now or later

That thing with the sidebar fixed itself, it seems. The right click menu is dark, so you have contrast when you use it. Daughter did not go to school—using her recent going to the hospital as an excuse to recuperate. That's fine with me. You don't learn much in school if it isn't for you.

The ones that did well in my school were the ones who conform best with the status quo, sure they worked hard but do you call that success. Those top ten in class are nowhere near having changed the world. Is that a good measure of success? How do you measure success anyway? Making positive changes in the lives of others is a good indicator for me.

How do you quantify that? Success as you define it is comparing yourself to what? To others? That's not a good measure. I think what your friend shares with you is a good measure of being who you are. If those top ten were doing what was exciting for them, then they were following their path.

At the end of the day, the question is not whether you are a success or not, but how true are you to your higher self? Acting on your excitement for me as I see it is a good measure of what? Success? It's in that direction, but there's a fork in that road. Not comparing self to others but to your true self.

Did you get what I am saying here? I do yoga after this...poop first then yoga. I already had coffee. I wonder if wife is working late tomorrow? She said she wanted to see walking dead. We'll see. It's wednesday. It would be great if she just stayed home, but that will drive the kids crazy.

I guess things are perfect as they are, until you compare it with something. Is comparing good? It's different every time. You never cross the same river twice. What for do you measure or compare? The better question is, how do you feel right now? Are you acting on your excitement? If so, then yes it's good. If not, ask yourself why not?

I saw my trigger yesterday. It was fear. The motivation was to move away from that and short term, that is putting carbs in my mouth. It felt good while I was doig. But before I finished my stash, it was gone. The regret was already there before I finished.

How do you change it? Go inside. Change from the inside. When you feel the fear, go into it. Expand. Then see the light inside. It could be a small light, feed that dragon. You always have the opportunity to make a choice. Go in that direction. One step at a time. You've been here before so you know what it's like.

Then you expand. Take it one moment at a time. This is where it's all at. This is where the action is. This si your defining moment. I don't have to write for someone else. I can only do trading if when I choose to. I don't have to be someone else. I can read charts good. Stick with this and see what happens.

Everything looks perfect in hindsight. Is this going to go sideways. What is that spike there? Spike plus doji, what does that mean? It could be worth something. See what happens. Take note of it. This is what you do. Those that trade higher time frames are control freaks? They want everything in perfect order. Is it so?

When it bites them, it gets to something. It's all the same anyway. Be in your own light. You get there sooner anyway. It's the same stop. See it that way. What happens now? You get there sooner. Either win or lose, since you do more trades, you get there sooner. That wind is driving that carton off its hinges.

Can I do something about it? I think so. What's happening with this pair? Is it going up or down? You've been here before. It's been down before. Why am I biased towards the long side? Because it's been down. Let's see what happens now. If you went short on that signal, you are sitting on pain right now.

How to trade this then? Look for breakout, then trade pullback to confirm. It's a smaller time frame. You get pullback to confirm all the time. You see this in everything. It's all fractals. This is why it's interesting. You do the numbers. You put in the words. That is making the trade. You learn from it anyway. I can close out that window. We are headed into winter anyway.

What next? Finish this then do your morning glory. Laptop's almost fully charged. I have stuff from the library. I can do this now or later it don't matter. Do one thing finish it this week. You don't have to be like osmeone else. Be yourself. It's the only way? There are many ways to the mountain top. Choose what works for you.