you deal with

Kids—they don't get what it's like to just have peace of mind. It's one of the, probably the most priceless thing to have in this life. How can you be sure?

I gave up lots just to have peace of mind. You can't teach that to anyone. Only those who have been through hell and back knows its value. Now at times I lose awareness of it. It's there for you all the time. Will I be able to wait up for wife? I had my nap already. Is there a better font for this?

Is this better? For now, that'll do pig. I have tons in my head. I don't think i'm behind. I just don't have a portfolio. It's not here because it's not relevant then. When you see it's relevant then it's going to be there. Maybe I can get a recommendation or something. I did not work for money this time.

I think he can email and scan me one but that might take time and they might forget. I'll get to it tomorrow, stat building up my portfolio. I do that not to get a job, but for my business. What is this kid doing here. What are all those folders? What's he up to? I don't know. Is that connected?

I better check up on that. Does he know what he is doing? I hope so. His pc isn't working? I don't know. I am in no position to make that judgement call. Plenty of indians in there. If getting a job was a priority, then I can get one pronto.

It's going to break my diet. What else can we do here? What is this kid doing? He downloads a lot of them. He can't do that at home? There's something odd about this kid. What is it? I don't know. But to spend time sleeping over with us, there's something different about it.

I'd help if when I can. This time, I don't know. This headset is sweating up my ears. I can clean this later when I do the dishes. For now, only do this. I have a lot of baggage here. What can I do about it? Start getting active again. Am I not active enougH^

I don't feel like writing. Spotify seems to have improved some after making config changes in firefox. The startup is still slow, but it's because I have a number of addons running in the back. I can remove all of them then have them install after a full boot. There should be a script for that.

Will that make things better? You don't use them after a few seconds running anyway. I am getting bored writing. It gets too hot in the ear. I do the dishes. I am tired. Do I have a weak heart? I am just tired of the rain. It might rain again tomorrow. I need a bigger trash bag.

What to do tomorrow? I can go on togs. Or do something else. That trip home wasn't good. I do not prefer that. I was tired and hungry and wanted to get home. Then at home there is no peace. I can't not make it go away. They have to go through that process. This is baggage for me. What to do about it?

I don't know. Allow it to be there, but choose how you respond to it. I can't change much as it's their stuff. Her plant is dying. Get another one. She won't. She wants to punish her sister. She chooses conflict. That is negative ego. That shows me where that is. It's not in the light for me. I am not getting into that.

Does that mean you side with the oppressor. It's not that way. It's her choice. She don't have to fight the oppressor. Its's going to sit in there anyway. It's her universe. I live in a different universe. The bedroom is empty. I did not have coffee this time. I don't feel like going today. Maybe I can go hang out with a different group.

That is something to consider right there. If not, I can ask if there be something else I can do. I don't think he should change his copy. I think he will revert back a lot of them. It wasn't right for that guy to tell him how to run his business. He is not an expert anyway. He is positioned as a dev and he wasn't doing dev work anyway.

How do you deal with that then? I don't know. It's their process. Plus that other guy is boring. He just wants to talk to someone. He won't let his child play minecraft. He don't even get the game. He don't understand it. Why is this guy downloading stuff. How does he get them transferred.

I think he knows how it's done. Sad that this kid is like that. I can reinstall later. Is that going to affect my network? Should I rather focus on my business? If they are in that process, then I can help them. If not, when not, there is nothing I can do. They know hey can get into that as well. They know that very well.

You don't have to get into that. It's your party anyway. I don't want to spend as much time in there. I was doing nothing. What's going to happen now? Bring your books. Use that time to learn something instead. I don't want the food. What to do about that? Bring my own?

I can not show up tomorrow. Or do something else. Leave early if you have to. There's not much to do anyway. I think they are almost finished with it. I can move around freely if I have to. What else is there to do. I don't know. I am big now. Time to change things aronud.
Like how?