a good homerun

I've been in finance a long time. This time though, I know how to code. Put them together and I am on to something. I am back on the horse after a brief period of rest. About a year went by when I wasn't actively trading.

Now I am back and off to a good start this year. What's different this time? Is my understanding of the market different? I need to check that extension cord. It was acting up last night. This morning, it seemed to not work. Maybe it needs a replacement fuse.

It shorted connections last night and it may have been the first time. I may need to look into something else. I seasoned my skillet last night. Kids get a new game. I can look into that. Or something else. Why am I against that?

It's because I don't know how it works. Now I have a better light. I see a portion of how it's all connected. How do you get to flow? Try not to think too much. You match the frequency then you see the reflection. It's that simple? Maybe it's too simple you can't get to the other side.

I think I get it if I don't think too much about it. When you think too much, your brain don't have all the pieces. When it doesn't have all the pieces, the puzzle cannot be completed. It's all there but your brain can't see the different parts. There are different levels and dimensions that your brain can't see.

What then? Allow it to be there, then choose to be in the light. Again, this sounds too simple but that's how it works. I see. It's a holiday in the US on monday. No trading but ga is active then. The spreads are higher but, and it's time to get back to that. It's not co-related to the eddie.

Is that good or bad? How do I do my website? Simply put announcements? I don't do that. Why not post your trade results and see what happens. There is something else I can do here. Why not make it finance for the smaller people. You are not lined up for that. Better to just do active fund management ideas.

I see. Will you get into real estate? It's not my forte. I only go there for the utility, and not the investment. I see that. You see how it's all connected? You can make something out of it always. I get that. Let's get cracking then.

You wirte about your ideas. Yo udon't have to teach, only to share your experience. There be plenty of flies today. I don't have to get all of them. I am not using soap on that skillet. Use warm water and salt. That's all there is to it. Salt is cheap anyway. Was there a time when it wasn't?

I think so, back when the world wasn't connected. Now it's all about the information. It's not about being first. You don't have to be there. Only that you get on with the trend. That is where you want to go. You zoom out slowly, then you see how things are going. I see that. What's next then? Make it shadow that.

Both will move in tandem although one is slower to react. That is the long term trend. The other one is short term. You watch these two and get in on the action this way. You don't have to get homeruns. You only need to connect.

Do you have to teach? How to get to that side of the market? You partner up. Some people will not have that in them. You trade for them, then they take care of you. It's that simple. How do you know it's going to be that way? I don't know yet. They will find you.

How do you put yourself out there to be found? The journal is a good start. You then expand on that and see what happens. Is this the full time thing. What's different? The trend. I get in on that not very early. I get in when it's confirmed. It could be well on it's way and still it is good.

I see. That signal there last friday was good. I could have gotten a good homerun on that. Watch out for news and you will see how it's connected. This is where I am anyway. Kids shop online. How to share my experience here?

You know where this is headed. Is there someplace I can borrow. Only do this and it'll come. Someone out there needs help. You can go for that and then you can start trading. They provide the scale, you do the trading. That way, they are balanced. You don't have to open a new account. You only trade, then square up at the end of the month.

How do you propose this to other people? I don't know yet. Talk about it then see what happens. I see. Do I have to make that formal? You don't have to. Only provide input and expand on that. I think there be others who will want to look into that. See where this is headed.

You don't have to teach.