maybe it is

It's starting to get cold again. I paid tuition trading minors and paid dearly for it. I am getting back to trading majors, mainly aussie from here on. I'm not that kind of a trader and do better on majors. Let's build something out of this.

No expectations, you know that. Of course. Right now, there is no trade in the aussie for me. It was high volatility. I spoke with the pinay at the grocery store. We've known her since we moved here. Her kids are grown up now. She has a second family in that line of work. She's happy there. I won't be at peace in that situation. It's not me.

Who am I? This, me running my own business. Doing this, I can work longer hours. The kids are in school now. It's quiet in here. I do yoga before breakfast then get going that way. The opportunity to have potato chips was there, but I chose alignment. I feel better long term this way.

Potato chips, any junk food will make me feel good short term. Soon as you finish them, the feel good is gone. It's a trick somewhat, an illusion. It's not a test. It's contrast you can use as feedback. Am I trading the cross? I don't think so. Do nothing here.for now, yes, do nothing. Wait for the moving average, or oversold levels.

That was how I traded before. Things are different. It's never the same river twice. I can do poker while I am here. I withdraw them funds later on, but for now, it's like this. They make sure things work out well for you. I can do the skrill thing. Last time it got scary.

This way here, I can stick with this. Be conservative. This is your business. I see that. There must be an app to make this a better trade. I think I can make that. It's like pokertracker, but for trading. When you see your trades this way, you can see that it is better for you to check your numbers.

How is it going to be different from the other software out there? It's proprietary. I can make one for myself. It's easy. I can use cpp for that so it runs well. I can even do it in javascript so it's web based? I think so. How do you tap in to your server? I don't know yet. That is going to be an interesting trade setup.

How do you go about it then? Get the libs. You then build up from mindmaps. That way, you can create the different classes that you will need. I am also going to learn much about c++. go for it then. Does it have to be a certain language? Not really. Lets get going then.

I will get started on it right away. How do you tap in to your trades from mt4? I don't know yet. You'll figure it out when you get there. You can make that open source. You put a license on it then move on from there. I think you get the message here. But these folks make money? They should. I make money out of this myself.

Make it for yourself. It's never about someone else. When you get constructions like this it's never quiet. I can take a nap later on. Have coffee after this. I browse. Do nothing for now. It's not coming from a good spot there. Do nothing.

It could go sideways. Watch the market and trade accordingly. You have to go there? I don't know. I dont think so. I only do this and get to the other side. I see. Am I trading this? Check the chart how it looks like trade only when it's relevant for you. If when it's not, do nothing. Do something else is better. Play poker.

That way, they balance each other out. I am funding my fx with the poker funds. It's going to take about a month. It would be great if I have funds for poker. It is what it is. Let's see how it goes. It saddened me that them dikes were mean to lemonis. He was trying to help but their intention was to skin him.

How did he not see it coming. I think it has to do with the program. He protects himself going into these deals. He makes them sign papers to protect himself before investing any money. They are also part of the expense. It's his company that is doing the deals for him, not the person.

That way, his assets are protected. I am doing that as well. In the meantime, do this. Am I trading this? I don't know yet. See if it works out for you. If not, do something else. That noise is I am letting it in.

why not write about it. Use up the energy. Maybe it is part of the process for you. I see that. The kids have grown up. I am supported in this business. Peace.