going back just

I can listen to background music while writing, or not. This is quiet moment for me, sacred moment. I choose to keep things quiet so I can tune in better.

Daughter did not come home last night. She did text me about it, but did not tell me in the morning. I knew felt something was off. I guess she was upset about the argument the day before. That's part of the process. Let her be. Give her that space.

I don't have to know how this is going to turn out. That is for my higher self. All I need is what's relevant for this moment. For now, it's watching the market for signals and finishing the tutorial—be in the moment. This is the process right here and now.

How are you sure it's that way? Am not. It's what interests me this time. That is good enough as a signal. If she don't want to be here, then that's ok with me. I see the contrast and use the feedback. I learn something from the experience. Things can go this way or that. This is that.

If so, I can choose to sit this through. Not be passive, but to make myself comfortable as I process the energy through me. This is what it means to sit. And I am in sit mode from now on. For now at least, until we see the energy changing.

A lot has happened this week. I guess it has been simmering for several months now. This is where it came to a boil. I get it. This is consequence? It could be. Or it could be, can be a part of the process, if you choose to make it so.

I water the plants after this. Is price going to go sideways from here? It's not customary for this pair to do so, but it does, that tells me market is on to something. Volatility is drying up. Is it going to explode in a direction? I don't know. Right now, it's playing with the 100. let's see how it trades around that level. It is key level as well. I think it looks bearish. It hasn't given a bullish signal yet so do nothing.

This is page one still. Plenty on my plate. The sun is out. I can go run this morning. I have yoga. I prefer yoga in mornings as this be fun this way. Why the need to kick the other one out? Why not stay together. What is there to hide?

I don't know. Her sister is fun to be with. She is smart and also has a good sense of humor. I guess it's just negative ego that goes in there. She treats others the way she treats herself. This is how I am myself. No need to go there. I can choose that, but it's not me. This thing is going nowhere.

Close it down when it goes south. Or not. It don't matter much. I can change the autocorrect sequence. The machine can run. I can create that algo. How do you do that. I can reverse that. Start with the algo, then make edits to make it work with data. That is a better alternative for me.

Where do you find that? If you did a search for it, you will find it. Third daughter comes home late. So be it. It's their decision. They are old enough. They can choose to do so or not. I care, but I love them enough to allow them their own space. I think this is part of my path as well.

It wasn't like I expected it to be. I am in that point where this is the future when I was a kid. You got 'there' but it's still here. Everything references to everything else. You put them there. You can choose to make changes to it, or not. It's still up to you.

How to go from here. Keep to your light. Everything is connected trust the synchronicity. I am getting hungry. I do an hour of the video then I do yoga. Then I do breakfast. This is my path for now. Let's see how things go from here. How to trade this?

Let the market tell you when to get out. Or not. See how it goes. You have good judgement here. It's about how you manage your trades. Capital is tied up to that. Manage your trades, positions. That is what this is about. It's not about entry or exit. That is level one.

You see where you were before. You have much chart time with you that you have an idea as to how it can go. You don't know either. That is the paradox. Once you attach too much to it, you lose the big picture. Let it be there for you. Use the energy.

Writing is part of the energy. This is how I tune in. I removed php again. Last night I was thinking of going back just to get a job. It's not me anymore. I don't get excited about it. Pentesting is my business now.