matter as it

Doing research on rooms. It's different from jutz in a way that there is entheogenic effect. I am interested in that. How then? On wikipedia, it says these are local to nz. I am going to look into that during the cold season. Now I have something to do then. In the meantime, I will learn more about it.

How? The internet has tons of resources. If I can grow herbs in my window, I can find spots for these rooms. Let's get into that. Wife is still sleeping. It's a holiday today. Rather than growing business, focus shifted to inside expansion. That is where the juju is.

How can you be sure. That was my path in the 90s. It was fun. I am getting back to that again. This time is easier as you have the internet. I am sure there is a community out there. I go look into reddit for that. My chair was too far out. I can start a business with that. Send them out get connect thru internet. I can create a website for something like that. Setup bitcoin.

Manjaro arch is better and I like it over ubuntu. Opera and chrome look terrible here but firefox is native and runs well in here. What's great about arch is pacman. You don't have to go around the internet to find out how to install. You do pacman and everything is done for you.

So I am staying with this. I am not usre if I can install them in my desktop. My son uses it by default and he is a chrome user. Ff is not perfect. But it comes with a lesser evil. Did that font hack work? I don't think so. Opera seems to have less issues but ff seems to work better out of the box. I stay with this.

I make spaghetti today. I don't use this as much as back in the 90s. I have grown and expanded much from that time. I think it's the focus. Let's get going with it. They are probably there but my path is different this time. Let's get going. Who was that guy that added me on facebook?

He was a common friend that I trust. Let's see how it goes. If not, it's easy to unfriend. Let's try this path and see how things go. What are you checking out this time. Plenty. It's a monday. I am not sure if there be any trades for me here. If it's time to expand on aussie, it could happen today. Let's see how it goes.

This is page two. Write with out loking. Where? Look under trees. They grow there. See one, then check out the internet for sources. Once you find them, it's easy to grow them as I can get into that mode. How are you sure about this? I just know I can do it. Expand on it.

Do you let others in? Only when they are in the same frequency. Otherwise, you are wasting your time connecting to them as they will never connect anyway. Be on your path and you see the reflection. You not only see but ilve it and experience it. What time is wife getting up?

I think she wanted sex last night but I was tired. It was cool last night. I fell asleep easily and did not wake up until around seven. That was a good sleep. I ge that a lot. It's time to get back to the cold season.

This is my process. I see that and am learning much from this. The effect lasts for weeks to months. Why then is it illegal? You put the power outside of you. Now that you know, why not let go? How did that happen? Don't matter as it's in the past. You move forward. You expand from here now.

When you analyze it, you lose being in the light. And that's ok as well. It's part of the process. It's a permission slip. You use it as a tool to get more alignment. This way you find what's relevant. This is interesting so I put it in my path.

Do you always put things in your bag that way. What's going to happen here. There is a hackathon coming up. Do you want to be a part of that? I have fun going there. Let's do that again. I can look things up anyway. You connect with people in the know that way. I see. Let's get going then.

The things I do, they are part of me now. I enjoy doing this and I have started doing things relevant for expansion. This is who I am. I am having fun doing this. I don't have to convert anyone to this. They are when they are in that light. Can you sustain it? Maybe so.

Who else is going? That md is not there anymore. That's ok with me. I wonder how things went with his trades. Is this potent enough for you? We will see.

their own reflection

There's plenty on my plate right now. It's uphill the way I see it, but it's also downstream from here. It's related to my business. I am in this path anyway so it's connected.

There is big news coming out--rate related. I am staying on the sides right now. Market could be going up for the aussie. Wife is still in bed. Son's birthday is tomorrow, they all go back to school on tuesday. I am fat. I don't have to put a negative spin on it. How do you make it positive?

Lifestyle effect. I have started walking. Yoga is everymorning. This because it has been warm lately. Soon as the kids go back to school, it reverts back to lunch time when I take a break. Does that mean I have breakfast? Not really. Maybe it stays there.

I work on this table, but what does big data mean? You process a lot of it. I see that online and on the cloud will work well with this. It's the programming that concerns me? Not really. You create code that helps process all this data. You move from there. Scala I can get in a short time.

Given something to work with, I can context my way out of the bag. Shameless looks interesting, but they lost me after season 2. things got boring pretty fast. It's time to move on then? Maybe. We'll see. It's on season six. Emma looks hot, but if that's all that she is there, it's going to fade soon.

Is this the business I am in? If you can get returns like that on such small capital, why not. Not all businesses are profitable like that. They also need a lot of capital to get started. You only need a few bucks, small overhead and yet you scale up tremendously well. Stay here and develop this.

What's great about it is that it is independent from external env. You don't need customers. You don't need a boss. Your boss is who you say it is. You don't need an office. You can run this business from anywhere you get juice. Stay here and develop this. You have a number of options to choose from when you are in the light. You see the reflection. You get a better return than someone who's won the lottery.

How do you get to big? Resonate with it. Find how it feels, then expand on it. You know how it works already. How will it feel like? The only thing you have your attention on is your trade. It consumes you. It's who you are. You get a lot of free time. You use that time to line up with it.

Is it that simple? Will it work? I think so. I paid tution for it before. It's this and it's here. I have a headache. It's what you eat. It's who you are. You can choose. Everything is an opportunity for you. You are giving yourself a choice every step of the way.

What you have is priceless. It alwways is. You can take off today and do nothing. I already have my quota for the month. If I stop today, I would have made a good return on my fund for the year. I don't have to trade. I can be picky. I can be patient and not do anything.

Stay in this light. What do you think will happen next? You be patient and see how things go. Use 2b entry. It's called 01232b? You can call it that. I think it's more gimmee bars. Let's call them jimmybars from here on.

You are looking for sideways or trend? I go for reversals. It's usually like that. You'll know when it's going sideways. They reach a level and won't give you jimmybars. That's good, isn't it? You can choose to trade it or not. It is precise. Can you move it up a bit? I don't think so.

Your cost goes up when you zoom out. It's not you. When you are at that level, you can take it to scale up. Write with your eyesclosed. No editing. Write to it. Connect to flow. You don't need audience. They find their own reflection. You have your own mirror. Stay in the light. You see everything from here.

What to do next? You are that already. You don't need something else. It's what you expand to when you get there. In the meantime, this is where I am. This is what I do. How can you be of service to anywone? Sit in a coffeeshop then connect. You have this already. I don't think you can trade much in manila.

You saw traders there before. You know how to expand with this. Let's move on. You are ahead of your time. It's because there is no time. The news is coming out. Market just got jumpy. The spread has increased. Let's sit here and watch. I know how to trade this. I've made money here before.

wait for setup

I gotta do something, even if it were just writing. What business is this? For now, trading fx is a good idea. Grow the fund, maybe get into pamm eventually. But if I am able to grow my money that way, I would rather borrow money then trade off that.

I see. It takes less time away doing something else. I can concentrate on being a better trader. Do singles grow the account. I did it before, why not now? Aussie seems to be at resistance. That's first signal. Waiting for second signal touching atr, then wait for trigger.

Does this work? Occasionally. At least this way, I know this is where sellers are going to be at. Volume has gone down while price is going up. Is that a right analogy there? I think it's something else. How are we going to have pita sandwich? I don't know.

This word document has enough tools in it. I don't use them anyway. I do more writing on text editor better for me. Kids watch tv all day and is not really watching, just have that in the background. Kids viteo their sex acts these days?

I think that's where the trend is headed. It's a matter of time before that happens. Do I go short here? It could be, but it's better that I wait for signal two. And then what? Just sit here and wait. What is that chopper doing going around in circles?

I enjoy watching the profit. I am learning a lot about growing a business. There are shortcuts but the principles are there. What then? What is my business? Trading this account. It's a business, but it's a bit different. It's not your conventional business but it is still a business.

What's next? I can do mq4. It's connected and related anyway. I don't know any better movies to watch. There's a lot on netflix but not all of them are good. There are some but not all of them are good. What do we do next? That lady who sells weed. That was interesting for a while. She was able to grow the business that way.

I think you have a good story here. It don't have to be fancy. It can be at blogger so it shows people that it don't have to be fancy. That you started this with very little and grew the business. The readers can relate to that.

How do you scale up? Grow the account, then get more funds into it. Writing mq4 code helps. I can help other investors that way. They think that will help--maybe. I don't know. Maybe it works for them, or not.

What else is there? I am just waiting for dinner here. Also waiting for the setup to drop. I go short in here. Wife took out the beef already. I wouldn't overcook that. It's going to make the meat hard. Wife and daughter has issues. She can make her soup if she wants to. She eats healthy anyway.

What happens next? Just have dinner with the wife. Get to bed early? Maybe. Should I be trading this? It is on resistance. It's headed into the euro session. Will there be enough volume here? What about the other side?

I don't think anything is going to happen anyway. What then. Keep writing and finish these. It's what we do here. Is that going there anyway. No trade. I don't have to trade this anyway. Does this respond to that pattern? It did not do so. Maybe do something else here?

grow up some

If everything were from the inside, how will you be like antonio luna? He wasn't working from the inside. Things were different back then. It was dark. Being in the light then meant that you get out of the reality soon—you die immediately.

Is it? Maybe there be people back then who opted t ostay out of the darkness and chose to be in their own light. That's how I would have chosen. I'd go live in the mountains and get out of their way. I live in my own light.

You don't have to change anything on the outside. You only change from the inside, then expand from there. So, this thing you are doing, you are not going to change anyone from the outside. They are not going to see you anyway. Go inside, then expand from there. Those who are on the same channel will find you.

Those who teach on the internet, maybe it's an uphill battle. It's also seasonal. Not one ever stays on top. It's always changing. Are you better off trading your own way? I think so. If you did make good trades that way, how will you do it?

If it were a trading performance based, you only trade with what you have. You don't have to go there. They are making those dumb sequel movies. That was a judgement call. You can choose to ignore them otherwise. Is it really that affected? If so, why do they keep making those kinds of movies.

Good writers are cheap anyway than getting expensive popular actors. Go for the best writer you can afford, then make movies with the lowest cost. Better yet, create them on youtube, then expand your audience from there. I am sure there are people doing that right now. It's called short films.

You can also do documentaries. You can watch them all the time. You gain experience that way, then improve your skills. Still trading is my platform. I am doing something else on the side. What is different this time. I have a better understanding of price action. I can stop trading now. I don't have to do much on the outside.

Aussie seems to be gaining strength? Not really. It went sideways. I don't know how to trade it off the top of my head. I can see the chart, then trade with price action. The thing that gets you going are your stops. It's not how you open your position, but how you close them.

It can go back to that level, but you are looking to expand things from that end. Why not go for euraud? That is open to trade when you are online. It's somewhat correlated with what I trade. I think I have a better trade this way. At least for now.

In the meantime, write, then do yoga. I have breakfast? no. do brunch. There be eggs and also bacon. Wife can get bread and rice later on. Did you get anything for yourself? I think so. Son's birthday is coming up. We go out I think, maybe go to the city for that.

My work here could serve as an example. If not, so be it. I can do something else. Do you still want to get into machine learning? It's not about stats. It's getting them to connect with you. Then it learns by itself? How is that possible? Do you need a database for that? I don't know. If so, it's all in there.

I have enough resources here anyway. I can expand with this. I may not need that rust thing. I can do with dlang. Do open source for now. You can also do cpp. It feels like this is an end game for me here. Do something else when there is nothing relevant for you.

For now, only do this. The kids are starting to wake up. They are teenagers now. Son has grow up some more. I get frequent headaches. It's the carb thing. It's less when you are in the light. I get hungry sometimes though. It's not. You look for something to fill you in.

use something else instead to point you downstream. Going out is good. Do that more often. I can meetup with other people with the same interest. I think someone took over the group. The other one is gone. I don't think they made money that way.

I was posting my trades somewhere. Where was that anyway? It was the mail group. That doctor also stayed quiet. There was also this lady who was into it ,but is now gone. Maybe they did not make money in it. It's time to move on and forward then.

What they look for is an example. These are people you connect with. There is relevance there.

took a while

It don't really matter where I save these. I may have to turn off spellcheck. That affects flow. I am enjoying manjaro linux at the moment. It's based on arch linux. There was a time when I used to get that distro.

What happened? I was getting errors on startup. It took a while to get them sorted. I got tired of it and decided to get a distro that was easier. I learned a lot using arch. Now that manjaro is starting to pick up momentum, I decided it's time to start using arch again.

Everything seems to work well this time. I finished the install yesterday but changing things to my liking took the rest of the day. I have black arch in my repo. That is good. All I need to do whenever I need a tool is do yaourt package-name. I don't have to look around how to install or compile it. Yaourt will do everything for me.

Yaourt even gives a short description of the tool and how many people are using it. This way, I get an idea as to which tool to install. It's easy as well to get rid of one when I am done with it. Will this work with the tv? I think so.

Its' straight this week go to bed after midnight. Wife gets home late almost everyday. We'll see how friday does. It's contrast for me. I don't have to fight it. If you are going to do more with less, this is contrast and feedback for me. That's how I define this. It's in my source code anyway. Why not use it to your advantage?

It's all connected this way. I can close this trade now? Ny session will close in about an hour. No news coming out. Eddie tends to move like icebergs except for market open. Compared to other pairs though, this is a turtle. How do you trade? Like a chicken.

So it's not turtle trading or something? I took profits off ga yesterday. It then went back a hundred pips up, then went back down again, taking another hundred. How can you predict that? It's in the price action. It gave you signals to check out both ways.

How can you trade differently? Know when to trade or not trade. How did you know it was going to do that? There was congestion already in the day chart. You can see that there was rangebound momentum in the market. Wife is coming home late today.

I have more than eight hours planting seeds in my business. This is what I do all day. I enjoy what I am doing. I don't really need clients here if this was my business. Why not? Why can it not be your business? Capital? This is part of my path—do more with less. It is all connected.

When you have all that, then it is relevant for you. Right now, this is where I am. Do more with less is more evident this way. How to trade this? Watch and learn. I think I can close it at this level. Or not. Let's see where this is headed. Is it going to go back to that level? I think so.

See the image and learn how to trade this. What happens next? Trade what you see, not what you think. It has to break candle 2, then you have breakdown. Then price has to do the ross hook. I learned much from those two sources. I then went on to build my business there. The process was there for me to learn. Now I use that.

I have been testing on that. I get it. It's time to move on. It's contrast in place. I am using the feedback. This is the laptop lifestyle. How to expand on this? What if you have that aum? Then things get easy. You travel a lot. I can do what I want when I need to do it. I don't have to pick up skills that are no longer relevant. When it's timing, then everything is there for me to use.

How will you spend mornings? Checking the market, making trades. I don't have to do much. I only do one thing, then expand from there. How will you plan your day? I am always in a different part of the world. I am talking to people. I don't have to convince anyone. They see my example and see their own reflection.

How to move forward? You, you be in the moment. There is nothing out there anyway. If this was a wrong trade, then it's a cheap one. Price hasn't triggered that factor yet. It is where I am to trade it though.

I jumped it. I think so, and it's ok. This is part of the process for me. What happens next? Simply do this and see where it goes. Do I do sometihng otherwise? Make thanges to this so I can be in my light. It is headed back. Now what. Let it be.

Why am I feeling this way? I am done trading for the day, that's why. So be it.

a good homerun

I've been in finance a long time. This time though, I know how to code. Put them together and I am on to something. I am back on the horse after a brief period of rest. About a year went by when I wasn't actively trading.

Now I am back and off to a good start this year. What's different this time? Is my understanding of the market different? I need to check that extension cord. It was acting up last night. This morning, it seemed to not work. Maybe it needs a replacement fuse.

It shorted connections last night and it may have been the first time. I may need to look into something else. I seasoned my skillet last night. Kids get a new game. I can look into that. Or something else. Why am I against that?

It's because I don't know how it works. Now I have a better light. I see a portion of how it's all connected. How do you get to flow? Try not to think too much. You match the frequency then you see the reflection. It's that simple? Maybe it's too simple you can't get to the other side.

I think I get it if I don't think too much about it. When you think too much, your brain don't have all the pieces. When it doesn't have all the pieces, the puzzle cannot be completed. It's all there but your brain can't see the different parts. There are different levels and dimensions that your brain can't see.

What then? Allow it to be there, then choose to be in the light. Again, this sounds too simple but that's how it works. I see. It's a holiday in the US on monday. No trading but ga is active then. The spreads are higher but, and it's time to get back to that. It's not co-related to the eddie.

Is that good or bad? How do I do my website? Simply put announcements? I don't do that. Why not post your trade results and see what happens. There is something else I can do here. Why not make it finance for the smaller people. You are not lined up for that. Better to just do active fund management ideas.

I see. Will you get into real estate? It's not my forte. I only go there for the utility, and not the investment. I see that. You see how it's all connected? You can make something out of it always. I get that. Let's get cracking then.

You wirte about your ideas. Yo udon't have to teach, only to share your experience. There be plenty of flies today. I don't have to get all of them. I am not using soap on that skillet. Use warm water and salt. That's all there is to it. Salt is cheap anyway. Was there a time when it wasn't?

I think so, back when the world wasn't connected. Now it's all about the information. It's not about being first. You don't have to be there. Only that you get on with the trend. That is where you want to go. You zoom out slowly, then you see how things are going. I see that. What's next then? Make it shadow that.

Both will move in tandem although one is slower to react. That is the long term trend. The other one is short term. You watch these two and get in on the action this way. You don't have to get homeruns. You only need to connect.

Do you have to teach? How to get to that side of the market? You partner up. Some people will not have that in them. You trade for them, then they take care of you. It's that simple. How do you know it's going to be that way? I don't know yet. They will find you.

How do you put yourself out there to be found? The journal is a good start. You then expand on that and see what happens. Is this the full time thing. What's different? The trend. I get in on that not very early. I get in when it's confirmed. It could be well on it's way and still it is good.

I see. That signal there last friday was good. I could have gotten a good homerun on that. Watch out for news and you will see how it's connected. This is where I am anyway. Kids shop online. How to share my experience here?

You know where this is headed. Is there someplace I can borrow. Only do this and it'll come. Someone out there needs help. You can go for that and then you can start trading. They provide the scale, you do the trading. That way, they are balanced. You don't have to open a new account. You only trade, then square up at the end of the month.

How do you propose this to other people? I don't know yet. Talk about it then see what happens. I see. Do I have to make that formal? You don't have to. Only provide input and expand on that. I think there be others who will want to look into that. See where this is headed.

You don't have to teach.

aliens among us

Eddie watching. I don't think I will trade the next signal, if it comes up. It's too volatile right now and the setup doesn't look right. Or maybe I am trying too hard to look good for my trade journal. Still, it's not a good trade for me. My account is up for the month. It's even good for the year. I can leave it like that for now.

I can afford to be picky with my trades with the recent runup. I don't have to do much so I sit back and just watch the market. Last night, a setup occurred. I was not watching or interested to trade that time. So now I don't trade past the london open?

I guess so. It may be more profitable for me to trade the close of the ny session, then see what happens prior to the london open. I am back trading again? My corporate account is up and ready. Next step here is to get that funded. I don't think I can get help from that part of the awareness. I will stay open on this and see how it goes.

What happens next? I will do a follow up on that bank account. It's so easy to setup business here. How come no one else is doing business here? Maybe I don't know much. It's here for a reason. Let's see how things go from here. In the meantime, finish writing. We can do grocery this morning. Someone turned on the internet last night.

I remember turning it off when we got home. Maybe this kid here. I wonder why he just sits there and connect with his phone? Maybe he just wants to get out of their house. Maybe ours is a sanctuary for him. He's welcome to come here anytime. He just sits there and is not as much a pain as that other kid years ago.

This is what our family is like these days. We take in people like them that need sanctuary. Why is that? I did not even finish that series one. It broke. It was too childish. They should create something more authentic. It was trying too hard. Dogs know immediately when to stop barking. You don't need mystic eyes to shut them up.

Cat must be waiting for sisters to get up. I gave him ham and he finished it. Wife must have thrown out my vinegar dip. I wonder what made her do that. She comes home late tonight, overtime. I am running my business here. I am funding my business for ads and trading. Be in the light and you see the experience.

How to get there? I don't know yet. In this moment, I can choose how to respond. It's all from the inside. I don't have to know how its going to happen. Maybe something falls in my lap. All I need to do is to choose how I respond to it.

Things have been different already. Since last year, when I am in the light, I see the reflection and contrast. It's all connected anyway. How do you describe things to them? You don't have to. They get it when they get it. For now, do nothing.

Like what? I don't know. Do I even have to do one trade a day? Not really for now, trade what you see. Volume is going down. Is there relevant news coming out? Not until later if there is one. I keep shifting to the past. It's different now. I see things differently. I remembre cherry foodarama. I used to drive by there back in my school days.

Everything is different now. It's all local and yet global. It's all connected. I don't know if I can help her that way. I do what I can. What happens next is synchronicity. Everything is connected. I'll see what I can do. If it's not there, then it's not relevant for me and I was not the help for that situation. It was a stepping stone.

These people downstairs are noisy. Is that an alarm of some sort? Keep writing anyway. How will you write it differently? Don't make it too evident. If they be vampires, they are not necessarily bad or evil. It's only different. Show the difference. You don't have to kill people anymore. You live forever. You set up a blood bank and feed off that.

You don't have to fight good or evil anyway. How do you show them as that? They are just like you. There be aliens even that walk amongst us. How do you connect? You simply get in the light. You see what is relevant for you. Things are like this. I have shifted?

It's how you define it. Am I like that? What do you think? Everything is here and now. It's all up to you? It's the choices you make. How can this be different? Let them be guides. It's not the blood. They don't even need blood. It's the energy? They don't need the energy. They sustain themselves. In a way, they be like aliens among us.

How do you find them? You shift to that channel. You won't see them unless you both are in the same channel. It's there all this time you just don't see it.

create your won

Why not do custom electronics & comm hacks? That be fun. I can do c or rustlang, maybe even dlang—whatever one is easy to install and run. I can do with that. I then sell them off an online shop using stripe or bitcoin.

I can do this on the side as a by-product of the vt shop. Is this going to be fun? What is your experience with this? Right now, none. But why should I let that stop me. At every fork, ask why not? Then you will know which way to go.

Why not? I don't know much about it. I can finish a video tutorial in one day. I did so before in ruby and coffeescript. I can go for cpp or something else in one day. It's easy as downloading the source code, compile that into path. You then have something to play with moving forward.

What projects to play with? I don't know yet. But as soon as you have that you can do a lot of things. Why not build a simple comm device. Something like an open source phone that everyone can build on. You don't have to sell that to anyone. Like an internet connected pager. You get access everywhere you go because there is radio frequency.

How do you access that frequency? It's like that modem. Do I have to learn electronics with that? I can get a module from the library. I can get stuff then sell them online. Get a prototype then see how it goes. You don't have to build from the ground up. There is source code out there anyway. See how it is then build from there.

This is exciting. It is always. Resonate with who you are. There is only here and now anyway. Do you go into trading? You are sitting waiting for kingdom come. It's right here right now. Where are you looking into. It's that time when you cook up something good in the kitchen.

It's those times you have a good steak. You don't have to go down that way. You only have this anyway. Learn and see where this is going. It's there for a reason. Kids are not using that laptop anyway. Use it to your advantage. You know how to connect with this machine. How do you automate that?

It's that bridge that's there you cannoct see? I am in a different channel. How ill you make that. Something that senses frequency change. Is there such a device? I think so. Somtehing that measures changes in current. I think there is one out there. You then build up on that. You go this way or dthat it don't matter. I can even do jaascript but that has node into it. You can do it with rust? Let's see then. It's all connected anyway.

It's that challenge to build something at all times. Let's get going and see how it goes. How does it go? Mabye you don't have to go there. You see gnucash. It's an example of how good a product is and still be open source. You can build off that yourself.

How can you support the whole? That is the bigger question here. Why are they using that for an os? Maybe it has something in there that works. Let's see how that goes then. Is this where I want to go? I think so. It is interesting.

You have stuff to finish. Go here first then see how it goes. Do I have to? It's all up to you. I fear that. I have that in the source code. What is it? That I go through that and everyone else will not be happy. But you have been there lots of times. You know that it is not true. That you can choose to be in the light even if that happens every time.

Even now, you can choose your thoughts. You can always redefine things. It's always changing anyway. Why not be in the light? I am. Let's do this then. Is this how you decide? Yes. This is who I am. Wife is still in bed. Today she goes back to work after the christmas break.

The christmas tree goes down today. I am not doing much anyway. Just do one percent. If things get going momentum, then you can choose to do more. I have a meetup tomorrow at lunch. Let's do that and see how it goes. I need to check how much balance I have. I will use that moving forward anyway.

I don't have student discount anymore. I am getting there anyway. Is it? Why not do something else instead. Like what? You can create your own ai and use that to trade. That is one project you can do. There be interface for that or kits that you can use to get started.

Why am I not building stuff anyway. I have all the tools I will use. It's that definition? I think so. Make things happen. Line up with it and you will see the reflection. It's all there for you anyway. I see that now. Let's get going then. You can choose this or that. It don't matter. Do you need control for that? I don't think so.

get fast lately

Time to write. Mornings after coffee and you finished going through page 2 reddit, things run out of momentum and writing feels like the next best thing to do. So here I am and writing two pages.

There was this guy on reddit who makes good writing blogs. The post he shared was about men's fashion. It's kinda crowded there. I can start one. I think I did a few years back. It don't matter what it is. I think it is more about sustaining it and making it densify.

Have I been jumping from one art to another? I think so. What are my strengths? I enjoy problem solving. I think i've sold most of the callenges that my wife has thrown me. I enjoy running a business. I recently inc'd a company. I am not sure which way to go right now.

I want a business that scales. I want something where I don't have to deal with a lot of people, going out a lot. Is that security business is a bout? I can do this one from home. I don't have to show up unless they are good to go. I enjoy testing research. I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy testing to see how far things will go.

I have an idea as to how things will fall into place. I don't have to start something new each time I find a new shiny toy. I can explore that path, but I don't have to go all the way if I have to. Most of the time, I have to go down the path and see where I find the insight.

When I get that insight, I will know for sure if I want to expand on it or not. Sometimes I don't have to expand on it. Like writing, you connect to flow and just start doing it. Today is rubbish day.

Wife is getting a new laptop for daughter. We stopped going to boxing day. It's not worth it. They get you to go with the promise of cheap stuff. It's the best day of shopping for the year. Why would they drop their prices. Wait until after new year when they have to get rid of old inventory for new.

The new windows gadget is out. They will want to get them in store. Folks like me will take advantage of the sale on cheap second tier products. Guys like me don't have to have the shiny new toys. I look for better specs more than anything else. I can get a new laptop and charge it on the business. I will keep the receipt and expense that off profits.

But what am I doing here? I don't have to have the small ones. It's just the plugins that need to get moved. Better ram plus ssd and 1tb storage, plus big screen. This machine can go to manila but it's too expensive for them to get this in. why not send it through someone else?

I don't know anyone who's going home. I still call that home. It was home. For me as an indivihual, it is home. I can move through traffic on my bike. It is the best way to get around. Who is that.

Delivery made on the closet organizer for my son. They have a more spacious room now. Wife and I share a bed and can make do in their old room. I think I like it in there. It feels like a small hotel. I'll be in the city this tuesday. It's just an artist's date for me.

Maybe I can do more of that artist's date again. Do it once a week. It don't have to be fancy or costly. Just get out there and have some fun. Make it feel like a kid's day off in the city. I don't have to bring anyone else with me.

I will do that then. Tuesday is the next one. I did go out yesterday. I think it's connected that I stopped doing that and have gained weight. I am putting conditions and expectations out there. This is how it's connected. What happens here. I can give this to daughter. It's connected all the time. How come they did not google for the solution?

It's how you think. I guess they were not in that position. They would have learned their lesson by now. This is how things can be different. Even on windows, when it conks out, you still have to google them. You might have a difficult time looking for it anyway.

I am done with that speeds here can get fast lately. What happened? The fastest I saw was three M. that was with orcon. I will go back there if the contract is finished. I can also check out bigpipe. That has good feedback and could be cheaper. We are moving anyway. Let it be there and see how it goes. This is fast. It's ok now.

I then post this over and move on with my day. I sometimes write twice a day.

instead of junk

A schoolmate from high school passed away today. Why am I sad? We were not close back then. We were in the same school for several years and did not talk to each other much. Yet I am choosing to get affected. It's because you both are connected.

You are connected to everyone and no one. This is why you are sad he wakes up...wait, he has been in coma for more than a year anyway. I think they, the family decided to pull the plug. I do not have what he had. I chose not to be a doctor and now I have a more colorful and different path.

It's not that one is better or worse than the other. You already know this--only that it is different. Everything is different anyway. Maybe I am on to something here, or not. At least I choose my own path. This is my light here. This is where I am. No need to go there. I don't really dig that anyway.

I was there before anyway. I can hold an audience when I choose to. I am here for a reason anyway. Enjoy the process. If not enjoy, at least be at peace. This is the choice I have in this path.

I finished filing to register my business today. In a sense, it's incorporating, but in nz, they call mine a limited liability business. That's what I registered my business for. I am not sure which direction, but this is where I am. I finished everything way cheaper than I thought.

It's a basic llc. I can expand and make it deeper when I have more revenue. In the meantime, this is good. I have paid the fees, sent all the docs required. I am waiting for the papers and confirmation that everything is in order. What's next then?

I do advertising online. I will use that llc to sign up for stuff that are business related, then expand from there. This is all I can do for today. I had a full day. I am at peace here. My local self is thinking I should do more. I don't feel like it. I will do more tomorrow. In the meantime, I am sitting here waiting for bedtime.

Wife moved everything and changed rooms with my kids. We now have the smallest room in this household. I don't really mind. I just need a small space for yoga. I think I have it in there. That bed is too bulky. I can do with much less. I am at peace with this anyway. I can watch something in the meantime.

And then what? I can go to bed anyway. I will continue with my stuff tomorrow. We do grocery tomorrow. I am quite pleased with my music right now. What else is there? I don't know. If there's nothing, then what's relevant for me is to be at peace here and now.

No need to be otherwise. Only sit here and write. Be at peace anyway. What is next? Nothing. I want to go to bed. I did not have coffee this afternoon. We had carbs. I start diet tomorrow anyway. I have more than enough food. I seasoned the iron skillet. It's cooling off in the oven. I go get that working tomorrow. I am quite pleased with it.

I also used the victorinox knife. It's sharp, no doubt. I enjoy cooking more. It's expanded. I enjoyed that. I cook some more tomorrow. What's there to cook? I don't know yet. I am getting ribs tomorrow instead of junk food. Or get something else. What's for dinner?

Wife is going to work tomorrow anyway. I can make something for myself then. What's for lunch tomorrow? I don't know yet. I have much in place. Let it be then. It's different this way. With the business registered, I have more options not getting a job. This is my job now growing this business.

I am investing in myself. I can change gears later. In the meantime, I am looking to scale this business. Why not get into software dev instead? I am looking into that as well. Let's see what's there.

Security consulting feels better as client base are those established and can afford my fees. Rather than focus on startups who may have little revenue, I also enjoy that domain. So I expand on that now. What else is there?

Go fiverr and build up portfolio that way. I write a lot. I can work anywhere and go where I can plug in my laptop. I have much in place now. Let's expand and see where this path leads to. This is exciting. This is synchronicity. I am pleased with everything.

There be contrast but you already know it's feedback. Use up the energy. It's all connected anyway. Am I slouching? Dan's gig was not meant to expand? It did anyway. You can do things that way. I see. You don't have to know what's going to happen next. Only choose to be in the light.

what happened yesterday

Deluge is so much faster than qbitorrent. The former is in python while the latter in cpp. Qbit should be faster because it's compiled, but why is it more efficient?

This tells me it's not what the language is, but how you built it. I see that now. I don't have to learn everything then. It's the quality you put into it. Last night was good. We saw burnt. We had good dinner with the family.

This is here to remind myself of my brother. I see a little of him in the mirror sometimes. This is how we are connected. Is this what you prefer? Inside, yes. I see them somehow. The local self wants something else.

I allow this to be here then. No need to fight it. Everything is here and now anyway. What's the plan today? Wife and kids go to church. I do my thing. There be openings for junior pentest in the city. That be good. It don't matter really. It's what is inside that counts. I'll send in my resume to test how it goes. This is where I am now.

What happens next? Let's see how things go. I get down with those two books. I learn much about these things. I can't be everything to everyone. I pick one that I enjoy then grow from there. I think it's best for me to learn these things. It interests me. This is the path I am.

What happens next? No need to know that. Only be here and now. I see hat. Keep writing then. Better to close them eyes. I hang the sleeping bags outside to dry so I can put them away. There's still folding but this one is easier since I don't have to roll them. We use them again when we have guests. It's better than sleeping in the couch.

Use them as much as you want. These sleeping bags from coleman look like they are not made for back packers. It's big. The other one is warmer. Let's see how this goes then. I don't think i'll be camping out for a while. Not that way. Maybe go for a trailer camp. This way, I get to bring bike.

Not camp, but travel up and down the country. This is more fun and I don't have to do much. Get into a new region and bike all around it and see how things go. This is here I am right now. Let's see how things go then. I don't even have to get job. I get my business up and running and see how it goes.

I have that tinge in me--a dark shadow? Not dark. But an interest to go deep into things that I do. When it's connected, I go deep into it and come out the other side. I don't label this as a negative. Others might label it as negative or ilegal. It's not me.

Like what? Marijuana is one. I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. Like sugar, it's a tool. You abuse it and you get the consequences. It all comes out to how you use it. Also your source code counts a lot in the situation. I don't think you will need to go deep in these things. Do this and see what happens. What happened yesterday?

Family stuff happened. I get things done in the morning then get going. I know that now. I am outside of it then. See it and you are. There be contrast to give you feedback. Use it for your own good. Use the energy.

We go see movie on monday. Kids want to go to that shop. The other two are now curious. Let's go there then. It's all connected anyway. I recharge this when I finish. Wife is going there by bus. Or we go there when we finish. Let's see how things go. She might want to go there period.

I go for my test in six months. Let's review that when we get close enough. In the meantime, do this. I can put that on my phone and start practicing. I see. It's here anyway. I do that later. For now, finish writing. Close your eyes and write what comes to mind.

This comes to mind. I am wanting to get this over and done with. I remember that part of the city where we used to go. I enjoyed going to city. What's more and new exciting about it this time? I get paid for what I do enjoy. This is what is different this time. I know things. I am expanding on this energy.

No need to push away things. Only use the energy. This is why it's here. It's contrast to tell you something. This way, I learn what the contrast is about. I can grow with that energy then. I have new backpack for the laptop coming in. let's go use that. I also have cookware sets coming. I am excited abuot it.

What to cook? Fajitas be good. Also mex recipe but that may be kinda carby. I can make adjustments here and there. It's all me anyway. I am no longer that person.