instead of junk

A schoolmate from high school passed away today. Why am I sad? We were not close back then. We were in the same school for several years and did not talk to each other much. Yet I am choosing to get affected. It's because you both are connected.

You are connected to everyone and no one. This is why you are sad he wakes up...wait, he has been in coma for more than a year anyway. I think they, the family decided to pull the plug. I do not have what he had. I chose not to be a doctor and now I have a more colorful and different path.

It's not that one is better or worse than the other. You already know this--only that it is different. Everything is different anyway. Maybe I am on to something here, or not. At least I choose my own path. This is my light here. This is where I am. No need to go there. I don't really dig that anyway.

I was there before anyway. I can hold an audience when I choose to. I am here for a reason anyway. Enjoy the process. If not enjoy, at least be at peace. This is the choice I have in this path.

I finished filing to register my business today. In a sense, it's incorporating, but in nz, they call mine a limited liability business. That's what I registered my business for. I am not sure which direction, but this is where I am. I finished everything way cheaper than I thought.

It's a basic llc. I can expand and make it deeper when I have more revenue. In the meantime, this is good. I have paid the fees, sent all the docs required. I am waiting for the papers and confirmation that everything is in order. What's next then?

I do advertising online. I will use that llc to sign up for stuff that are business related, then expand from there. This is all I can do for today. I had a full day. I am at peace here. My local self is thinking I should do more. I don't feel like it. I will do more tomorrow. In the meantime, I am sitting here waiting for bedtime.

Wife moved everything and changed rooms with my kids. We now have the smallest room in this household. I don't really mind. I just need a small space for yoga. I think I have it in there. That bed is too bulky. I can do with much less. I am at peace with this anyway. I can watch something in the meantime.

And then what? I can go to bed anyway. I will continue with my stuff tomorrow. We do grocery tomorrow. I am quite pleased with my music right now. What else is there? I don't know. If there's nothing, then what's relevant for me is to be at peace here and now.

No need to be otherwise. Only sit here and write. Be at peace anyway. What is next? Nothing. I want to go to bed. I did not have coffee this afternoon. We had carbs. I start diet tomorrow anyway. I have more than enough food. I seasoned the iron skillet. It's cooling off in the oven. I go get that working tomorrow. I am quite pleased with it.

I also used the victorinox knife. It's sharp, no doubt. I enjoy cooking more. It's expanded. I enjoyed that. I cook some more tomorrow. What's there to cook? I don't know yet. I am getting ribs tomorrow instead of junk food. Or get something else. What's for dinner?

Wife is going to work tomorrow anyway. I can make something for myself then. What's for lunch tomorrow? I don't know yet. I have much in place. Let it be then. It's different this way. With the business registered, I have more options not getting a job. This is my job now growing this business.

I am investing in myself. I can change gears later. In the meantime, I am looking to scale this business. Why not get into software dev instead? I am looking into that as well. Let's see what's there.

Security consulting feels better as client base are those established and can afford my fees. Rather than focus on startups who may have little revenue, I also enjoy that domain. So I expand on that now. What else is there?

Go fiverr and build up portfolio that way. I write a lot. I can work anywhere and go where I can plug in my laptop. I have much in place now. Let's expand and see where this path leads to. This is exciting. This is synchronicity. I am pleased with everything.

There be contrast but you already know it's feedback. Use up the energy. It's all connected anyway. Am I slouching? Dan's gig was not meant to expand? It did anyway. You can do things that way. I see. You don't have to know what's going to happen next. Only choose to be in the light.