nothing to fix here right now. Recharge battery. I can do that today. Or not. It's all the same anyway. I can recharge that roku battery tomorrow when the kids are not using it. I can get another set but it's going to be tight. I wonder what's going to happen next?

We go on that road trip then expand from that. What happens to that lady? She gets her reflection. No need for judgement. This is why it's here. She's hot and young, but it's not going anywhere soon. I don't know how things will be. Should I be concerned about those who are not married?

Of course not. It's a different path for them. It's not relevant and so it's different. Those who are married get to see both sides of the coin. You always have a choice. It's religion day. It's that time of the week when everyone drags their feet to wherever it is they worship other humans thinking it's their god. Once you see behind their veil--the corporate veil, you too will drop religion and go inside instead.

Or, you can choose a different path. It don't matter how it goes only that everything is a reflection for you. The kids went to bed late last night. They get up later. I do yoga, then I run when they leave for church. Yesterday we had good sunset. It's nice to run on sunsets like that. Everything is connected anyway.

I hope wife has seen her friend's real side. It's a faker. I was right all along. The closer you get, the more you see of her dark side. She is different when she is alone with you. That's why this guy went crazy. He was the perfect victim for her. She gets other men that are not exploitable and she will drop that dude.

She smothers you with all that to show how nice a person she is but she is really keeping her web all over you as she sucks the life out of you. That widget there is something that runs in the background. It's here for a reason and as a tool. This is why it's connected. I recharged the battery for the desktop pc. It's all about that. Why not get one that charges through cable.

Or do something else altogether. You can write something here. I couldn't sleep last night. Was thata trigger? It was somtehing I reda before. It was made manifest there so I can experience it. The mustard seed is a good analogy but there is surely something better out there. She loves all that drama. Why is that?

I don't know. I am done with that. No more will I go there. How did you get through all that? I don't know. It's a story she tells everyone to get on their good side. That's spooky. I wonder how things will go that way. Maybe she was stringing martin all along, keep him there until she runs out of prey.

Maybe. This is how it's all connected anyway. You keep to this and see what happens. You don't have to be a library for all this. Sequels are not usually good. It's not creative. It's just local mind telling the story and the connection to flow is not there. Ic an walk around but it's more fun to run int hat field.

That I do later today. In the meantime, I write, then do yoga. I know it's there, it's a situation and we will see how it's all connected anyway. What then? Tell them that you are applying for a diploma loan and they make sure you get that half. I think they will do that anyway. They are going to ask you that?

I think so. It's part of their process anyway. Finish this, see where it's headed, then use the energy. It's there for a reason anyway. They will give you that anyway. Do you go there, or do something else altogether? I think you already have the answer to that. Is there like a list of how good they are based on feedback?

There should be. There shoud be a forum for that. Reddit is there. You can go there and look it up. Or not. They don't have the team for that, or they can hire cheap and get the job done for them. Wife is off. She be back later today. The kids are having fun on their summer vacation. It's almost there anyway. Two more weeks and everyone is off to do their thing.

I can use that last one to get adsense. I can use that one to launch my business. We will see how it goes then. In the meantime, keep to the light. You don't make these things happen. They fall into place as a reflection. If you don't see the path, then it's synchronicity telling you it is no longer relevant. That you should try this other path instead.

You never cross the same river twice. It's always different anyway. What's different for me is the knowing that I am better off teaching myself than paying someone else. But it's going to the city that was fun for me. And getting this laptop. I got what I needed by reflection. I can expand from this and not worry about that anymore. Everything is connected anyway. Expand on that and see the reflection. Get feedback and you will move forward in all directions.