create your won

Why not do custom electronics & comm hacks? That be fun. I can do c or rustlang, maybe even dlang—whatever one is easy to install and run. I can do with that. I then sell them off an online shop using stripe or bitcoin.

I can do this on the side as a by-product of the vt shop. Is this going to be fun? What is your experience with this? Right now, none. But why should I let that stop me. At every fork, ask why not? Then you will know which way to go.

Why not? I don't know much about it. I can finish a video tutorial in one day. I did so before in ruby and coffeescript. I can go for cpp or something else in one day. It's easy as downloading the source code, compile that into path. You then have something to play with moving forward.

What projects to play with? I don't know yet. But as soon as you have that you can do a lot of things. Why not build a simple comm device. Something like an open source phone that everyone can build on. You don't have to sell that to anyone. Like an internet connected pager. You get access everywhere you go because there is radio frequency.

How do you access that frequency? It's like that modem. Do I have to learn electronics with that? I can get a module from the library. I can get stuff then sell them online. Get a prototype then see how it goes. You don't have to build from the ground up. There is source code out there anyway. See how it is then build from there.

This is exciting. It is always. Resonate with who you are. There is only here and now anyway. Do you go into trading? You are sitting waiting for kingdom come. It's right here right now. Where are you looking into. It's that time when you cook up something good in the kitchen.

It's those times you have a good steak. You don't have to go down that way. You only have this anyway. Learn and see where this is going. It's there for a reason. Kids are not using that laptop anyway. Use it to your advantage. You know how to connect with this machine. How do you automate that?

It's that bridge that's there you cannoct see? I am in a different channel. How ill you make that. Something that senses frequency change. Is there such a device? I think so. Somtehing that measures changes in current. I think there is one out there. You then build up on that. You go this way or dthat it don't matter. I can even do jaascript but that has node into it. You can do it with rust? Let's see then. It's all connected anyway.

It's that challenge to build something at all times. Let's get going and see how it goes. How does it go? Mabye you don't have to go there. You see gnucash. It's an example of how good a product is and still be open source. You can build off that yourself.

How can you support the whole? That is the bigger question here. Why are they using that for an os? Maybe it has something in there that works. Let's see how that goes then. Is this where I want to go? I think so. It is interesting.

You have stuff to finish. Go here first then see how it goes. Do I have to? It's all up to you. I fear that. I have that in the source code. What is it? That I go through that and everyone else will not be happy. But you have been there lots of times. You know that it is not true. That you can choose to be in the light even if that happens every time.

Even now, you can choose your thoughts. You can always redefine things. It's always changing anyway. Why not be in the light? I am. Let's do this then. Is this how you decide? Yes. This is who I am. Wife is still in bed. Today she goes back to work after the christmas break.

The christmas tree goes down today. I am not doing much anyway. Just do one percent. If things get going momentum, then you can choose to do more. I have a meetup tomorrow at lunch. Let's do that and see how it goes. I need to check how much balance I have. I will use that moving forward anyway.

I don't have student discount anymore. I am getting there anyway. Is it? Why not do something else instead. Like what? You can create your own ai and use that to trade. That is one project you can do. There be interface for that or kits that you can use to get started.

Why am I not building stuff anyway. I have all the tools I will use. It's that definition? I think so. Make things happen. Line up with it and you will see the reflection. It's all there for you anyway. I see that now. Let's get going then. You can choose this or that. It don't matter. Do you need control for that? I don't think so.