their own reflection

There's plenty on my plate right now. It's uphill the way I see it, but it's also downstream from here. It's related to my business. I am in this path anyway so it's connected.

There is big news coming out--rate related. I am staying on the sides right now. Market could be going up for the aussie. Wife is still in bed. Son's birthday is tomorrow, they all go back to school on tuesday. I am fat. I don't have to put a negative spin on it. How do you make it positive?

Lifestyle effect. I have started walking. Yoga is everymorning. This because it has been warm lately. Soon as the kids go back to school, it reverts back to lunch time when I take a break. Does that mean I have breakfast? Not really. Maybe it stays there.

I work on this table, but what does big data mean? You process a lot of it. I see that online and on the cloud will work well with this. It's the programming that concerns me? Not really. You create code that helps process all this data. You move from there. Scala I can get in a short time.

Given something to work with, I can context my way out of the bag. Shameless looks interesting, but they lost me after season 2. things got boring pretty fast. It's time to move on then? Maybe. We'll see. It's on season six. Emma looks hot, but if that's all that she is there, it's going to fade soon.

Is this the business I am in? If you can get returns like that on such small capital, why not. Not all businesses are profitable like that. They also need a lot of capital to get started. You only need a few bucks, small overhead and yet you scale up tremendously well. Stay here and develop this.

What's great about it is that it is independent from external env. You don't need customers. You don't need a boss. Your boss is who you say it is. You don't need an office. You can run this business from anywhere you get juice. Stay here and develop this. You have a number of options to choose from when you are in the light. You see the reflection. You get a better return than someone who's won the lottery.

How do you get to big? Resonate with it. Find how it feels, then expand on it. You know how it works already. How will it feel like? The only thing you have your attention on is your trade. It consumes you. It's who you are. You get a lot of free time. You use that time to line up with it.

Is it that simple? Will it work? I think so. I paid tution for it before. It's this and it's here. I have a headache. It's what you eat. It's who you are. You can choose. Everything is an opportunity for you. You are giving yourself a choice every step of the way.

What you have is priceless. It alwways is. You can take off today and do nothing. I already have my quota for the month. If I stop today, I would have made a good return on my fund for the year. I don't have to trade. I can be picky. I can be patient and not do anything.

Stay in this light. What do you think will happen next? You be patient and see how things go. Use 2b entry. It's called 01232b? You can call it that. I think it's more gimmee bars. Let's call them jimmybars from here on.

You are looking for sideways or trend? I go for reversals. It's usually like that. You'll know when it's going sideways. They reach a level and won't give you jimmybars. That's good, isn't it? You can choose to trade it or not. It is precise. Can you move it up a bit? I don't think so.

Your cost goes up when you zoom out. It's not you. When you are at that level, you can take it to scale up. Write with your eyesclosed. No editing. Write to it. Connect to flow. You don't need audience. They find their own reflection. You have your own mirror. Stay in the light. You see everything from here.

What to do next? You are that already. You don't need something else. It's what you expand to when you get there. In the meantime, this is where I am. This is what I do. How can you be of service to anywone? Sit in a coffeeshop then connect. You have this already. I don't think you can trade much in manila.

You saw traders there before. You know how to expand with this. Let's move on. You are ahead of your time. It's because there is no time. The news is coming out. Market just got jumpy. The spread has increased. Let's sit here and watch. I know how to trade this. I've made money here before.