took a while

It don't really matter where I save these. I may have to turn off spellcheck. That affects flow. I am enjoying manjaro linux at the moment. It's based on arch linux. There was a time when I used to get that distro.

What happened? I was getting errors on startup. It took a while to get them sorted. I got tired of it and decided to get a distro that was easier. I learned a lot using arch. Now that manjaro is starting to pick up momentum, I decided it's time to start using arch again.

Everything seems to work well this time. I finished the install yesterday but changing things to my liking took the rest of the day. I have black arch in my repo. That is good. All I need to do whenever I need a tool is do yaourt package-name. I don't have to look around how to install or compile it. Yaourt will do everything for me.

Yaourt even gives a short description of the tool and how many people are using it. This way, I get an idea as to which tool to install. It's easy as well to get rid of one when I am done with it. Will this work with the tv? I think so.

Its' straight this week go to bed after midnight. Wife gets home late almost everyday. We'll see how friday does. It's contrast for me. I don't have to fight it. If you are going to do more with less, this is contrast and feedback for me. That's how I define this. It's in my source code anyway. Why not use it to your advantage?

It's all connected this way. I can close this trade now? Ny session will close in about an hour. No news coming out. Eddie tends to move like icebergs except for market open. Compared to other pairs though, this is a turtle. How do you trade? Like a chicken.

So it's not turtle trading or something? I took profits off ga yesterday. It then went back a hundred pips up, then went back down again, taking another hundred. How can you predict that? It's in the price action. It gave you signals to check out both ways.

How can you trade differently? Know when to trade or not trade. How did you know it was going to do that? There was congestion already in the day chart. You can see that there was rangebound momentum in the market. Wife is coming home late today.

I have more than eight hours planting seeds in my business. This is what I do all day. I enjoy what I am doing. I don't really need clients here if this was my business. Why not? Why can it not be your business? Capital? This is part of my path—do more with less. It is all connected.

When you have all that, then it is relevant for you. Right now, this is where I am. Do more with less is more evident this way. How to trade this? Watch and learn. I think I can close it at this level. Or not. Let's see where this is headed. Is it going to go back to that level? I think so.

See the image and learn how to trade this. What happens next? Trade what you see, not what you think. It has to break candle 2, then you have breakdown. Then price has to do the ross hook. I learned much from those two sources. I then went on to build my business there. The process was there for me to learn. Now I use that.

I have been testing on that. I get it. It's time to move on. It's contrast in place. I am using the feedback. This is the laptop lifestyle. How to expand on this? What if you have that aum? Then things get easy. You travel a lot. I can do what I want when I need to do it. I don't have to pick up skills that are no longer relevant. When it's timing, then everything is there for me to use.

How will you spend mornings? Checking the market, making trades. I don't have to do much. I only do one thing, then expand from there. How will you plan your day? I am always in a different part of the world. I am talking to people. I don't have to convince anyone. They see my example and see their own reflection.

How to move forward? You, you be in the moment. There is nothing out there anyway. If this was a wrong trade, then it's a cheap one. Price hasn't triggered that factor yet. It is where I am to trade it though.

I jumped it. I think so, and it's ok. This is part of the process for me. What happens next? Simply do this and see where it goes. Do I do sometihng otherwise? Make thanges to this so I can be in my light. It is headed back. Now what. Let it be.

Why am I feeling this way? I am done trading for the day, that's why. So be it.