tonight we grocery

It's a new door. Something just opened up this month, and it has caused a lot of change in my experience. I am fighting, resisting this change not knowing where it's headed. It's a friday. Let's get that going, then get on with your day.

What do you tell her? That I am meeting someone for coffee about a possible project, if I am interested. I can go there. I tell her i'll take the car or something. But really, it's for the ird thing when I got hospitalised.

No need to spell that correctly. Just keep writing and see where this is headed? Where is the general direction you are headed? That state of being--clarity. How do you know when you are there? You take a moment, and you can see clear to the horizon. Your emotions are clean. You feel steady, stable, centered.

There is the contrast, but it doesn't affect you as much. You know you have a choice whether to pay atteniotn to it or not. Of course you don't. It's not relevant therefore you don't have to give it your awareness. That's how you scale up. It's not what you have on the outside. It's who you are from the inside.

It's seven and when are we getting that time zone shift? It's always changing. The river. You had intimate connection with that river. It's part of your life. How do you expand on this awareness? Know that you are. Son is not going to school today so I have company.

He's going to be on his computer all day. He is learning how to assemble his own gaming rig. I can help him with that but I can only go so far. I am helping him because it's in his interest to do so. It is going to feel good achieving that. I am only a resource for assistance and guidance if possible. A beacon of light, so to speak.

How do you go there? I don't know yet. All I am certain of is that I am headed towards clarity. I don't how how to get there or how relevant that is. It's just here so I am in this path I take. It is still dark and I am writing already. Is this too bright for you?

I don't know. Daughter has her prom tonight. I am not a part of that event. No boys in the horizon so I guess it's just them girls. Why did there had to be that thing? I don't know. It's here, use the energy. It's what is going to get you moving, or shifting, bouncing off of.

So it's like a wall telling you to go this way. So be it then. She got her room. The other one lost hers, and a sister. I guess that's how she wants things. I am not going there. No judgement, but that's not what I prefer. I am not that person. I will be resonating with the other more from here on.

Is that going to change? If it does, then so be it. Everything is changing all the time anyway. Let it be where it needs to be and you can expand in the dircetion that you are. No need to make things happen. Everything falls into place by itself when you let it be.

Is this the path where I am? I am looking busy writing here. It's what I do. I don't have to go anywhere else. So where is this going? I finish writing then I prepare their school lunch. I get on the car, drive everyone to where they are going, then I get back to my office and get going.

It's my process. This is where I am. No need to invalidate it. I was doing that early this morning as I lay in bed. How did I get there? I don't know. It's how you choose your thoughts. It's not that you will only have good thoughts. That's not possible. It's that you will choose your thoughts and be in alignment.

When a thought don't feel good, you can look under the hood and see if it's fact or opinion. If, when it's the latter, you can change it. That's how much power you have over your reality. No matter what is on the outside, you have a choice. Even if that choice were to take a moment to pause, that is the difference between this way or that.

Not that one is good or evil, or better than the other. The question for me is, how is it relevant for you. I make sausage for dinner. Toinght we grocery. It's fun for me. Keep it that way. I can have myself steak for tomorrow. Wife is not home tomorrow anyway. That coffee be good later? I bet you it is an enjoyable moment for me.

I used to wonder why older people liked coffee. I get that now. It's that moment when you sip on it and it hits the spot. Bitter and sweet at the right mix. That is where you want to go. This is where you are. Did I connect there? I don't have to. It's there for a reason. You only write when you have to. No need for someone else to validate that for you.

It's not the capital, but the quality of your ideas. Do this and you have it. You are the light in the universe. Whyput your light away? It doesn't work? Or are you comparing your day one with someone else's finished product?

You don't have to have an edge. Your edge is your perspective it's not that you have to be better than anyone, but embrace who you are, put more light into it. I have sausage in the oven. I got tired looking over it while it cooks in the stove. I need to bring out the garbage now.

doing what's best

Some kids more maturity than others--courage and consideration. Why is that? Is that a choice they make, or is it something that they grew up with? I think it's a choice. It always boils down to that, almost always.

How do you tell someone to go there? If it doesn't serve them, they won't go there. That's sad. I thought she has it. Maybe it's the environment she grew up in. do I have to argue? no. it's a so what situation. You don't have the perfect family, so what? I can't hide it. But I don't have to make a big fuss out of it as well.

It's social media. You can't just blurt out everything that's happening in your life. You have to take into consideration the others who are a part of your reality. It's always connected. You can't pick up one end of the stick without the other.

What to do then? Just do so what? Scale up from there. Expand from that. Expand is more open than scale up. Up is expectation whereas expand can go in any direction that makes sense. At times it don't even have to make sense. I think daughter has a diary. How do you get into that?

Hacking is about knowing how things work, then making it work for you. Cracking is what the media makes you think it is. It's not entirely that. Those hackers you see on tv--the doctor that hacked into hospital to shut them down, that don't happen in real life. I don't think so.

That doctor was gunning for top gun. I don't think she has time to learn about the system to be able to hack into it. She's going to have to give up work and family time to be able to do that. And it won't happen in a year, even if she were to take all those bootcamps to learn them.

Like a person, every computer is unique. There are a lot of ways that a pc is set up. The part of the system you are learning though, they are protected by sudo and will sometimes stay consistent. But this is linux. It's almost the same with any os. You just gotta get in there and learn it.

Wife is going out later. I need to clean up under that kitchen. There's a dead rat there that needs getting out. I'll need her help moving stuff around. Not really. I just need motivation to get to it. I'll start on it when she gets up. There's people sleeping still. Those folks downstairs are inconsiderate? You just don't have the big picture. Once you see all the parts, you get it. You need to see things from their perspective.

What can we do about this then? I don't know yet. Keep writing and get to the other side. Do I ge into design? Only if when it interests you. Go there because it makes sense. I think I have the java colorscheme working. I don't know not sure how it's going to look like in javascript or php.

I can go there, but it's not relevant right now. I work with what's relevant here, then expand from there. Right now, it's about this writing. You can expand things from there and see what happens. The movie last night was good. It didn't hold at some points, but it was a different perspective for me. I like it. I can recommend it to wife, I don't know if she'll want to see it though.

I'll put it there and see if she likes it. She hasn't seen ip man yet. I think she is tired of kung fu. Time to move on then. What to do today. There is java and android. That's a lot to keep you busy. When you get tired of it, do something else. Like what?

Do twenty five pomodoros. That will keep you going in that direction. You don't need a cool toy for that. Make the tools you need. That way, you can expand from there. You also get to practice your skills that way.

It's a new day. You get to decide who you are going to be at this moment. You don't cross the same river twice. Never. I've seen that before. What next? I don't know. Only that this is here. You go here. Finish writing. Write and see what comes out.

The shameless episode was good. How come black mirror only has three episodes in the season? Maybe I don't see much in imdb. I can research on that some more, or not. Maybe not. It's dark. Go do sometihng else.

Is wife finished with the work she is doing. These kids break my heart. It shows you where it's headed. I apologized already. How come she is negative? Let her be. You don't have to change that. You can only change yourself.

do all day

I don't get why this kid keeps coming here to play. Do not they have internet access at home? I tried out base16. It looks ok as a theme, but there are things that I need to look into. I'll get into that shortly.

I got up this morning, and I am still upset with the reality experience that I have I can call this an illusion, but it feels like I am putting it out there where I can't make changes to it. I'd rather own it as the experience that I am having. This way, I can look under the hood and see what's happening.

There's like plenty of chinese everywhere, also indians. It's like this. They have a lot in their population. How come not much of us asians? I don't get that. There's a lot of us that move out of the country but don't go there. They have playstation3 I think. Maybe he just wants to play with the latest.

He lets my son use his phone to get me in emergencies. For this, I let him access our network. I don't have to be in that reality. Why am I so bitter? I am respondinig in a negative way here. I am angry at how things are. The rat seems weakened by that poison. Maybe it works, but why did it not before? I don't know. It works so here we are.

What can I do differently next time? Get it out of the way so cat's don't get into that. Why is he afraid that marcus might see him play with it? I don't know. Maybe there is something here I am not seeing.

Son has the tablet going to bed. I think his profile in there has messenger. He'll get my message I think. Wife comes home later. This is the start of my six months. Are the tables and kitchen clear? They make sushi tonight. Why is this kid here? I don't get the story there. And so too my two daughters in conflict. What can I do about it.

He has something for my son. That's good. It's an influence thing. He seeks approval. Why is that. I don't know. Maybe it's none of my business. I go out for a walk later. Right now, how do I do yoga? I don't know yet. Is it going to be like this for the next few days? He has junk food for my son. That's nice.

It's like that. It's easter. This kid has easter goodies. Wife makes sushi again with the daughter tonight for dinner. What is happening. Oh well. It's like this. It's here for a reason. I am using this to integrate, to allow for things to be here. I am using the energy this way. I don't have to push them away.

It's going to be hard? Only that I am not used to it. It's like this for the next six months. And then what? Get it over and done with. It's this year for me. Not that I am leaving or going away. There's so much for me here. I will bring heaven on earth. This is my creation. This is my path.

What then. Finish q2, then get on with your day. It's what you do all day. Do I run? It's causing more pain for now, so I stop. I can start running again in six months, maybe start training for that marathon for the following year. Do things only when they are relevant. That way, everything else that's relevant with that setting is coming to you effortless.

New series looks interesting. It's about forensics. I am not acting on that for at least three days. Keep to the path for now. If it's still there, then get right to it. If it's not there, then it was a flash in the pan. I am glad this is here, and even when it's not, I am allowing that.

I only assure there is equal rights and to protect life and property. Other than that, we do something else. Like what? How do you train as sniper in that game? Keep doing that. Is there a game I can make that's like open and like minecraft? I saw this dad working out his kids on the bike.

I am not like that. It's their choice when they get there. I want them to make that choice for themselves. It's not wasting time. They have to make it. I can't make it for them anyway. If they like it like I did, then they are going to workout more. If it's not them, they will find something else.

For now it's about dev. That is what I do all day? I think so. It's more aligned for me to build something. I don't prefer destroying stuff. It's easy. Any one can destroy. It don't take much as a person to destroy. It takes more character to build something--plus it feels higher, elevated, more aligned feelings when you built something.

What then?

is there something

Provide solutions, not look for jobs. That's what they look for. Not everyone has it and needs it to grow. It's growth they want? Something like that. Mostly to get their expectations met. How do you get there?

Tune in. look beyond the words. Am I going to go there learn that framework? I think so. I guess I am going for them networks then? It's a lot, specially in php. It's like you have to learn ten. Three is good enough. Do wordpress plugins and themes. That will get your foot on the door.

Next step is silverstripe. Locally developed, I think it's what government uses day to day. Why is that? It must have something to do with bidding. Why should I respond to her negative choices? I can choose differently? I don't have to go there. I can choose. There is always choice.

It's her choice and consequence going negative. I don't have to be there. The kids are up getting ready for school. Forecast is rain in the coming days. Wife is going to be home for the holiday? I think so.

They all cook together. They are learning that. I don't have to push things to make things happen this is where you are. Why not cook themselves? This upsets me? I think so. This is how I feel. Why would I feel this way? What is my opinion that I feel this way? That I can't payy for it?

It's not in my control. Then I can let go of that. What about them kids? You have what it takes to get there. It's just the interview process that gets you. Next time there is meetup, you can approach one and volunteer.

I see where this is going. I felt sorry for that guy not having enough on his team. I settled for less? I see that as part of the synchronicity. It was a process. Varun was there. I don't think he knows more than I do. He has a job. That's not really an edge. I have time to learn new skills. He doesn't.

There were two others in his team. I don't think they are competition. I can go head to head and finish the project. Why did I not get reply from there? Get the rolls out of the oven. I can go now, or later. I can walk to there. It's no big deal. I can bring my bag so I don't have to walk later.

What else is there? No need to make things happen. It's when you are not at play that the water gets dank. Go out and play. It don't have to be a big thing. Just be in the mustard seed. You will see the reflection.

No expectations though. Just play. You'll see the difference immediately. I can go there and walk. I can bring my bike and walk. First go through takapuna, then back. I can do that. I can move the ether wallet to the other pc. It's not needed right now. I don't have to go there.

It gives my head time to stretch its legs. I can go there. See how they are moving past along. You see that platform? It's a game env. You then add characters that are open to anyone in the world. I don't have to be negative about this. See the light. If you, when you can't find it, then be your own light.

You don't have to change the world. Everything is here and now anyway. Keep to your light and you have the holy trinity. Why does it have to be holy. Just choose your choice. I am upset with that. I see. What now? Get a bigger pot to cook in. you don't have to go there. These kids are losing weight.

Why do they have to do that? It's because the old one is negative? I think so. Why does she think that way? I don't know. She is so steeped in negs it shows everywhere. I allow that. I don't have to respond in a neg way. I have choice. I can redefine things. It's a process she is going through.

I have this. It makes all the difference in the world. Do I have to need that app? I don't have to if it makes thing slow. I only use a few now and then. It's those that keeps things easy. No need to go there.

If they want to track them, then you can make something out of it. One daughter is going already. I think so. They take their nap after school. No need to be neg about it. Choose your response. Look at your source code.

Is there somehing else that is causing that? It's their energy not mine. I can choose how to go about this. What then do you do? I don't know yet. Just be in this time and space. You see the contrast? Use that as feedback. Am I coaching myself here? I think so.

What's next?

maybe they moved

Time to write. I don't think I wrote yesterday. Wife is at home. Last night couldn't sleep. Why is that. Is it the street lights? Before I go pick up, I am so sleepy, but coming home, I can't get there. I used to sleep tight. It's probably the street lights. It's the only thing that's different this time and I can't sleep easy.

How do you change that? I don't know yet. Maybe this has to be here so we keep to the light for now. If not php, I do nodejs. It's both full stack dev. This is what I feer interested about. It don't have to be about jobs. I can make a portal for trading and all that.

How will that be? Can you trade out of that? I think so. It should be possible that way. I am playing my youtube music playlist. These are mostly old music I liked the videos. I can switch over to deezer. I wonder how spotify is now?

I replaced manjaro and am back to xubuntu. The php setup is a pain to run in manjaro and I have been not dev'ing in php since I installed that. Back to xubuntu, the php setup works just fine. I am moving forward with this.

I don't know how this business is going to turn out, but this is what's path of least resistance for me. This is where I go. How do you know when it's time to take that fork? When the interest tells me so. It's all synchronicity. It's path of least resistance. There is regret at times, but when I feel that, I look under the hood to see what the source code is.

When the source code is not in alignment to what the program is supposed to do, then I make changes. It's all based on the sob. Everything lines up with that. Nic's here. He's here every weekend. He just sits there connected to the net. I wonder what those other kids are doing?

They go out tomorrow to church. Wife goes to work later. I work all the time? It's not work for me though. It's something that interests me a lot and I do this. What music do you listen to? Black crows. That's the video right now. Do you want to see that?

I should have two screens here. Then I can tune in to that. Or not. In the meantime, I write. I can listen to music while I write. I am getting a new set for the library. I deleted the other one last night. It takes hours to get that going and I wanted to get everything sorted by morning light.

Am I a writer? Does it matter. When I feel like writing, I write. If not, then do something else. I don't have to pigeonhole my talents here. Not talent, but skills. Talent feels like there's something that clicked in their head, but when emotions take over, talent goes out the window.

Skills on the other hand, can trum emotion--most of the time. Those dashes stayed. I get that now. See what you install and remove when not needed. For now, this thing runs smoothly. What made that go slow?

I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with bitcoins. This is happening now. I think it's possible to create a trading platform in nodejs. It's async. You get better play that way. Let's look into that. You can also make a torrent machine. There's so much to do here.

Put them out there, open source everything. That's some good music playing. Tune in to the rhythm. That's how you spell them. I miss listening to rt. That was the station when I was growing up. For a time, they played top 40 music. It was great. I don't get why they had to change format. They lost everything there.

Maybe they were in new management. They decided to get things going that way. They never recovered. I guess that's it then. Where are those great dj? I don't know. Maybe they moved on or something. I think it was fun back then. I can't wait to get in the car and listen to that music.

The accoustics were great listening in the car. What's this music? I think it was a prelude to something. What's happening here? I don't know. The music is dead. Do something else? I finish these then get on with the day. Just write down what comes to mind.

And then what? I dont know. Just write, then keep writing. Do you have to see that? I don't get why wife keeps watching that? I would rather get on the horse myself. Maybe that's her platform there. That's how she sees things. She won't give herself permission to go after that.

How can you tell. Ask yourself, so what? Why not? You then pick up on the answers and go from there. When you don't, then you lose the track. You may find it hard to move forward from there. She makes lunch today.

put last first

No internet today. I woke up and no signal. I went through the troubleshooting process, got nothing, then called tech support. They created a ticket so a chorus tech will call in the next 24 hours to schedule inbound support. If fault is within our cause, we pay, otherwise, vodafone pays them.

Unless something in our device broke, I think it's an outside fault. I saw some chorus tech working on the box outside. It is that one. Hopefully they fix the error. I can check from my dashboard in front of me when the connection is up. It gives me the weather as an applet sitting on my desktop gui.

Now what happens? Ground hog day? I choose how to make this day then. It don't have to be the same day, unless I go on autopilot and do the same thing. This is why you have this. You create what the day is going to be. I wonder if that movie from last night finished. I can go see that again. Or not. There's so much to do here. That's why internet is down. I created this. I have tons of stuff to do.

What's next? Just write. See what happens next. This is my office. What do you do in your office? How do you contribute? I create websites from scratch. This way, their sites are amazing and part of the great things that happen there. How much does it cost to make it for them?

Let them do it themselves? Why not? You have to create a platform that they can use. Does it have to be php? Can it not be in javascript front end to back? I think it's possible. There are cms out there that you can use straight out of the box. I will look them up later. For now, just write. It's still blinking. I think it is more stable a blink this time. Are they fixing it? Why not restart? I think I can do that. Later then.

I finish writing see how many days this will go. What will the kids do? They can check that. The light looks stable at times. I ran a ping test, no respond. At least it looks stable at times. Maybe they are fixing it now, running some tests.

Wife is going to notify me once they call her from support. I have no means to connect to the cloud at this time so I do nothing. I can create a php script to connect to the database. That is what this is about. I can then use that database from the app. The app don't have to be android. I can create something else from this. Why not a platform they can use that is exclusively yours. This way, they can make connections from there.

You learn java and you can use it for android and other stuff. The thing about this is that android on manjaro don't work so well. I think ubuntu has everything working out of the box. There be some differences here and there. Otherwise, it's a pretty good install for me. Just use the xfce window etc thing.

I can do that. For now, just write. The internet is still down. I can do a lot of things here. I do yoga after this. It's what my day is about. I can also look to nginx while doing this. I think I can connect this thing to the tv so I can watch something while doing yoga. Or I can do something else.

The led for internet seems to be getting steady. Maybe they are working on it now? Probably so. Or am I deluding myself here. Maybe I am seeing things here but in the meantime keep writing. I can tell because the weather applet is going to update. That connects to the internet to get its data. They serve that, tells me i'm connected.

I wonder what the kids will do if there were no connection for a week. That's a bummer for them. It's still blinking. It's going to take my time and attention? Only if you choose to give it. You have always oppontunity. Everything is about that. How do you go from here? Choose what is in alignment. Everything then that's relevant for that channel shows up.

Have you tested that? I think so. I was there for a decade. It has been an interesting journey. Have I learned much? Plenty to practice still. You need to get off autopilot. That way, you can choose actively, and be more aware of your choices. Do you have to? You don't have to. But when you see something off, then check into your holy trinity. That's where your sourec code is. That's how you troubleshoot.

Where did you learn this? It's not learned. It comes with the channel. You tune in to that channel, you get these shows and info that comes with it. You won't get it when you are in a different channel. How do you find the available channels? You don't. You decide which channel yo uwant to go to.

There are billions of them. You choose which one you go into.

one hundred percent

Sell something people want to buy. What is it that small business with big cap are buying? Connecting to their audience. How do you sell that to them? You put yourself out there and solve their problems. How do you do that?

I have a custom domain that's just itching to get used. I am going to the mail office to get something. That's going to be my walk for the day. But it's raining. No need for perfect grammar. That's the advertising that I do. It's called direct response. And i've been doing this, it's in my head, for since we moved here.

Android is not going to be my medium. People don't stay there for too long. The web is a better medium as there are billions of people on the web right now looking for something to complete them. What are you doing to help them? How do you connect?

It don't matter which stack you use. Just get out there and start using it. You don't have to do that part. Do javascript on the front end and get on with it. It's not being taught in school anyway. You don't have to worry about that. Get on with the program that way. Create your own market.

It's that thing, marketing. There's too much expectation on it. Why not create your own marketing for the nz market. Tell them why this market is different and specific. Then you get something going there. I am outsourcing a video. I'll convert that, then start walking. I'll bring an umbrella.

I am not riding my bike. It's raining. Bike means I have to go fast in the rain. I just want to take a break. I am not going to go around chasing a tech this way. I am clearing my mind when I go out. It can stop raining when you finish. Check the weather. What's the forecast? You don't have to create something new. Just get something out there and go for it.

The weather clears sometime after lunch. I'll be home till then. I don't have to rush things. Ride the synchronicity. Maybe I am creative and that's why I have been procrastinating on this far too long. Maybe it's not the fancy websites that look good but fail to connect. It's more about connecting.

It's about the sales. When you are not converting your website, then there is something wrong there. It brings people in, but you want that itch scratched right then and there. And there's the expectation. Why not create your own. I have something in here that I am looking into. I am confused. I am not lost. I know which way I am going. There's just too many forks in the road that I want to try out.

I see where I am though. I want to be good at this programming thing and it's not getting me there. I have dna signature where it says I am not. Why not keep to your path? How do you do that? Get you gig up an running and work up from there. Make your site and see how it goes.

I can look up sails later. For now, only do this. I don't have to get all that even. Just do this and see what doors open up. You can do this or that. The big fish is web dev. Why not get in there and get your one percent. You stand better chance of landing something than going into something that's niche and someone else has far better experience than you.

The goal is to get that gig. Once you are there, you know which way to go. Gary halbert got fired from almost all of the jobs he was in. i'm pretty much the same thing. That means I hae something else that's different here. How do you leverage that? Keep to your light. You know where it is you are going anyway.

What is it that I can sell then? You are not competing. You have your own path here. You don't have to be like someone else. That is what I go for though. That where you sit there and check how much the balance is. How do you build soemthing out of it? Create the structure around the idea, then expand from there.

These kids are in school. I can do yoga now, then walk later at lunch. I can have lunch first then. Let's go that way. I can do yoga after I finish these. Then I move on to the next page and the next. For now though, this is where I am.

If you have a good product, how do you get more out of it? Which product do you want? I don't want to have to deal with other people. I just want to do this, run my system, then sit back and enjoy the flight. You don't have to be like halbert. You be your own light.

Then I am taking a break today.

don't have to

I'll transfer files later. It takes a few minutes to move them. Right now, I am syncing with drive. I'm in my office. This is what I do as a hedge fund manager. It's a process for me. I think I am on to something here. The process, I think is to keep to the light. The more you stay there, the more you crystallize.

What does that mean? It means what it means. Do I short this now? Not yet. It's going to go sideways. This is what I do most of the time. Imagine when you have bigger funds, then what you do is justified. What's the difference? It's the definition. If state of being were real, how do you become?

You crystallize it. There's an echo, a lag to manifestation. You keep to the state of being and whatever is in your source code that's out of alignment will pop out. That way, you can make changes. You do not work on the reflection. The reflection is going to be there automatically. You see what needs to be done now? It's always here and now. It's all connected.

What's in store for us then. I think this is going to go sideways in that level. Do nothing for now. I can do range trades. That sounds fun. I can take this and that. It's all connected anyway. How do you get to the other side? Be in the light. Take your feedback and expand. This is what it's about. I did much yesterday. I think we cleared up some things.

I am still in the game here. I am much clear about what is happening, where my process is. I slept straight through, I think. I get so tired around that time anyway. What happens now? See the ball, hit the ball. You don't have to announce your trades. Only do this. No word yet from the bank.

That be fine. I can choose something else. The market is going to reverse soon? I think so. Get five to ten pips easy on those turning points. The reward is good and your risk is limited. Risk meaning you know for sure when you are wrong. You do not hope you are wrong or right. You know for certain.

When you are in the middle of the road, you can get hit from both sides. What's going to happen today? Do php. I can look into javascript but I enjoy the learning from this module right now. Let's finish this, then get on with the day. I think it has much potential anyway. Is this the distro that works for me?

When it's relevant, everything is path of least resistance. You don't have to make it work. Everything just falls into place. That's what I have right now. Trust the process. Everything is synchronicity. And that's what keeps me here. How do you know? You just know. Everything is easy.

When it's not relevant, there is a lot of pain, a lot of effort. It's not fun. There is no peace. That's the signal then. You have peace of mind. You are at zero point and everything is possible. It's like you are at one with the energy and it's all easy for you.

How do you get there. You allow things to happen. You get in your light. You make choices that are aligned with who you are. Other people's opinions matter only when it has relevance to it. It may sound good for you, or it may not. It doesn't matter?

It is matter. It materializes based on your holy trinity. How is that possible? See for yourself. Look at things form a different perspective and you learn so much more from it. Do I go long here? What is that noise? I can do yoga, but I think it's still early. I can do one or two hours of learning, then yoga on the break.

This is tuesday. It is getting there. Only allow for this to be here. I have three in the bag. I can do them on my break later on. Or not. It depends on how I feel. Right now, I feel like adding to my bag of learning. Let's do that after I finish. Or not.

Everything is possible really. I don't have to push to make things happen. It's all just here. I think you can travel. How to do that. Get the account to that level, then just trade from where you are. You don't even have to check in everyday. You only see where the market is going, then you trade that.

How do you know you are right? You don't have to be right. Only get to first base every day. You do that for a month and you have a good year coming up for you. It worked before. Why should it not work this time? Because the scalpers don't know how to make it work--more so when you are new at this.

I think there is logic to it. Is it luck? I think so. Will it be different this time?

train like turtles

Trading fx is in the core of my business. Pentest and machine learning comes around it. I'm not sure how pentest is connected but it's what interests me at the moment. It's like something I do when I don't feel like programming.

Web dev is ok. It comes as part of machine learning. It goes up to the web eventually, but I don't know how it's going up there. Right now, you use the web for presentation ekek. And it's a quick fix for the urge to make something.

The local mind don't know how it's going to get something. It needs to connect the dots at all times. I get that I don't have to. As long as it's interesting, then it's part of the process. It's the domain proficiency that I missed out. It's like a skill. You focus on one for a decade, then you can say that it's there.

Why do I reference to the wife all the time. I wanted spaghetti since friday. If I got it friday, then we are over and done with it by now. They go to church later. She is broke. This is what I was talking about. I would rather get a slow burn going than to have ningas kugon spending.

She'd take big vacations to break away from work, but she's going to charge everything on her card. When she gets back, she is going to work her ass off to pay it back. I think that's not how you live. You live in the moment. You do something that you do not a vacation from. I don't know how python is connected, but it's the path of least resistance right now.

I can go three ways with this. So it's python and nodejs. Node is just there like a comfort pillow. I go there now and then. There be modules here that I can go into. So this is here. What about my daughter's pc. She wants windows in it but she's not doing much to get what she wants.

Did she ask around. Her bf seems useless. If he's a gamer, then he's not deep into it. Why is that. I am in a foreign place but I get almost what's relevant for me quite easy. There be connections that you make here and there. I think it's all here and now. I helped out people and never asked anything in return.

It's that simple. I still do that but never got any response so I move on. I tried the volunteer thing, but never got very far with it. I will look into that some more in the coming week. For now, there is only here and now. I can do work from home with this. At least it's all moving forward.

The trading issue is being looked into. Either way, the outcome points me in a direction I will take. It's both good as I label it to be. It's all connected. At least it's telling me that this is where or what you will process. Use up the energy and you move and expand faster that way.

Everyone is still in bed. If daughter gets her crinkles bakery, then I can make a deal with fixing her pc. That sounds good enough. Let's see how it goes. I can send her a message and see how it goes. Nobody uses it much anyway. I have everything I need in here. Get to the other side and see.

Google drive can scan zip files before you download. That's interesting that software can see into that. What happens next? I don't know yet. How do you learn all that stuff? You do so one moddule every day or two. That's a lot at the end of the year. You doing that since? I think so. It's been six months now. I think I am doing that all the time.

They use python anyway. I think they are there but not everyone is going to go deep into that. Is there more jobs for that. Or should I do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. You know how to do this. Creating websites is easy. It's the web service and api's that you are now looking into. It's simply connecting to it.

You don't have to go there when you don't need them. Oanda has an api I can work with. The spreads there are higher and I can still look into it. I'll see what I can do. In the meantiem, I have more than enough on my plate. I feel better now. I can go for a walk tonight.

Wife did not get me garlic and onion. I guess she's not going to be around here the rest of next week. That's part of my feedback. Use it and see hat happens. Do I type heavy on the keyboard? I don't think so. Maybe I need a break somewhat. Still, it's building up. I can make adjustments here and there. But for now, this is where I am.

Is it time to install it? I think so. See what happens. I don't think I can change others, only myself.

think it worked

Looking up python quants keywords on youtube and see what I get. This is the field i'm interested in. if so, why am I looking at web dev? It's a stepping stone. It gets me to the other side. Right now, I don't know what's next in python quant.

Of course, you do know what you are doing. It's finiding your way in the dark. You chose it like this from higher level. This is where you bring things to yourself from within. You know what it's all about. So I go to tonight's meetup?

Yes. It is interesting. It's where I go then. Wife needs pick up for tonight. She no work late friday so we grocery friday. I used to be interested in startup weekend. What happened? That thing with the couple friend happened. That unseated me. I chose to unseat myself. I own it. I created it. Now it's time to let go. It's in the past already.

I can listen to something in the background but that's not what I listen to when I write. This is best for me, connecting to source. Connected to flow. Is there a differenc? Only when you say there is. For now, this is where I am. Why am I resisting this? This is part of my process. You sit through this. Make yourself comfortable as you use up the energy.

This is on the right hand. It's there as a reminder. It's different everyday. Do I run today? I'll be doing a lot of walking anyway. What time do I finish? I get home around ten. Or so I think. Then I can go out get the wife. They have food in here. I can prepare something for before they go. I do that when I finish this.

It's out there already. What's next? Yoga. Then I have lunch then I head out to paknsave. My daughter is not talking to me. I am open to this. I allow this then. It's part of the process. She'll come aronud when she feels like it.

It's different now. I am aware of my choices. I don't have to deal with equal rights. It's already there. Is there resentment between them still. This is why I am getting a job. It's for them then? no. it's for me. I am learning a lot anyway. How do you do things from the web that way?

It's how you program things. I am not really creating anything right now. It's because I see my self in learn mode. I can still learn in dev mode. Let's do that. Its the light I am in then. I choose that all the time. Even when you are not aware, soon as you see the energy, you are made aware.

When you are awake, you get to see the source code. You get why it's happening. This is what you have right now. Not everyone gets it that way. You attract thi to yourself. How to be in this light? Keep to it. You know already. It's expanding as you sit here. You know the feeling. I go...dream was weird. It's connected then.

Was that a visit? I think so. It's there. It's connected. See how it goes. I have the tablet connected so things go in there when needed. Do you need it that big? I can let go of this other phone then. I can use that for messaging and all that anyway. Who can use this one then?

I can give it to one of the kids if they need it. But first, I install cmd on that tablet so it upgrades automatically. I can do that. I don't have to go there then. It's a tablet I use that gets me here. Do they need it? I don't think so. Let's move over there. But the phone is for walkabout.

I like that. It connects with something. The library has background process running. That's good. I am moving stuff for when I need that. I am installing plex media server in here so when I need to go in there as well.

I think wife can see that but I don't have to go there. I only need that when I go to toilet. Then don't. You use the energy better this way. Simply write and connect. You don't have to see the outside. It's why you have this. You go in and manifest the experience. Only the experience ins real. Everything else is an illusion.

How can you expand on this? Live that way. Inside out. You know how this goes anyaway. Everything is here and now. You connect with it. You resonate and you see the expression. How do you know. Because you have the emotion. You feel it. You go from the heart. You don't have to think about it much. The male expression supports the female.

How did it change? You think it worked in the past. Now you know better. You know how to expand from this? I absolutely do. What's next? I already have my office then. Where to get funds? There's an abundant source for that. Connect to it here and now.