wait for setup

I gotta do something, even if it were just writing. What business is this? For now, trading fx is a good idea. Grow the fund, maybe get into pamm eventually. But if I am able to grow my money that way, I would rather borrow money then trade off that.

I see. It takes less time away doing something else. I can concentrate on being a better trader. Do singles grow the account. I did it before, why not now? Aussie seems to be at resistance. That's first signal. Waiting for second signal touching atr, then wait for trigger.

Does this work? Occasionally. At least this way, I know this is where sellers are going to be at. Volume has gone down while price is going up. Is that a right analogy there? I think it's something else. How are we going to have pita sandwich? I don't know.

This word document has enough tools in it. I don't use them anyway. I do more writing on text editor better for me. Kids watch tv all day and is not really watching, just have that in the background. Kids viteo their sex acts these days?

I think that's where the trend is headed. It's a matter of time before that happens. Do I go short here? It could be, but it's better that I wait for signal two. And then what? Just sit here and wait. What is that chopper doing going around in circles?

I enjoy watching the profit. I am learning a lot about growing a business. There are shortcuts but the principles are there. What then? What is my business? Trading this account. It's a business, but it's a bit different. It's not your conventional business but it is still a business.

What's next? I can do mq4. It's connected and related anyway. I don't know any better movies to watch. There's a lot on netflix but not all of them are good. There are some but not all of them are good. What do we do next? That lady who sells weed. That was interesting for a while. She was able to grow the business that way.

I think you have a good story here. It don't have to be fancy. It can be at blogger so it shows people that it don't have to be fancy. That you started this with very little and grew the business. The readers can relate to that.

How do you scale up? Grow the account, then get more funds into it. Writing mq4 code helps. I can help other investors that way. They think that will help--maybe. I don't know. Maybe it works for them, or not.

What else is there? I am just waiting for dinner here. Also waiting for the setup to drop. I go short in here. Wife took out the beef already. I wouldn't overcook that. It's going to make the meat hard. Wife and daughter has issues. She can make her soup if she wants to. She eats healthy anyway.

What happens next? Just have dinner with the wife. Get to bed early? Maybe. Should I be trading this? It is on resistance. It's headed into the euro session. Will there be enough volume here? What about the other side?

I don't think anything is going to happen anyway. What then. Keep writing and finish these. It's what we do here. Is that going there anyway. No trade. I don't have to trade this anyway. Does this respond to that pattern? It did not do so. Maybe do something else here?