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I forgot, can't remember if I did morning pages today. Probably not, but anyways, I feel like writing. I am comparing my limbo state to someone else's success. It's not fair for my self that I do that. Mine is not there. Their success is final. It's expanding still, changing, shifting always. It's mine as well.

I don't have to go there. It's a valid path. I can be in that dimension frequency, but I choose not to. It's not me. I was there, but I am no longer there. It's more downstream for me to just write while listening to rhythm. I enjoy this thing here. Let's get going with this.

At their level, they were doing algorithms. Am I that far behind? You have definitions in your source code that need changing. These are brought up like error codes. It doesn't mean you've failed. It only means your source code is not in alignment—needs changing.

What then? See the difference, be the change. That's simple enough. There's meetup tonight. I can go. I will take the bus and walk home. There's not much happening anyway. I can do yoga later tonight when the kids go to bed. I can do so in my own room. I have plenty in my plate.

I gained something there. I have market read. I can read charts. That is my path? I think so. It's downstream. It's easy for me. I don't have to do much. This tells me that I can go down and follow that. I don't have to fear failure as that is source code error. Welcome that when you develop code and you expand into that experience.

This recommendation thing should autoplay. Why not go to spotify? It gets so slow on my pc. It stalls. I would rather do this instead. In the long run, there is something broken with spotidy. But because of all the people using it, they get it. Why not make it open source?

Get one running, then have everyone watch the code. That makes sense there. Why not change things up a bit and see how things go. Do I know node? I think so. As long as I don't compare my process to someone else's success, I will be alright.

Keep writing and finish this for now. Kids are still in school. Yesterday's sick child is home recovering. She don't go to school as it's too boring for her. How will you get there then? You be one. Everything else that's relevant for you as a reflection is going to be there for you.

That's how they get ahead. They don't have to learn everything else. They know they can look things up. It took him four hours to get there. You just need an idea. You can google things up and see how it goes. The movie didn't show the process. They only showed how it was like in the end. That it worked for them.

I am not far behind. My path is different. How is it going now? Daughter is probably on her way to there. I can meet my son up the road so we can go there already. That is an option. Let's go there then. I don't know which road he goes to. Let's finish this then get going already.

Is there food I can bring for him. Writing with this music sounds good. I can upvote this to add to my playlist. This is what I do day in and out. I learn and expand much. Let's get going with that algorithm. You don't have to learn everything. You have access to it already. You have the idea. When you burden yourself with the learning, then you learn everything, or you think you do, but lose the gift.

That makes much sense. I can bring this with me? The kids are going to be home. Let's line up with downstream and go from there. This is page two anyway. Can I write fast enough when he gets home I finish./ it is possible when you close your eyes. That way you connect to that music and see things you won't with eyes open.

This is why I write. You see it anyway. Can you help? Only if when she asks to. Otherwise, there be others out there that can help. It feels awkward because you have definitions in there that don't work for you. Line it up and you see the reflection. There be feedback here and there. This music sounds good.

Where to get that dj software? Can you get that hardware? I think so. It's out there. How much will it be? I think there is one online and it's free. Look it up. You can also get something else in the meantime. Like what? I don't know yet.

It's like putting them all together. You get in the flow and everyhing comes to you. You simply write them down. Yo uconnect. You edit later. You put everything down heaven on earch. You expand from there.

That was fast.