grow up some

If everything were from the inside, how will you be like antonio luna? He wasn't working from the inside. Things were different back then. It was dark. Being in the light then meant that you get out of the reality soon—you die immediately.

Is it? Maybe there be people back then who opted t ostay out of the darkness and chose to be in their own light. That's how I would have chosen. I'd go live in the mountains and get out of their way. I live in my own light.

You don't have to change anything on the outside. You only change from the inside, then expand from there. So, this thing you are doing, you are not going to change anyone from the outside. They are not going to see you anyway. Go inside, then expand from there. Those who are on the same channel will find you.

Those who teach on the internet, maybe it's an uphill battle. It's also seasonal. Not one ever stays on top. It's always changing. Are you better off trading your own way? I think so. If you did make good trades that way, how will you do it?

If it were a trading performance based, you only trade with what you have. You don't have to go there. They are making those dumb sequel movies. That was a judgement call. You can choose to ignore them otherwise. Is it really that affected? If so, why do they keep making those kinds of movies.

Good writers are cheap anyway than getting expensive popular actors. Go for the best writer you can afford, then make movies with the lowest cost. Better yet, create them on youtube, then expand your audience from there. I am sure there are people doing that right now. It's called short films.

You can also do documentaries. You can watch them all the time. You gain experience that way, then improve your skills. Still trading is my platform. I am doing something else on the side. What is different this time. I have a better understanding of price action. I can stop trading now. I don't have to do much on the outside.

Aussie seems to be gaining strength? Not really. It went sideways. I don't know how to trade it off the top of my head. I can see the chart, then trade with price action. The thing that gets you going are your stops. It's not how you open your position, but how you close them.

It can go back to that level, but you are looking to expand things from that end. Why not go for euraud? That is open to trade when you are online. It's somewhat correlated with what I trade. I think I have a better trade this way. At least for now.

In the meantime, write, then do yoga. I have breakfast? no. do brunch. There be eggs and also bacon. Wife can get bread and rice later on. Did you get anything for yourself? I think so. Son's birthday is coming up. We go out I think, maybe go to the city for that.

My work here could serve as an example. If not, so be it. I can do something else. Do you still want to get into machine learning? It's not about stats. It's getting them to connect with you. Then it learns by itself? How is that possible? Do you need a database for that? I don't know. If so, it's all in there.

I have enough resources here anyway. I can expand with this. I may not need that rust thing. I can do with dlang. Do open source for now. You can also do cpp. It feels like this is an end game for me here. Do something else when there is nothing relevant for you.

For now, only do this. The kids are starting to wake up. They are teenagers now. Son has grow up some more. I get frequent headaches. It's the carb thing. It's less when you are in the light. I get hungry sometimes though. It's not. You look for something to fill you in.

use something else instead to point you downstream. Going out is good. Do that more often. I can meetup with other people with the same interest. I think someone took over the group. The other one is gone. I don't think they made money that way.

I was posting my trades somewhere. Where was that anyway? It was the mail group. That doctor also stayed quiet. There was also this lady who was into it ,but is now gone. Maybe they did not make money in it. It's time to move on and forward then.

What they look for is an example. These are people you connect with. There is relevance there.