aliens among us

Eddie watching. I don't think I will trade the next signal, if it comes up. It's too volatile right now and the setup doesn't look right. Or maybe I am trying too hard to look good for my trade journal. Still, it's not a good trade for me. My account is up for the month. It's even good for the year. I can leave it like that for now.

I can afford to be picky with my trades with the recent runup. I don't have to do much so I sit back and just watch the market. Last night, a setup occurred. I was not watching or interested to trade that time. So now I don't trade past the london open?

I guess so. It may be more profitable for me to trade the close of the ny session, then see what happens prior to the london open. I am back trading again? My corporate account is up and ready. Next step here is to get that funded. I don't think I can get help from that part of the awareness. I will stay open on this and see how it goes.

What happens next? I will do a follow up on that bank account. It's so easy to setup business here. How come no one else is doing business here? Maybe I don't know much. It's here for a reason. Let's see how things go from here. In the meantime, finish writing. We can do grocery this morning. Someone turned on the internet last night.

I remember turning it off when we got home. Maybe this kid here. I wonder why he just sits there and connect with his phone? Maybe he just wants to get out of their house. Maybe ours is a sanctuary for him. He's welcome to come here anytime. He just sits there and is not as much a pain as that other kid years ago.

This is what our family is like these days. We take in people like them that need sanctuary. Why is that? I did not even finish that series one. It broke. It was too childish. They should create something more authentic. It was trying too hard. Dogs know immediately when to stop barking. You don't need mystic eyes to shut them up.

Cat must be waiting for sisters to get up. I gave him ham and he finished it. Wife must have thrown out my vinegar dip. I wonder what made her do that. She comes home late tonight, overtime. I am running my business here. I am funding my business for ads and trading. Be in the light and you see the experience.

How to get there? I don't know yet. In this moment, I can choose how to respond. It's all from the inside. I don't have to know how its going to happen. Maybe something falls in my lap. All I need to do is to choose how I respond to it.

Things have been different already. Since last year, when I am in the light, I see the reflection and contrast. It's all connected anyway. How do you describe things to them? You don't have to. They get it when they get it. For now, do nothing.

Like what? I don't know. Do I even have to do one trade a day? Not really for now, trade what you see. Volume is going down. Is there relevant news coming out? Not until later if there is one. I keep shifting to the past. It's different now. I see things differently. I remembre cherry foodarama. I used to drive by there back in my school days.

Everything is different now. It's all local and yet global. It's all connected. I don't know if I can help her that way. I do what I can. What happens next is synchronicity. Everything is connected. I'll see what I can do. If it's not there, then it's not relevant for me and I was not the help for that situation. It was a stepping stone.

These people downstairs are noisy. Is that an alarm of some sort? Keep writing anyway. How will you write it differently? Don't make it too evident. If they be vampires, they are not necessarily bad or evil. It's only different. Show the difference. You don't have to kill people anymore. You live forever. You set up a blood bank and feed off that.

You don't have to fight good or evil anyway. How do you show them as that? They are just like you. There be aliens even that walk amongst us. How do you connect? You simply get in the light. You see what is relevant for you. Things are like this. I have shifted?

It's how you define it. Am I like that? What do you think? Everything is here and now. It's all up to you? It's the choices you make. How can this be different? Let them be guides. It's not the blood. They don't even need blood. It's the energy? They don't need the energy. They sustain themselves. In a way, they be like aliens among us.

How do you find them? You shift to that channel. You won't see them unless you both are in the same channel. It's there all this time you just don't see it.