that sounds interesting

It has been a stressful, challenging 24-hours for me. There was sleep in between stress points. I am adapting. I think I am allowing as well. This helps me adjust to the energy frequency.

I cleaned the car from the tap upstairs sink. It was a good workout. I do these things when I need to process things in my head. That helped me get over the hump. I'd like to talk more but it's not for this. I am past this already, water under the bridge.

These kids have gone past beyond poptropica. How time flies. Now they are into relationships. What I saw this morning shocked me. It's gone now. The local mind keeps going back to process it, but it is water under the bridge. What did I gain from all this? That kids have grown up now. I have one more and he is growing up fast.

I spend time with him yesterday. He is interesting. He has a lot of ideas in his head. I reformatted three gadgets this morning. The hp is now running on manjaro. I think that's good enough for now to program in. the hard drive in that now has more than enough memory. How did win$ get to occupy so much and still not be effective?

I will run clamav on the hdd later on. For now, everything is here. Wife is out. I get her around midnight. This way, I have more time for myself. Old friend from perth made contact. He is still trading and is now looking into eas. I wonder if he is still making money.

Did I teach him? Not at all. I did show him much on how I trade. I wonder if he still has his stuff in there working. For now, only do this. Will I ever install skype into this? I don't know. The connection is slower. My son hav mic in his thing. The mic on this is weak. I need a support on that.

Maybe I can get something from amazon to get me over that hump. I forgot how much we worked with those things. For now, only do this. I don't think I want to work with that. This is where I am anyway. I don't think I want to go there. I repeated myself there. Keep writing. Better with the eyes closed. The bus yesterday went all over the place.

I wonder if there was another trip. It was a struggle for me. I was upset. My kid was also upset. That made things challenging for me. I learned much from there. It was a long day. Did I fall asleep sooner? I don't know. Wife fell asleep immediately. Did he just poop in the toilet? Should I clean today? Not yet. Do that tomorrow.

There is another batch of laundry to do tomorrow. The kids are going to church. Also need to get some towels cleaned. But they put one in every day. Let the kids decide on that. For now, only write and get to the other side.

What do I do here? Just write. This is where I am. These kids are growing up and I get worried. It's the same with your parents. They were in the same boat. They were afraid of the government back then. It's different with my situation. I see that. Never cross the same river twice.

What is similar is that it's all connected. What to do now. Is there a gadget in there for them to work through? I don't think so. It's manjaro. They can communicate through gmail. I am not taking that away from them. How do you create such a game?

It's javascript. It has something to do with mouse and keyboard. It's quiet outside. I don't listen much to my music anymore. It gets old listening to that everyday. Maybe I can build my own playlist and create a web app for that. Then you can make one in android then use that for private.

That sounds interesting. How soon do you get there? I don't know yet for now, I can move the xdd anywhere as there is nothing running off htat. This other laptop is challenging to run the usb installer. It doesn't recognize it when boot. How to fix it? Xubuntu installer seems to work. Maybe it's how things are sturctured.

Keep that as is. You can leave that on as a win$ machine. Use the others as is. There's three machines on linux anyway. I can leave it at that. Are we going back to raiderz? Keep this as is. There is steam in that pc anyway. They can go play in there now. It's different now. She can buy her own machine if she works for it. That will keep her busy.

If she really wanted to connect, she will work through it. If he cares for her, then there's a means through that. What's going to happen now? I don't know yet. Leave it as is. Is there a different device in here? I don't know. Check what else is in there.

I can check into that.