works for me

There's this chant going on downstairs almost every morning. I guess he's a religious person. He's got people coming over regularly. One said they were cousins. They must have been here for some time now? I heard it was like four years. We have been here longer.

I am upset with wife. She behaves as if she's still living with relatives. She has that baggage. Her mom left them there when she was eight. That's sad. She never knew her dad. This friend she's accommodating doesn't really care about her. She only needs people adoring her.

She's like a starlet that never really made it there. She tried showbiz for a while but it fizzled out. Why is that? It must have something to do with her energy. I am not going to dwell on that. It's time to move on. I am going on that road trip to be with my kids.

I feel out of place in there. Why not stay at home instead. This way, I can do my gigs and then really miss them and be glad when they are back. That's four days. Can you make it across? Or I can sleep over somewhere with friends.

Wait. You don't have friends.

Is that good or bad? It means nothing. It says that you have been spending more time in here and with your kids than you did out there. You create your own reality experience. It's not happening to you. It's happening through you.

That is profound an idea. I have meetup on saturday. I am going this time. I have a method that works. I don't trade a lot this time, but most of the trades I made thus far gets me to the first base. I forgot what that's called in baseball. You get on base on every at bat.

I think that is better. You don't have to have homeruns each trade. Trading for me is like baseball. I used to enjoy trading like that. I can do that again. Or not. I sit there and watch how things go. This time though, I have more time to sit through it. The method still works.

How dyou you expand on this? Feel good about it. Everything is connected anyway. Do this and then do code. That is connected. I have time to write code this way and it's a business. I don't have to get a job. I already have one. I work for myself.

Expand on this more? I don't know how but this is a path I enjoy doing. This is my light. You don't have to know how things are going to turn out. Son got up early today. It's his last day of school. There is something poignant about it. I remember my school days.

Parents was there during his graduation. I felt it. Also two siblings were there. It moved to that dimension. It's always felt that way. Now I understand. It's all connected anyway. We get there one of these days. We are all connected anyway. I wrote them three words over under.

Sometimes it's like this. It's like the synchronicity time. You see it everywher and it's telling you that everything lines up for you. Trust in the timing. You see that insight from last night? I get upset when there is disturbance in the force?

I don't like enjoy going to facebook. It's a lot of baggage in there. No need to do that anymore. It's moved. Everything has changed since. What are you doing ow? Yo ucan have that lifestyle. You don't need someone else for that.

I want to check in on myfxbook. It seems like dev in there is quiet now. Maybe the forums in there suck. I hang out more at forexfactory. It's different in there. I like the energy over there than the other.

Why is sound on? I can turn that off. How does that work? This is the only os running on this laptop. I tried installing the old one but they, as usual made it difficult for me. Consider the fact that you paid for it and the people working on it are paid anyway, it's not a good product.

Better to use open source. You know you can work on it. If it don't, then use something else. This is where I am anyway. Do you want to try that one? I can do that. That sounds interesting. It's the same platform though. And that one is a different skin for the same animal. Might as well stick with this one.

I can do a lot. Things can go this way or that. Do you want to do that road trip? I don't know. I can go for the kids. After that, i'm not sure. I want to hang out with kids. I can do change in routine through that season. Let's go there anyway. It's all connected this way.