get fast lately

Time to write. Mornings after coffee and you finished going through page 2 reddit, things run out of momentum and writing feels like the next best thing to do. So here I am and writing two pages.

There was this guy on reddit who makes good writing blogs. The post he shared was about men's fashion. It's kinda crowded there. I can start one. I think I did a few years back. It don't matter what it is. I think it is more about sustaining it and making it densify.

Have I been jumping from one art to another? I think so. What are my strengths? I enjoy problem solving. I think i've sold most of the callenges that my wife has thrown me. I enjoy running a business. I recently inc'd a company. I am not sure which way to go right now.

I want a business that scales. I want something where I don't have to deal with a lot of people, going out a lot. Is that security business is a bout? I can do this one from home. I don't have to show up unless they are good to go. I enjoy testing research. I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy testing to see how far things will go.

I have an idea as to how things will fall into place. I don't have to start something new each time I find a new shiny toy. I can explore that path, but I don't have to go all the way if I have to. Most of the time, I have to go down the path and see where I find the insight.

When I get that insight, I will know for sure if I want to expand on it or not. Sometimes I don't have to expand on it. Like writing, you connect to flow and just start doing it. Today is rubbish day.

Wife is getting a new laptop for daughter. We stopped going to boxing day. It's not worth it. They get you to go with the promise of cheap stuff. It's the best day of shopping for the year. Why would they drop their prices. Wait until after new year when they have to get rid of old inventory for new.

The new windows gadget is out. They will want to get them in store. Folks like me will take advantage of the sale on cheap second tier products. Guys like me don't have to have the shiny new toys. I look for better specs more than anything else. I can get a new laptop and charge it on the business. I will keep the receipt and expense that off profits.

But what am I doing here? I don't have to have the small ones. It's just the plugins that need to get moved. Better ram plus ssd and 1tb storage, plus big screen. This machine can go to manila but it's too expensive for them to get this in. why not send it through someone else?

I don't know anyone who's going home. I still call that home. It was home. For me as an indivihual, it is home. I can move through traffic on my bike. It is the best way to get around. Who is that.

Delivery made on the closet organizer for my son. They have a more spacious room now. Wife and I share a bed and can make do in their old room. I think I like it in there. It feels like a small hotel. I'll be in the city this tuesday. It's just an artist's date for me.

Maybe I can do more of that artist's date again. Do it once a week. It don't have to be fancy or costly. Just get out there and have some fun. Make it feel like a kid's day off in the city. I don't have to bring anyone else with me.

I will do that then. Tuesday is the next one. I did go out yesterday. I think it's connected that I stopped doing that and have gained weight. I am putting conditions and expectations out there. This is how it's connected. What happens here. I can give this to daughter. It's connected all the time. How come they did not google for the solution?

It's how you think. I guess they were not in that position. They would have learned their lesson by now. This is how things can be different. Even on windows, when it conks out, you still have to google them. You might have a difficult time looking for it anyway.

I am done with that speeds here can get fast lately. What happened? The fastest I saw was three M. that was with orcon. I will go back there if the contract is finished. I can also check out bigpipe. That has good feedback and could be cheaper. We are moving anyway. Let it be there and see how it goes. This is fast. It's ok now.

I then post this over and move on with my day. I sometimes write twice a day.