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Doing research on rooms. It's different from jutz in a way that there is entheogenic effect. I am interested in that. How then? On wikipedia, it says these are local to nz. I am going to look into that during the cold season. Now I have something to do then. In the meantime, I will learn more about it.

How? The internet has tons of resources. If I can grow herbs in my window, I can find spots for these rooms. Let's get into that. Wife is still sleeping. It's a holiday today. Rather than growing business, focus shifted to inside expansion. That is where the juju is.

How can you be sure. That was my path in the 90s. It was fun. I am getting back to that again. This time is easier as you have the internet. I am sure there is a community out there. I go look into reddit for that. My chair was too far out. I can start a business with that. Send them out get connect thru internet. I can create a website for something like that. Setup bitcoin.

Manjaro arch is better and I like it over ubuntu. Opera and chrome look terrible here but firefox is native and runs well in here. What's great about arch is pacman. You don't have to go around the internet to find out how to install. You do pacman and everything is done for you.

So I am staying with this. I am not usre if I can install them in my desktop. My son uses it by default and he is a chrome user. Ff is not perfect. But it comes with a lesser evil. Did that font hack work? I don't think so. Opera seems to have less issues but ff seems to work better out of the box. I stay with this.

I make spaghetti today. I don't use this as much as back in the 90s. I have grown and expanded much from that time. I think it's the focus. Let's get going with it. They are probably there but my path is different this time. Let's get going. Who was that guy that added me on facebook?

He was a common friend that I trust. Let's see how it goes. If not, it's easy to unfriend. Let's try this path and see how things go. What are you checking out this time. Plenty. It's a monday. I am not sure if there be any trades for me here. If it's time to expand on aussie, it could happen today. Let's see how it goes.

This is page two. Write with out loking. Where? Look under trees. They grow there. See one, then check out the internet for sources. Once you find them, it's easy to grow them as I can get into that mode. How are you sure about this? I just know I can do it. Expand on it.

Do you let others in? Only when they are in the same frequency. Otherwise, you are wasting your time connecting to them as they will never connect anyway. Be on your path and you see the reflection. You not only see but ilve it and experience it. What time is wife getting up?

I think she wanted sex last night but I was tired. It was cool last night. I fell asleep easily and did not wake up until around seven. That was a good sleep. I ge that a lot. It's time to get back to the cold season.

This is my process. I see that and am learning much from this. The effect lasts for weeks to months. Why then is it illegal? You put the power outside of you. Now that you know, why not let go? How did that happen? Don't matter as it's in the past. You move forward. You expand from here now.

When you analyze it, you lose being in the light. And that's ok as well. It's part of the process. It's a permission slip. You use it as a tool to get more alignment. This way you find what's relevant. This is interesting so I put it in my path.

Do you always put things in your bag that way. What's going to happen here. There is a hackathon coming up. Do you want to be a part of that? I have fun going there. Let's do that again. I can look things up anyway. You connect with people in the know that way. I see. Let's get going then.

The things I do, they are part of me now. I enjoy doing this and I have started doing things relevant for expansion. This is who I am. I am having fun doing this. I don't have to convert anyone to this. They are when they are in that light. Can you sustain it? Maybe so.

Who else is going? That md is not there anymore. That's ok with me. I wonder how things went with his trades. Is this potent enough for you? We will see.