it's not found

I got the printer to work yesterday. It wasn't so much the root password, but that there was a desktop gui to use to add printer. That required sudo access and got that to work.

I almost switched back to ubuntu yesterday because of it. I think I was kinda bored and wanted some changes to happen. I guess the change I sought was inside and not what was projected outside. It is connected though and I needed to step back to see this connection.

Yesterday, last night the decision was made. I created a blog for it. Wife is planning to head out tomorrow. I am not joining that as I tend to take time out of it. Daughter is upset as her mom cooked all of the sausage she enjoyed. That is not good and I had to deal with, process the drama. It's me inside not choosing my light.

Allow that to be. No need for labels or not allowing that. Btsync is fast but it's not this time because there be two files moving along. I don't need to go there now. Plex is not accurate. How do I change things around.

If when it's not there then I can see that as not relevant. I wouldn't want to go out with wife if there's an issue there. It's going out and I don't have food for that. I only join them if I can make my food before hand. I can do that. I go out today and get one for myself. If not, then I can choose to stay home.

I don't have to take long trips out of town with her. I can simlpy get my bike out and start riding. There's plenty of venues to go to. I simply get on and start pedalling. I don't have to be anyway. I don't have to go tomorrow then. They have junk food all day and it's precarious situation for me.

It's easy to be thankful when you have things going your way. It is your vibration that determines thtese things. You know whow to shift. Do it anyway. What else is there? I don't know yet. All I know is that it's here and there is reflection everywhere. See it that way and get to the other side. I can check into plex after I finish this. It's still updating.

Wife leaves later at four. I stay up until one am. I can take advantage of that and use that for myself. It's connected this way. I have longer days. I don't have to go there. This time is different. It's relevant and connected. I have several videos to go through. Choose what is relevant. No need to get ahead of the curve. I can learn when it's related and relevant. It's going to be tough when it's not there for you.

How do you know. It is uphill climb. I don't have to go there. What happens next? I don't know yet. Is it your power? How did that happen? It's just so. If when it works for them, there is no need to crit or label or judge them. Allow that to be and you will see.

That person had to deny who she is but still got alignment? There has to be more to that story. It was the love they felt. The energy got her lined up. She let go. It's that simple? That's my perspective. You get things lined up when you do it that way.

I took a moment there to get my phone charged. I have two. I also have two laptops. Now things come in twos. What happened to you? I became house-husband. I am not having fun here? This is contrast. It's not that I am not having fun, I am not choosing to be that.

How do you shift the energy? Choose to have fun. It's here for you anyway. When things start to stagnate, you let go. You choose what is in line with who you are. You can allow that to happen--or not. It's all up to you. What do I do about that blog?

Start updating. You can write about things at the end of the day. You have momentum. You can build up on that. Right now it's a ripple. You see this and you can choose alignment here. You see the reflection that way. Id on't have to go to city anymore. I have more time for what's important for me.

Which path? I already am. Trade and get machine learning. Is it related. You bet. I am using that to get stuff going. It's not finding the holy grail but knowing which path gives you less variance and a more steady alignment.

There be expectations and I can let go of that. It's there for a reason. Use up the energy and you will see the reflection. I don't have to go there. I don't know how to do things. You can choose this or that. It's all up to you anyway. I don't have to. I see how that happens in a family.

When you see, you are.