what happened yesterday

Deluge is so much faster than qbitorrent. The former is in python while the latter in cpp. Qbit should be faster because it's compiled, but why is it more efficient?

This tells me it's not what the language is, but how you built it. I see that now. I don't have to learn everything then. It's the quality you put into it. Last night was good. We saw burnt. We had good dinner with the family.

This is here to remind myself of my brother. I see a little of him in the mirror sometimes. This is how we are connected. Is this what you prefer? Inside, yes. I see them somehow. The local self wants something else.

I allow this to be here then. No need to fight it. Everything is here and now anyway. What's the plan today? Wife and kids go to church. I do my thing. There be openings for junior pentest in the city. That be good. It don't matter really. It's what is inside that counts. I'll send in my resume to test how it goes. This is where I am now.

What happens next? Let's see how things go. I get down with those two books. I learn much about these things. I can't be everything to everyone. I pick one that I enjoy then grow from there. I think it's best for me to learn these things. It interests me. This is the path I am.

What happens next? No need to know that. Only be here and now. I see hat. Keep writing then. Better to close them eyes. I hang the sleeping bags outside to dry so I can put them away. There's still folding but this one is easier since I don't have to roll them. We use them again when we have guests. It's better than sleeping in the couch.

Use them as much as you want. These sleeping bags from coleman look like they are not made for back packers. It's big. The other one is warmer. Let's see how this goes then. I don't think i'll be camping out for a while. Not that way. Maybe go for a trailer camp. This way, I get to bring bike.

Not camp, but travel up and down the country. This is more fun and I don't have to do much. Get into a new region and bike all around it and see how things go. This is here I am right now. Let's see how things go then. I don't even have to get job. I get my business up and running and see how it goes.

I have that tinge in me--a dark shadow? Not dark. But an interest to go deep into things that I do. When it's connected, I go deep into it and come out the other side. I don't label this as a negative. Others might label it as negative or ilegal. It's not me.

Like what? Marijuana is one. I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. Like sugar, it's a tool. You abuse it and you get the consequences. It all comes out to how you use it. Also your source code counts a lot in the situation. I don't think you will need to go deep in these things. Do this and see what happens. What happened yesterday?

Family stuff happened. I get things done in the morning then get going. I know that now. I am outside of it then. See it and you are. There be contrast to give you feedback. Use it for your own good. Use the energy.

We go see movie on monday. Kids want to go to that shop. The other two are now curious. Let's go there then. It's all connected anyway. I recharge this when I finish. Wife is going there by bus. Or we go there when we finish. Let's see how things go. She might want to go there period.

I go for my test in six months. Let's review that when we get close enough. In the meantime, do this. I can put that on my phone and start practicing. I see. It's here anyway. I do that later. For now, finish writing. Close your eyes and write what comes to mind.

This comes to mind. I am wanting to get this over and done with. I remember that part of the city where we used to go. I enjoyed going to city. What's more and new exciting about it this time? I get paid for what I do enjoy. This is what is different this time. I know things. I am expanding on this energy.

No need to push away things. Only use the energy. This is why it's here. It's contrast to tell you something. This way, I learn what the contrast is about. I can grow with that energy then. I have new backpack for the laptop coming in. let's go use that. I also have cookware sets coming. I am excited abuot it.

What to cook? Fajitas be good. Also mex recipe but that may be kinda carby. I can make adjustments here and there. It's all me anyway. I am no longer that person.