let it simmer

This font looks interesting. Is it ttf? I don't know. After a short stint with manjaro, I liked it, but there's too much baggage behind it. When you are working on something else and not on learn linux mode, arch can be a pain.

This font looks so much bigger and easier on my eyes. Wife seems to be on credit card mode again. Why did she go out for a long drive last weekend knowing that she should be on austerity measure? That's the thing with her. It's her process so I allow that. At least it gives me contrast.

A trade opportunity is coming up. It looks weak and could go sideways but it's a signal anyway. Let's see how it goes. Do I go out this morning? I can if when I choose to. I can go out and run in the park out back. That has always been fun. It's on lunch break when I do that. But I do yoga in the mornings. That be better for me.

I don't do yoga in the room in the afternoons. My kids have annexed that for themselves. Now it's me and the son who has the living room. The three teenagers stay in their own caves and only come out to eat. That's what i'd do if i'm in their shoes. One eye is on the chart. Let's take quick short trades. But i'll stick with the rules this time.

What happened yesterday? I forgot. I did played poker a long time and moved some files around. I still can't find a fix for the library thing. What are my other options? Working with ubuntu is easier with other technologies. I can easily install and look things up because they are available out there because of the user base.

What else can I do about vim? Is there something here that I am missing? Maybe so. If I can't find it on the internet, then I am not going to proceed with it. It must be a config or setting that I need to do. I may have to read through that. That's the point with arch linux. You have to learn the system to get things to work. In the process, you learn more about linux.

I have a long on gepy. It's above the level and although h1 looks weak, let's see. This is a signal. Statistically, it could go on. There's a chance that it might and that's part of the business. So I watch how this goes and see what happens. No need to anticipate things.

What else is there? This is page two. Am I writing slow? I think it has something to do with rushing things. What's for breakfast? Bacon and garlic. I have a lot of those lately. I woke up with cramps. I had this dream where I admired what someone else has accomplished.

The insight I got after I got up was that I got those myself as it's in my consciousness. When I am in the light, it's easy to get those under my belt. It's the expectation. It's carrying someone else's baggage that kept me here? no. it was my choices that got me here. I can change that. Now, I am aware of these things.

What's next then? Transfer them files and see how you can do with that. How often do you go inside system files anyway? You can make changes in there and see how it goes. Or I can use mousepad or something. Should I try a different desktop? I can do that. I've been there before. It did not work out well for me.

There's that new one mate. Or enlightenment. I can go for that as well. We'll see. Most probably not. I can do something else in the meantime. This looks weak? Probably. I have my stop in place. I have more funds coming up anyway. No need to go there. It's stats. You do the numbers and that's how you use it.

Trade like you play poker. You see the signal, you take the trade. Just put a stop below to make sure you are within money management mantra. Other than that, you can let go now. This is what the business is about. I don't even have to catch tops and bottoms anyway.

How do you let go? When you see yourself latching on to that, ask yourself why you are doing that. When you see yourself holding on to a hot iron skillet, you let go instantly. It's going to burn you. It's the same with life. Do I do yoga now? I go to the toilet.

Let the trade simmer. It's like cooking. You gotta let it cook one side of the steak long enough and not turn it over every few seconds to see how it's cooking. You have a stop in place anyway. If when you are wrong, so be it. Move on to the next one. When you are in this light, you accelerate yourself.

What can I do about that os? The library doesn't seem to work. There's a lag on something now and then. Go do it then. Is there a different os you can try? I like the package manager. You search for it and they install and compile for you if needed.